Tips On Earning With AliExpress Affiliate Program

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AliExpress Affiliate Program

All those who have met Aliexpress know that the platform offers more possibilities to make money, from buying and reselling Chinese items to affiliate programs and cashback. In this article, we will talk about one of the easiest methods to earn money, especially for people without an online store, namely by referring people to the AliExpress website.

Why is affiliate marketing a good decision?

For the reason, that money from affiliate commission represents passive income, which is the most acquisitive type of income because it continues to appear even when you are no longer working.

Why promote AliExpress products?

You can promote Aliexpress products free of cost through their program, Portals Affiliate Program. Like any affiliate program once registered, you get banners and links to promote your products to your blog, forums, or social networks.

If you have the skills to be a vlogger you can use your YouTube channel to place the products in your videos and sell them to your target audience and gain a part of the profit for each sale that is made through your affiliate link.

If your visitors buy the products through your affiliate link, you will receive a commission.

AliExpress offers a 30-day cookie period

Which means that in a 30-day period your visitor has to make a purchase so you can earn a commission.

If you promote, for example, an electronic product and your referral go to the site and you buy something else, you will still receive the commission. What matters is that you generated the sale through your affiliate code.

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You get help from them, Aliplugin, is a friendly solution that helps you earn more money. Basically, it helps you quickly and easy, to add hundreds of products at once to your website. It creates a similar site to label Aliexpress, it puts your affiliate link on all your site’s products, and help you find the best-selling products. With their plugin, everything will be set in 20 minutes.

The way you choose to promote affiliate products depends only on you, whether you choose to do it through an e-commerce website or through a blog or whether you choose social media, you need to know marketing strategies and how to increase your conversion rate.

Affiliate marketing is profitable, but it depends greatly on the experience and the environment you are in. In the simple perspective, you need traffic to generate a livable sales volume.
An affiliate marketing community is Wealthy Affiliate. You will learn step-by-step how to get success in affiliate marketing and make recurring commissions for a long time. Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to create quality content, how to use keyword research, how to rank in Google, how to monetize your blog. And the best thing is that you will learn all this from experts.

How do You get paid using AliExpress Affiliate Program?

You have to choose millions of products with cheap and reasonable prices offered by one of the largest e-commerce platforms and some of the items have free shipping. Commissions earned depend on the product promoted and the buyer`s country.



In your affiliate account, you can track all transactions, like customer traffic reports and revenue volume. You need $16 to withdraw the money and transfer to your bank account.

It most likely to earn between 5-10% for most products so you can easily get money into your bank account. However, it takes a lot of work initially ,in order to have a wealthy living from affiliate marketing. If you are willing to do what is necessary you can make 20.000$ a month, this much an Aliexpress top-affiliate earns.

Things to be considerate:
  • You will promote no-name products
  • The delivery will take weeks
  • You will get the commissions after the order is finalized
  • You cannot earn commissions from a self-generated order

Therefore find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale. Create useful content to inform your audience about AliExpress so that they will be more prone to buy. Write helpful reviews to help people not just to sell.

Do you have a blog that monetizes from AliExpress Affiliate Program? Share your knowledge or questions with us.
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