WowApp Review – Is WowApp A Scam?

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Are you looking for ways to make money online? Have you heard that WowApp can pay you for chatting with your friends?  Here you can find out if WowApp is a scam or if you can earn money online by using it.

Name: WowApp
Owner: Thomas Knobel
Price: Free to join
Recommended:: Legit but not a good way to make money online

Do not expect to make money from this application.

Officially, WowApp it’s a free chat, calling and video calling application that guarantees to share over 70% of its earnings from ads and paid calls with its users. The application was designed by Thomas Knobel, a Swiss investor who is also the founder of Nobel Telecom (VoIP network).

Unofficially, it is a combination of WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Snapchat. Its goal is to give back to its users the material value of their time spent online. Unlike the Google or Facebook model where you use free services, WowApp has a different model. They opt to share earnings with the user, more than 70% of the profit goes to the user. Your rewards come from ads, calls, and a percentage of your friends’ activity.

So far there’s nothing out of the ordinary.

However, one thing you need to reflect is how are distribute the 70%. If you are gain 100 WowCoins from viewing ads, you will not earn more than 20%. WowApp will keep 30%, and the network of people (your referrals), 50%. This 50 % is divided within the 8 reference levels. A quarter goes to Level 1, 6.25% to Level 2, the next levels will be getting less and less profit.

Basically, this is their strategy – users will be interested to have as many friends in the app because this is in their best interest for earnings. And also what`s the point of a chat app if you don`t have friends to talk.

Charity via WowApp? Is this a plus to convince you to use it?

The winnings (this if you manage to earn $20 for a withdrawal) can be donated to NGOs or transferred to a bank account. That thing with charity is a smart PR strategy from the people behind the app, it is a plus they are relying on, for you to feel better by giving earnings to social causes. But the essential question, of course, remains: how long you take and how many resources you use to make money online with WowApp?

How do you earn money by chatting?

WowApp has an advertising system that rewards its users depending on how many connections they have on network and how many ads are served to their connections. In addition, the app also has a system for making paid calls abroad for money from users. If you had invited 5 friends in the app and they had invited 5 friends, in turn, you will earn from both the advertising that your friends will click and from your friends’ friends. This system applies up to 8 levels (Level 1 is the one that invited the user to join WowApp). This system applies to both the pay per click system and the one in which the users on any of the 8 connection levels will pay for a phone call abroad via WowApp.

To view an ad, you’re rewarded with 0.10 wowcoins, the virtual currency of the app, and you can click on an ad once every 30 minutes.

100 WowCoins equals $1.0. To earn 100 wowcoins you have to watch 1000 ads, think that from $1 you will only earn 20%. Not an achievable way to make money online. Exactly, for an advertiser of 100 “WowCoins” the application owners receive 30%, you 25%, your contacts 12.5% and so on. You are not getting 70% of WowApp profit.

Choosing to make money online from PTC  is not a possibility that we recommend. You can read our article about PTC Websites for more information.

Ads are not the only option the app offers for compensations, you can download games, cashback from shopping. They have also a survey section, although they are non-existent in most of the time. Payment for different tasks varies between 5 and 365 wow coins.


And like all the free stuff on the Internet, WowApp is free of cost because it uses the personal data and the rights you have granted to your app. For commercial purposes and also sells advertising space within the app.

Is WowApp a type of MLM or pyramid scheme?

MLMs and pyramid schemes ask you for money to enter the system. Since you do not give any money to the app, we do not see how you get scam by WowApp. For that this application to be a pyramid scheme, you should first ask for money and then lose it.

As for the dream of getting paid to chat on WowApp, there is a small possibility to realize it into pocket money. You will not make hundreds of dollars a year just by changing messages with friends. It’s absurd and naive to think that.

Although WowApp is not a scam and it’s very hard to earn a few bucks we do not recommend.

Online money is getting from more work than a simple chat or money from clicks on ads. To make money on the internet, you still have to invest something, whether you use your mind or your time, is also called investment. A practical option that we recommend is the affiliate marketing. You can earn easy $20- $30 or even $100 on sales if you only sell one product. But the secret is to know how to start an online business dedicated to this type. And the prime place to start is Wealthy Affiliate, it gives you the opportunity to earn recurring income and become your own boss. It shows you how to be the one who succeeds on the internet and how you can make money from a website. You can find out more information in our review Wealthy Affiliate- The Guarantee of Your Succes.


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2 thoughts on “WowApp Review – Is WowApp A Scam?”

  1. I installed the app like 3 weeks ago and after looking into all their terms I came up with the decision of not using it ever again because it is actually not that good and no way you guys can make any money out of it.
    Nice article- keep them pouring.

  2. I’m totally going to sign up for that WowApp. Partially because of the donations to help a charitable cause. It’s awesomeness to people in the states 🙂

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