TranscribeMe Review – Is It A Scam Or Worth A Shot?

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Are you looking for jobs that can be done at home? You can be one of those who transcribe audio records (from meetings, interviews) and takes money from it. TranscribeMe is a company that pays you for transcribing the audio or video content. Whether you’re already a skilled transcriptionist or a beginner, TranscribeMe seems to be a good choice for getting an extra income. Let`s dig into this!

TranscribeMe is a company created in 2009, with home base Canada. It is a web service provider that involves transcribing any type of audio format into an accurate content. TranscribeMe has a well known internationally as a leader in the transcription services industry. Companies who want their audio files on documents hire TranscribeMe.

Name: TranscribeMe
Price: Free to join
Potential income: ~20/hour
Type: Transcription
Available: Worldwide
Legitimate: ??

How do you start as a transcriptionist?

The job is as simple as it sounds. After you sign in, you learn some rules on transcribing words (for example, not to transcribe words that are only partially heard, to write numbers in letters, not in figures), you only have to listen carefully to recordings and transcribe the words which you hear in their software.

The more languages you know, the better.

Tip: Use a good pair of headphones because it may happen that the recordings are not of best quality. Therefore, will have to listen to them several times, losing time and money.
Don`t let`s other fool you with those transcripts training that promises you train for a price. Once you have created your account on TranscribeMe you will receive instructions about what you need to write, how to write.

To be a consistent member and work on the TranscribeMe platform, you must fulfill some conditions:

  • The time of your transcripts must be at least 2 hours per month
  • 75% of the works must be delivered within the deadline
  • No more than 10% of projects dropped

You`ve had to pass 2 test

It’s a serious company with a good reputation, so the beginners are tested to ensure best services for TranscribeMe customers! If you pass the test your account will be activated within 12 days.

If you did not take the test on your first attempt, it’s okay. You get the chance to try several times, therefore is recommended to read the style guide (available on the Exams tab) and try again. Before you take the exam, you need to upload a picture for identification, your ID photo or licensed driver. Before you take an exam to qualify for a job on Transcribe, you will receive a training with everything you need to know for the test and job, on what to pay attention, what to write.

If you are new to transcription it is not as easy as it seems.

Though for many it may seem like a mild work with good money, it isn`t. Especially for those new to this type of job.

It is difficult at first to transcribe the words of people who have unclear accents or don`t speak English well, whispering or using weird gibberish. There are audio recordings that you need to transcribe with music or background noise. Or talks in which sentences are spoken jerky or people speak with repeated words/letters.

You are paid to transcribe correctly everything that comes out of those people’s mouths in an easy way to read and understand.

 What’s the next move?

Once you have completed a transcript, the company’s editors will check your paper as soon as you send it.

If publishers correct more than 30% of the work, the file will be rejected and you will not be paid for it.

Their job is not to scam you but to find mistakes in order to provide excellent service. Perhaps the punctuation marks are not correct, or the people`s names are not exactly the same. Here comes the editor`s job.

How about the money?

TranscribeMe pays $20 per hour. The audio files are usually around 1-2 minutes, so you need to transcribe 1 hour of audio files to get the $20. Being so short may help you improve your speed. But to make money you need to have a high-speed typing.

You will receive your money through PayPal. There is no minimum amount, you may cash out every week (payments are made every Thursday).
You get paid for the “audio hours” you need to transcribe and not the time spent to complete them. Some transcripts will take longer and you will have to play the file multiple times to make sure your transcript is correct. You may get a higher payment if you transcribe medical or legal work.

Thumbs Down

The biggest problem with TranscribeMe is that there isn`t always work available.
Tha idea is, on a first-come, first-served, those who are present when a new project appears to get the job. You have two options to wait for someone to quit or try connect later. Even for someone, worldly onTranscribeMe can have days with no work to do.

Does TranscribeMe really deserve?

Although it is a legitimate company is a lot of work for little money. The right answer is up to you. If you find easy to transcribe and have an experience is an extra online income.

It is a plus for many looking for a home job. And if the flow of jobs would be constant it would be a good choice for many. If you have a lot of free time and want to turn it into a few dollars, sign up for TranscribeMe.
But if you don`t like to listen for hours conversation and want something more engaging, you have other options. You can choose methods that will bring you a full-time income. Among the safest ways to make money on the internet is affiliate marketing. You work for yourself, the job isn`t boring, and can be done from anywhere. Besides, it’s one of those methods that make you money while you sleep. Read more about what’s in here  Wealthy Affiliate Review.


How about you? What’re your thoughts about TranscribeMe?

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