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Have you ever wonder how to make money teaching English online or a language you know well? Then becoming a tutor on teaching online platforms may be your answer. Don’t have a college degree yet? Some of the websites listed require just to demonstrate you came from countries like USA or Canada or to speak fluently a language. You have the advantage of working from home, in your spare time or with a convenient schedule. And with the possibility to increase your monthly income by teaching English online without a degree.

If your native language is English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Cantonese, Arabic, and others you can earn money with these online learning platforms. Of course, if you`re a professional teacher with experience and university degrees, in the field, you’ll earn higher wage rates.

As a general condition for all websites where you teach online English or any other language, you need a computer, headset, webcam and a fast internet connection. If you’re pleasant, patient, enthusiastic, and you have a passion for teaching others, your language skills can help you generate even full-time income.

Here are 10 legit websites where fluently speakers can earn money working from home.


1. English Ninjas – teaching English Online with pre-scheduled shifts

English Ninjas is an online platform founded in Delaware, USA and accepts only British and American native tutors. And also these tutors need to have a degree, experience and ESL certificate. Within NinjaEnglish tutors are grouped on the area of interest.

  • Business English,
  • English for master application,
  • Training for international English tests,
  • Travel English,
  • Role plays, interviews, and

Tutors make $.16 per minute on their online working hour. Tutors have the option to work at their pace in pre-scheduled shifts.  They must be online when they set their scheduled hours.  Ninja English pay through PayPal on 15th and the 30th of each month.

2. Cambly –chatting and teaching English online

Cambly hires teachers to chat with students all around the world to help them learn English online. Teaching English takes place in an informal and friendly environment. The platform has as target group those who want to learn English from a native and aim to learn the lingo.

Teachers do not need qualifications or previous experience in teaching. It’s enough for them if you’re just a native speaker of English with a great personality.  Besides the required computer, the lessons may take place also via smartphone.

Teaching English online on Cambly may be suitable for a stay home mom or a person with a minimum wage or someone who want to increase his income.

Cambly`teachers make $ .17 / minute or $ 10.20 per hour. But to achieve this $10 per hour a teacher must have a high rating and a positive feedback from his students. And they receive the money through PayPal every week when they have in account a minimum $20.

3.  iTalki – multilingual teaching platform

Italki is an online learning platform that allows natives to earn an income from teaching their language to strangers. Not only English speakers are eligible but also native speakers of Chinese, French, German, Arabic and many more. There are even mandarin teachers on the platform.

There are 2 categories of teachers: community tutors and professional teachers. Community tutors are native speakers or polyglots who speak and understand very well a language. Teachers are those with experience and university degrees.

How much does Italki pay for? Each teacher or tutor sets his own price and Italki hold a 15% commission.

4.   Lingoda – teaching English or others language Online

Lingoda is an online language school where students learn also other languages besides English from specialized teachers. To become a tutor you must speak English, French, German and Spanish.

The difference between Lingoda and other learning platforms is that Lingoda offers graduation certificates.

Lessons are held whether in private sessions teacher-student or in a group where tutors teach to a virtual class. It is a must to be familiar with PowerPoint, often the lessons are presented using it. It is an advantage to know WebRTC and Zoom.

Lingoda seeks native speakers or experienced teachers and wages are based on qualifications and experience. Usually, tutor gaining’s start from €7-€11 per hour.

5.   Preply – make money with your native language

 Preply is an online learning website where students can take English/other 23 language classes with private teachers.

Teaching on Preply doesn`t require a certificate but is a plus having one, especially when it comes to wages. Tutors have 55 areas of interest to choose from. That means they can teach a language related to a university subject, creativity, business, hobbies, and others. Once a tutor joins Preply platform need to set his work hour and respect it.

Also, the tutor set his own price and Preply takes a commission between 18% to 33% hourly rates. The commission decrease when the number of lessons increases. Also, Preply takes 100% from a tutor first session hour. Preply pays via PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer.

6.      VIPkids – teaching English online to kids

As its name suggests is a teaching English online website focused on 4-14 aged Chinese children. Tutors must have a university degree and experience in classroom teaching.

When a tutor applies, he gets an online interview with a VIPKids person.  Along with background and experience, discussion tutor must demonstrate his teaching skills in a 10 minutes demo lesson. The tutors receive the structure of lessons from VIPKids who differs from kid to kid. One class can either last an hour or 30 minutes.
VIPKids tutors make $7-$9 per 25 minute class plus $2 when they achieve finishing 45 classes in a month. Tutors within VIPKids work on a 6 months contract. After this period the contract may be renewed if the tutors receive good ratings. They pay via direct deposit.

7.      QKids – teaching English online to Chinese students

Qkids is a teaching online website, based on Taiwan and connects English speakers with Chinese kids. Teaching English Online within Qkids is just like teaching to a real classroom. With the difference that on Qkids the classroom has 4 kids and Qkids plans the lessons structure, scheduling, and children assignment.

Teachers must teach at least 6 hours per week. The maximum is 19 hours/week. But the teacher decides when these work hours are. A class session last 30 minutes.

This is an opportunity of working from home for persons who:

  • can work legally in USA and Canada
  • have a Bachelor` degree or are students on a university program; also teaching certificates are preferable
  • previous experience in teaching

Qkids pays $16 – $20 per hour, once a month via direct deposit.


8.  Palfish

It is an English learning platform who also has an app where English native/non-native speakers connect with students from China and beyond. Anyone who knows English well can teach online through this platform. PalFish prefers teachers have experience in teaching and language certificates but there are not conditions to be accepted. Tutors have the option to choose a flexible schedule with session on-to one or class group.

The teachers set their own price from $5 to $45 per hour. PalFish takes 20% commission off tutors` earnings and pays via AliPay and PayPal.

9.   Verbaplanet – teaching a language online

With Verbalplanet tutor can teach more than 30 languages to students all over the world. They expect tutors have experience in language teaching and qualification.

Teachers set the price for a session and the work hours. The teaching session last 45 minutes and students pay teachers directly through PayPal. Verbaplanet doesn`t charge teachers any fee for lessons.

But they have a booking fee so everytime a student book a session they pay a fee included in the price session. If you are a teacher and want to work remotely this is a great platform to work. Verbalplanet will delete an account of a tutor book a session outside the platform.

10.  Magic Ears – work from home teaching English

Magic Ears hire native English speakers to teach and interact with children from China. A session has 25 minutes and a number of 1 to 4 kids per class. Magic Ears doesn’t require a bachelor degree, an ESL certificate works fine for them. Also, they look for tutors with 2 years of experience in teaching English.

If you don`t have experience or a degree, make a video and introduce yourself to highlight what recommended you for the job. If Magic Ears likes your teaching personality they will accept you.

Tutors work on a 6-month contract and make approximately $9 per teaching session. They also gain additional bonuses when they arrive 18 minutes earlier on their first session of the day and have university degrees.

Magic Ears pay through Paypal, Alipay and bank transfer each month.


If you do not get along well with these online teaching websites, there are others alternatives. You can create a blog where you teach English or another language you know. Teaching without restrictions in a fun way with games and jokes and educational materials for kids.

Make money by offering some free resources and the rest for a fee. If you love football, you can create a blog to learn English from this perspective. The options with a blog are unlimited. It is possible to work from home and earn money teaching English in a blog niche. Just take a look at this website Wealthy Affiliate. They will teach everything you need to know to start and make money from a blog.

Which suits you? We’d love to hear your thoughts

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