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Zazzle is a website that lets you sell custom t-shirts and other items without having to manufacture it yourself. We’ve also written about Teespring, another platform with which you can make money in the same way. On top of this custom t-shirts business, Zazzle offers several services to help you create an online income.

The site allows you to put your designs on logos, business cards, coffee mugs, clothing, key rings and other items, and you have full control over sales rates. You also sell your design directly to a buyer interested in print-on-demand an item. Or you can sign up for their affiliate program and earn money from commissions.


Product Name: Zazzle
Website: https://
Price: Free
Potential income: set your own royalty rate, affiliate commission 15 %
Available: Worldwide, at least 18 years old or at least 13 with parental consent
Recommended: Yes


Zazzle is an online marketplace, founded in 2015, where you can create, design, affiliate, sell and buy. It is a print on demand company that helps designers sell their work without investing in physical products, shipping, accounting and so on. It addresses mainly to the designer but everyone can create a catchy text or edit an image. Playing with colors and cropped pictures work; there are large varieties of products on this platform. Put them not only on t-shirts but also on phone cases, wedding invitations, stickers, and pacifier. All the things a person use in life is on their platform ready to be personalized.

A new baby comes into the family? You can design a pacifier special for him, and while you`re doing that why not make some money. And Zazzle deals with the manufacture and of course has a profit from sales. Basically, that`s the concept.

Create an account on Zazzle and get a store

It is free and easy to create an account. With your account also comes your store in which you will expose and sell your ideas/products. It`s not an eCommerce platform is more like a profile where your work is exposed. A place where you interact with your buyers.
Then you need to customize, add a description, tags, and banners that will help your store rank better on Zazzle and Google.


To create something just press the button “Create your own”, select the product you want to customize and let your imagination run free.
When your imagination has finished the job, think of a name, proper tags, categories, and a price.  Click post and you`re good to go. You have a product to sell. Is as easy as it sounds.

And now how that product transform into money?

Because Zazzle only provides the marketplace, the fabrication, and delivery. But doesn`t advertise your product.  Promoting your products it`s up to you. It sounds familiar? Practically every opportune way of making money has something to do with promotion or marketing. Even when you start as a freelancer you need to promote yourself and make a name for yourself. Otherwise how people will buy your services?

You can make money on Zazzle if you also have a great network of followers on social media. Or a blog where you can write about your products. Everything is so easy and at hand that even creating a blog is not a complicated as it used to be. Wealthy Affiliate helps you get it for free and offers you 10 free lessons about online marketing.

Also, Zazzle lets you share your products/store on social media, including Facebook, Pinterest, and even Twitter.

Let`s talk about the royalty rate

Depending on your design, Zazzle sets the base price that includes production and delivery. You have the option to choose a royalty rate of 5% -99%. But they recommend you use somewhere between 10% and 15%.

If you set a higher royalty, the products price will increase and also your commission. It not so hard to calculate your profit, Zazzle has a calculator for help. So let`s say for example you want to sell a t-shirt and you set 15% royalty rate on a selling price of $29; for one sale you`ll make $3,25.



When you exceed 15%, there will be additional fees, depending on how much you will increase your royalty.

Zazzle affiliate program

Another way to make an income with this website is through their affiliate program. No special demands, they don’t request a website, and their commission is up to 15%. They offer a cookie length of 45 days.

But Zazzle is an online marketplace that offers an exposure on their platform to the manufacturers of personalized.

Zazzle payments

Zazzle pays by PayPal and checks when you have 50$/$100 in your balance account. The nice part is that all the articles` prices are set by those who create it.

Is it Zazzle trustworthy?

It free to create an account and start earning money with your custom items. No need to be an artist, although that will help you earn better. No need to preoccupy with all system of owning a store. No delivery, no production, no workers. Just create and promote. Because you`ll make money accordingly to your involvement.

You`ll find brands like Disney, Marvel, Coca-Cola, Hallmark owning a store within Zazzle.

You can buy and sell safely. It has a free affiliate program, you can share your affiliate link to your social network. If you have many friends on social media, send them your affiliate link.

If you already have a blog, Zazzle offers banners with your affiliate link attached to it. Or you can share a direct image from Zazzle on your blog. If someone likes it, they’ll buy it directly. Easy and you`ll not spend time promoting thought your friends or your Facebook community. If you do not have many friends, start by learning about affiliate marketing, which are the steps to follow. There is no better place than Wealthy Affiliate.

Do you know other print on demand online platforms where you make money online?


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