What Is A PTC Website – Are You Really Paid To Click??

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PTC website

Do you want to know what a PTC website is or how you can get paid clicking ads on a website? You are not alone, these are frequent questions asked by almost everyone interested in PTC sites.

Keep reading if you want to get a straightforward perception of how a PTC website paid to click.

PTC – Paid to Click

A PTC site is a website that pays you to click on advertisements.
A company pays a fee to PTC websites to display their ad. They hope to increase the visits to their sites by making their name known.

The system work in this way: a user clicks on an ad and receives some pennies. On these PTC sites, there are different people (users) who can log on to the PTC site daily and view a certain number of ads.

Through these websites it possible to earn money, in no case you, as the person who clicks on ads.
It`s a rich scheme for those who trick you to click because in 99% of PTC websites are a scam. It’s a kind of scam, in which the fool is you because you’re giving clicks hopeless in order to get some penny.
PTC websites are ground on a system that belongs to the black/black hat area of the Internet.

It’s advisable to stay away from it!  We do not recommend anyone to work or advertise on PTC sites.

The story behind these websites is that most of them even pay their members at the beginning and when they raise a lot of money from advertisers, they stop paying off. After some time, these PTC sites disappear from the internet.

Of course, if you want to earn money online seriously, in which you do not risk being deceived we recommend you the traditional, safe and verified methods of making money on the Internet. It involves more work but the money you will earn will support the lifestyle you want.

Not to mention, that this method of “paid to click” is especially promoted through forums, email spam.  You will not find people who have succeeded on the internet, speaking or promote this method of gains online.

Even we have tried this method and besides repeating the same adverts for months, we only have succeeded to make a dollar a month.

What do You need to know about PTC websites?

Are you looking for an easy job?? Work from home and earn money online from PTC sites without investment.

Sound good, especially if you are an unemployed or a stay home mum, but would you even sign up if you knew you would earn less than a cent for a click??

Unfortunately, many of these sites are unreliable (in terms of not fulfilling its payments to users).  A sign that a PTC site is serious and further effort will be paid would be that, as a rule, it will pay users on regular to up $0.01 per viewing ads.

Beware of those who promise large amounts per click, it will always be undoubtedly scams

If these pay-per-click websites pay with dollars, would not make a profit to resist on the market.

How does a PTC site really Works?

These sites promote various ads and pay users who enter on them with a sum of between $ 0.001-0.015, depending on the upgrade of the user. At first, you will be a standard user and over time you can upgrade to golden, platinum, bronze and you will earn more on one click or more from referrals.

To work with PTC sites, you would need a laptop with internet connection, email accounts, and a Personal Payments Account.

There were some changes and now, PayPal doesn`t work with any per-to-click website.

For those who want to advertise on PTC websites, the result will not be relevant. Is a user job to see ads on PTC sites.  Is a bad investment to pay someone to see you commercial.

NOTES: All the above refers to a FREE account does not include any expense on your part. Depending on each site, for a certain fee, you can rent REFERRALS (in addition to those already made by you) to increase your earnings. So to put in other words, you will have to invest money to get a few bucks.

What is a referral?

A referral is a person whom you have recommended to make an account to click on a website, and you can gain between $0,01- $0,015 for every click made by your referral. Each user in return is a referral for another older user, that`s the system. So let`s say you get on a PTC website by organic search, other users can buy/rental you.

There are direct referrals, those who you convince to make an account on the website you click, and rent referrals, on most PTC sites you can rent referrals, of course, for a fee.
Most people lost their money invested in referrals because PTC websites have inactive rent referrals. Most of the time, the admins of a PTC Website control the referrals rental.
So, in this case, we can even say that those PTC websites who offer rent referrals are scams, you do not manage to earn what you invest in leased referrals.

Each PTC site has a limited number of ads; there are some sites that have just 5 ads, and some sites that have 30. Every day, you’ll need to log in and click on each ad and wait until that time runs (generally 30 seconds).

You can`t press several times a day on the same ad.

If you miss a day, and you do not end the clicks, you will not get the earnings from the referrals on that day; and if for example you allow to rent 500 referrals and you did not give the clicks one day you could lose around $ 50 that day, it does not matter that the clicks you give will only cost 30 cents.

The idea of earning money from home with a simple click is fascinating and attracts many people who want to get assets of passive income with little work.

It’s all a fantasy

In a happy situation, you can make at least $20-$50 per month, from PTC website. We’ve never met someone who made genuinely $ 50 a day on any of these sites.

You have to understand that if you are looking for easy ways to earn a lot of money online, it is not possible. If you want to start your online business in a smart and serious way, we recommend the Wealthy Affiliate platform, here you will learn how to gain a sustainable income from a business that you will design.

Have you tried any PTC website? Leave a comment and let’s communicate


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  1. Very interesting indeed. I’ve often wondered about PTC sites (I’ve heard many references to them), but have never really got around to checking any of them out, or their potential.Now it comes to the question of do we really like to do this job? The information you gave is useful for everyone who wants to get in to this things.

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