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unbabel translate services review


Unbabel is one of the largest translation platforms out there where you can make some home money translating small texts from your native language into another, English, French, Indonesian, Arabic and 24 more languages. It’s a platform which has an app so working from home is easier, work anywhere, on your tablet, phone or laptop. What’s more interesting about this translate app is that you can always get notifications with the new translation jobs.

Sounds very good so let’s see for who is it and how much Unbabel pays!


Unbabel translation is a company created in 2014 in Lisbon and California. Unbabel works for companies who want their businesses to be discovered and understand their clients in other languages.

Name: Unbabel
Website: www.unbabel.com
Price: Free
Potential income: depends, up to $8/hour
Available: Worldwide, 18+
Legitimate: Yes

This online translation company has over 50,000 translators translating over 10 million words into 28 languages so far. The company uses just 20% human translation and the rest of 80% is complete by machine translations. In other words, they use software to translate text and use the human eye for refined.

Each translation request is divided into micro-tasks and assigned to translators. It is processed three times: first, it is translated by a translation software, then a translator checks and corrects it, and before a client receive his text a senior editor reviews it.

How can You become a translator on Unbabel?

To create an account and work on their platform it is free, go to their platform and click on “Become a translator”.

But only if your foreign language level is an intermediate up to an advanced level, and is one of these languages: Chinese, English, Bulgarian, French, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Russian Portuguese (BR), Dutch, German, Spanish, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese, Romanian.

The more languages you know, the better is for your pocket. Your chances to get more tasks from the platform will increase. You can choose first one language and complete later with others.

unbabel translation jobs


How the platform works:

  1.  Anyone who needs translation hires Unbabel
  2.  Then Unbabel split the job intro micro tasks
  3.  Those who are qualified to resolve that task will be notified.
  4.  Accept the task and then do it.
  5.  The platform counts the words translated and the time. Depending on the time spent and the translated words you will get a number of points that will later turn into dollars.

Unbabel does not ask for qualifications or experience but before accepting you in their team, you have to pass some test. There are 20 mini-tasks that you have to translate in a short time so you can prove you know the languages you have selected. Also, the result of these tests will impact your payment rate and what project you will get. They will send an email with the result after a day or two.

If you pass the test, you will receive a greeting e-mail and the first tasks you will work on will be unpaid. If you get good feedback and obtain 500 points, you will get paid work.

Editors are evaluated randomly by Unbabel. If their translations are not good and have a low score, they cannot continue their work at Unbabel.

The advantage of being a senior editor

A translation project is divided into tasks and many people work on. Therefore the final project must be related and have the same aspect regardless of how many people worked on it.

To become a senior publisher and by default to earn more, you must be constantly engaged within Unbabel platform. Besides your services must be of high quality. Senior editors also take care of the customer relationship and check the final translation project.


The hourly rate will increase if you’re faster than others in completing your paid task. Feedback measures your activity on the platform but will not bring you money. Make the translations as accurate as possible, work at your translating speed and your earnings will grow faster. If a task consumes too much time, skip it and choose one who will not affect your task time.

How much money your language skills will make?

The hourly rate is approximately $8- $9 if you’re doing constantly translations and may grow depending on your experience or skill. How much you win depends also on whether you are online when new tasks appear and the popularity of the language.

Unbabel pays via PayPal or Payoneer, on demand every week on condition that you have $5 in your account.

Pros and Cons of Unbabel


  • Work from home with the possibility to make some extra money
  • Improve your language skills and connect with another translator in community
  • Apply for free, no certificate require and anyone who knows those 28 languages can start making some bucks


  • Projects are not always available
  • You have to be online most of the time to grab a task; otherwise, someone will take and complete the paid jobs
  • Payment differs by the language popularity
  • For most translators, it`s not a part-time work from home opportunity, but some extra money for shopping
  • Low payment

The bottom line

To make things clear Unbabel is a legitimate human translation company that pays its translators. It is a good idea for students and for those who have a job and have time on weekends or after they finish their work.

Though, if you`re looking to supplement or make a full-time income online, Unbabel is not the right choice. Earnings depend on the availability of projects, the language you know and your speed in completing a task.

It is, however, a free online job opportunity where your language skills can improve, with the possibility of earning some pocket money.

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