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TryMyUi make money testing a website

TryMyUi is one of the online platforms where you can earn money by testing on your computer, software or web pages. They claim to pay $10 per test in at least 72 hours after a test is finished and accepted. So let’s dig in into that.

TryMyUi helps companies that invest in their websites and apps to discover flaws and opportunities, including the easiness using their web interface.

Farhad Farzaneh and Sani ElFishawy created TryMyUi in 2010 and is a usability testing platform very similar to If you have a critical eye, attention to detail and a microphone, you could offer real-time feedback working from home. In exchange for some extra money.


Name: TryMyUI
Price: Free
Available: Worldwide, +18 years old
Potential money: $10/test
Legit: they pay

How to become a web tester within TryMyUi

The system of working within is the same as any other Usability Testing platform. Register and create an account. Complete your profile with demographics and personal information. You will receive tests work in accordance with your profile information.

trymyui create an account

If a company want to test its website only in England TryMyUi will accept to test this website only people who live there.

You must have a computer, have good English skills and have basic knowledge of how a web page works.

Once you finish completing your profile you need to pass a qualification test. Testing a website is done by using a screen audio and video recording software. Testers can download the software from the TryMyUi platform before they start the test that qualifies as a web tester.

Before the test, you`ll see 1 video minute intro to help you with your user reveal your testing experience in an easy way.

Only your cursor moves and your voice will be recorded so that teams of specialists evaluate your impressions and behavior on the site.

The test takes about 20 minutes of speaking and browses on the web pages. Review what you see on their websites, your first impressions. Express freely your critical observations and thoughts about the product in a positive and helpful way.

No right or wrong answer!

The goal is that the company improve its website and services as a result of your review. They expect you talk naturally as if you were talking freely with someone from your family.

Further clicking on the “Done Recording” button, TryMyUi will analyze your recorder and reply within one day. If you are accepted, you will be able to receive test invitations by the email address.

After registering on the site testing platforms, you must be permanently connected on e-mail. To be sure you have projects to work on. Competition for them is high and it is very possible that if you do not apply in the first few minutes, you lose the opportunity.

This is one of the platform’s negative points, the availability of projects and the receiving a test invitation based on geographic criteria. Receiving more and more invitations simply means you will get more money from testing the utility of websites.

What a test looks like?

If you are a lucky user, click on the link in your email invitation. Along with the invitation, you will receive also the website/apps, instructions, and documentation for testing.

Testing a website is the same as the qualification test. As soon as you have finished, TryMyUi will review your recording. Therefore may accept or reject it if it is not in following the instructions.

The test begins by displaying the website for 15 seconds and share your first impressions of it.

You will receive questions about what you remember from your site visit, what draws your attention, the words used on the website.

Depending on the project, you can follow a hypothetical scenario in which you behave as a real customer and perform certain actions on the site. For example, you may have the task of making a hotel reservation or purchase something.


In addition to performing a test that consists of narrating the experience on the site, TryMyUi also asks for the write answers to a few questions based on your experience on the website.

To be sure that TryMyUi won`t reject your test and be paid for it, you have to talk about the 20 min continually, say what you do, what you do not, what you see, what you like. Also, make your opinion known about what irritates and bothers you. After all, this is what the owners of the companies are looking for.

How can you get paid by TryMyUi?

They pay through PayPal every Friday with an average rate of $10 per test. It is important to know that you will not get money for every test you record. You`ll receive $10 per every test that TryMyUi accepts.

TryMyUi a legit platform?

Realistically speaking, a person cannot make money by doing this kind of work to sustain an existence. However is a free website where usability tester can make easily $10 per month if they regularly receive e-mail invitations to participate in the tests. TryMyUi is a legit platform that pays his “workers”. Don`t expect too much because is not a remote job is more like making some money in your spare time. 10$ for 20-minute feedback is fair money. Although your location may influence your opportunity to make money.

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If you know other usability testing platform please share it with others in a comment below.

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