The Best Way You Can Make Money On Facebook

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We all know what Facebook is, a well-liked social network. A place where you are permanently connected with people you like, follow, or those who become your friends on your profile. You see their posts, hobbies, comments, news. Furthermore, it’s a place where you expose yourself. But Facebook can become a gold mine if you know how to use it as a business.

There are many business ideas, but most require a serious investment plus a lot of knowledge and risks. Therefore, are not accessible to everyone. For this reason, many people try to make money online, hoping it is easier and less pricey.

And they are perfectly right! It’s quick and cheaper to start an online business than a classical one. But … also here you need to know exactly what you have to do. Because there are lots of ideas on the internet that will not put a penny in your pocket.

We’ve been talking about blogging, how to monetize blogs, micro-jobs, ClickBank, apps that pay you if you use them. But have you ever thought about making money directly from Facebook?

It`s a simple idea that works, but you`ll have to make an effort investing your time and possible money in advertising your Facebook page.

What’s up with the money from Facebook?

Create a Facebook or more Facebook pages and posts affiliate links on it

Facebook is at this time the largest network in the world with over 1.2 billion users. Facebook does more than create a brand. It brings you a database of people interested in you and in what you do. They are your perfect customers because the best customer is the client who knows you best. And through Facebook, you are an open book.

How does it work after you choose a niche and the things you wanna talk about and share it on your Facebook page?

When the number of fans has increased, let`s say a several thousand, you start placing occasional affiliate products on those pages.

You affiliate with programs that offer commissions for their sold products. We`ll speak about these programs in our next posts.

Now, with a few hundred people, it would not be a great way to make too much money. But when you have tens of thousands of people things change. From 10.000 people who see your posts and links, it`s more likely you generate a few sales a day, which can bring you a nice monthly income.

We know, also this method takes time and some work. But it’s easier than creating quality content on a blog. And to be honest we all spend a couple of hours on social media. Why not take advantage of that?

Now be carefully

 The affiliate links` posts must be related to the page activity. So if you create a page about the vegan lifestyle, apply for products related to this niche. It should not be hard at all, there are affiliate programs for everything. This picture is just an example of what you could promote. You will gain 10% of its price.Clickbank-products


Otherwise, you risk losing your fans.  And you do not want that. You want them to listen and trust your recommendations and also to order using your affiliate link.

Use the common-sense rule: don`t advertise in all the posts you share on your page. Try publishing only 1 of 3 posts with an affiliate link a week. The rest of the posts must be useful, amusing or make them interact with your posted content. More people interact with your page more famous you will be. And you`ll get to more people.

You do not necessarily need a product or a service of your own! All you need is an internet connection, a Facebook page, a few dollars for Facebook ads (in case you want quick fans) and a couple of hours of daily work. All combined with the ambition to learn well the niche you are in. In fact, you just have to do advertising, nothing else. No deal with websites, stocks, sales, delivery and so on. And signing up for almost all affiliate products is free.

Keep your feet on the ground

As in any business, small, medium or big, the key is perseverance. Do not expect to become a wealthy person from your Facebook affiliate products. At least not in short term. But if you`re persistent in this direction if you combine the strategy to promote those affiliate links on Facebook with promoting the affiliate products on your personal blog or other channels you will succeed.

Of course, bad things can happen, and your plans can switch, especially if you are not prepared and you lack experience.

In theory is quite easy. But for real work, you have to learn some basic things because optimism is not enough in business. You need the knowledge to make a difference.

There are many who have a kick-start on this Facebook business but have suddenly lost their enthusiasm when things didn’t happen as they expected.
You still need to know basic information about marketing, how to get to people, what`s your competition, free tools that will make your life easier. More about these things and other ways to make money online using affiliate marketing you`ll find within Wealthy Affiliate. It is a platform training to which we invite you to sign-up. The things you`ll learn will be life-changing.

There are people who joined affiliates programs and win at this time wages above the average. And if they can, you can.


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