How Can Wealthy Affiliate Help You Live a Better Life – Earning Potential

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If you’re wondering how to make money with WA, in this article you can read about the possibilities that this program offers you once joined. If you still don`t know what Wealthy Affiliate is you can read our Wealthy Affiliate Review, where you can find all about this legit company.


Briefly, Wealthy Affiliate is basic a training platform. Just as when you go and buy a Google certification course on AdWords or marketing training course from a company.  There’s nothing like those schemes where you promised to learn the secret of making money online, you will not get richer overnight.

There are various ways to earn money using the Wealthy Affiliate platform, all depends on how determined you are, how long you work and how fast you work for your interests. It`s different because the skills acquired in their program will apply differently, so they not just teaching you the same thing.

The basic way you can make money is with your own online business and using the affiliate marketing business model. Wealthy Affiliate might be a good opportunity for another start, there are a lot of niches and a lot of terms that are not yet well-crafted, and even if you’re going to choose a niche like, scented candles, you can make money after some time.

Also, what’s great is that you will not only learn how to get a source of passive income, but you can also earn money from their affiliate program, free risk.

That being said Wealthy Affiliate can`t make money for you, you are taught how to make money online.

Strictly speaking, there are two ways you can make money as a member of WA if you just joined and have not yet set up your website or completed the training:

  • Wealthy Affiliate`s Affiliate Program and Referral`s Account Setup
  • Create New Training

Wealthy Affiliate`s Affiliate Program – How it works

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform that teaches affiliate marketing so it`s natural for them to have their affiliate program. You can use their program either as a Starter member for free or Premium member. This company is a legit one, they pay the commissions. It’s a very old platform in the industry, anywise if you dig for them on the internet you will not find any complaints that WA would not pay.

If you promote Wealthy Affiliate through your affiliate link, you will earn recurring commissions for each member and the great part is that you can earn these recurring commissions without upgrading your premium account, as long as your referral remains a paying member.

What`s greater is that if they cease to be a member and decide to return later, you will continue to earn from this referral. Below are the commissions you will gain as a Starter Member:

  • Initial $19 offer, you commissions = $4
  • $49/month, your commissions = $11.25 recurring
  • $359/year, your commissions = $87.50 recurring

If you’re a Premium member yourself, you will double your commissions as you can see lower and also get to take part in WA’s $1 credit program, which allows you to earn from your referral`s account setup.

You will earn 2 credits worth $1 if your referral set-up an account with a profile picture and a description that proves is a real person and that `s important because it creates a friendly and easy environment for members to communicate. Trusting and connecting with other members will help further with your online journey, you will get tips, support ideas for your business.

Commissions as a Premium Member:
  • Credits: each time a referral set-up their account= $1
  • Domain Purchases: $1 recurring
  • Initial $19 offer, your commission = $8
  • $49/month, your commission = $23,50 recurring
  • $359/year, your commissions = $175 recurring

Although most of the affiliate programs do not require a paid account, it`s advisable, before you invest your time and money in promoting a product or service, to buy it even for a month. To know how it works, what are the benefits, and what key issues you can relate to when you’re doing your promotional strategy.

You can get paid for creating training on Wealthy Affiliate Community

After 3 months as a Premium Member, you are qualified to create training and earn commissions if are helpful and reached a certain level.

This is a fantastic way for those who know quite a lot about affiliate marketing, about creating and fixing websites, SEO, WordPress tips or other topics that will help the members with their questions. You can make them in video format or step by step written training sessions.

The more it is seen, liked and commented by the members the higher your tutorial will rank. The higher you rank the higher are the money will earn on different levels. Each level gives you 10 credits with a $0,50 worth.

If you know a topic that will be helpful and you can present it in an easy way for others members to learn, this is a fantastic way to gain more earnings. You can pay your fee with your tutorials earnings.

Anywise the fee can be paid whether by using their affiliate program or by creating tutorials.

Build a successful online business with Wealthy Affiliate

If you are looking to start an online legit business that will provide you an additional income Wealthy Affiliate is the right choice. Wealthy Affiliate fits even to those who do not know anything. It teaches them step by step how to build a site, how to buy a domain, how to search for a niche, etc. It’s also a great course for smaller business owners who want to make a website for their own business. After all, you learn new skills online.


Choose a niche

The idea is to choose something that you are passionate about it, a hobby because around that you will build your online business. If it is something that you like will make easier for you to write content for your website. You can also look for affiliate niche market with many potential markets.

Build a website

As you’ve learned from our review is very easy to create a website at Wealthy Affiliate and you will learn the process step-by-step. You don`t need to know how to code, just a few clicks and you will you’re your website online in a minute.

Attract visitors

WA teaches you how to create quality content to obtain a good ranking in the search engines. To make money with your website you need to have traffic.

Earn Money

Once your website generates traffic you can start earning commissions by promoting affiliate products. You can make money again and again from one article you write, creating a passive income for you for months.

Remember with a website People came to You.

Therefore, you can build yourself a great living with affiliate marketing and the best way of doing that is to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Up to now you probably made your opinion on exactly what you get if you join. If you are serious about making money online and commitment to long-term take the initiative, and Wealthy Affiliate will be your start to online success. And the best part is you can test it for free and see all the amazing resources they provide.

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  1. Great advice, think anyone considering Wealthy Affiliate can benefit from this.Is interesting you can actually earn some money while learning. It a good deal…paying your membership from your earned commissions.

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