UserTesting Review – Is UserTesting A Scam?

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UserTesting-paid-to-test-websitePaid to test websites?… An opportunity to earn money that you may not have known is testing the usefulness of websites. To clarify it means exploring a website and exposing your opinions as you navigate. In this review, you will find out if you can make money with UserTesting working from home.

Some developers, especially those who build new businesses, are willing to pay for a user test campaign with the interest to discover the weaknesses and strengths of their products and services. Thereby, they can establish directions for developing or improving the quality and characteristics of products/services.

  • Product Name: UserTesting
  • Website:
  • Product Owner(s): Darrell Benatar, Dave Garr
  • Price: Free
  • Recommendation: Legit

Is UserTesting a legit company?

According to their website, UserTesting is used by over 34,000 companies, including, Yahoo, CNN, WordPress, Ford, LinkedIn, Johnson&Johnson. These companies, among others, pay for UserTesting` services. So, it is a legit company that will pay you.

Who is UserTesting for?

UserTesting is for everyone who are 18 or older and wants to make some extra money online, who speaks English clearly, being an audio test if your English is indescribable you do not qualify.

UserTesting Price

Is easy to earn money from their platform moreover the best part, you can become a tester for free.

What do you have to do for the $10?

Make a video with your 20-minute recommendations about a website or an app and answer the required questions (2-3 questions) at the end of the registration.

The payment is $10/test and is made through PayPal in about 7 days after the test is complete. The chances of being selected for a test depend on your ability to provide good feedback. UserTesting makes it quite clear on their site that they have an oversupply of testers, therefore, it will be competition for available tests. Depending on the project they also have short trials with 3-5 questions for which they pay $ 3 / test.

What are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Register by email on UserTesting website
  2. Download and install the video recording program
  3. Watch a video (case study) and start a recording to make sure that the video and voice recording software works.
  4. You will receive a skill test through which your speaking English is assessed
  5. Then you will need to submit the recording
  6. In a few days, you will receive an email confirming it or not, if you are accepted then you can start testing websites and applications.

The video registration is actually a screencast video of what you see on the website, what you like or not like, the design of the website, basically talk about your first impression about what you see. It may seem harder at first, but in time it will look easy.

Your earnings depend on the number of tests you make, so you can earn between $10 and $150 per month.

The cons of UserTesting

  • You will be announced on the email when new tests are available, so pay attention because if the number of testers required for the project is complete, that opportunity is gone for you.
  •  If the company whose website you are testing is dissatisfied with your ability you will not be paid.
  • You can collaborate with UserTesting only if you have a PayPal account

If you’re looking for a way to make some money in your spare time, you can try UserTesting. It’s 100% a legit company that will pay you for your reviews. Using their platform will not make you rich, or become a profitable business. But can turn into a fresh source of income and you can earn enough money for shopping, movie tickets, besides you can earn it every month.

So, if you are looking to make a full-time online business, then you can cast a glance at what we recommended for those who want to start online work serious, a company known as Wealthy Affiliate, you can find the details by clicking on our up-dated review Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Guarantee Of Your Success Or Just A Scam?


If you have any experience with UserTesting, please post in the comments section so we can share our knowledge.

3 thoughts on “UserTesting Review – Is UserTesting A Scam?”

  1. Great review. UserTesting is a great site if you’re looking for some extra money. I personally make 2-3 tests every month on my spare time.

  2. Hey, I signed in and wanted to apply but it asked me to upload a screen video with a record, what should I say during the recording?

    1. Hey, you need to talk continuously about what you see on the website if you like the design, things you don`t like, you need to tell your first impression

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