Snapwire – A Website That Helps Shutterbugs Make Money?

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Are you looking to see if Snapwire can help you make some cash online? Here you will find all about Snapwire, how it works, how’re the earnings, and his credibility. Let`s see if is a scam or a trusted partner of your online money.

More and more people are uploading pictures to Instagram and social media, some of them deserve being used in a press article or an ad campaign. There are websites and apps that help them sell, but Snapwire also proposes a new dimension for such photos: photos on demand. At the customer’s request, of course.

Snapwire – A platform to sell your photos?

There were times when the only available images came from a social network, Facebook or Instagram. And yet, the authors haven`t received any dollar.

Snapwire wants to capitalize the online marketplace. So, you have the chance to sell your pictures online, not just give them for free. In short, it’s about demand and supply. Someone has a photo request, and someone else offers it.

Snapwire is an Android and iOS app, however, it is also available from any browser on any computer using This is a plus, it makes easier to upload pictures. Right now, you upload a photo directly from your phone, Flickr, Facebook, Google Drive, Picasa, Dropbox, or from your computer (when using the browser option).

Name: Snapwire
Website/App: Play or App Store
Type: Stock Photo Company
Price: Free
Potential income: $50 ~ $100/photo
Recommended: Legit

How to make money with Snapwire?

First, you create an account using their app or their website.

As a newcomer lensman, you are set at Explorer level until someone in Snapwire revises your portfolio. There are several levels of experience in Snapwire: Explorer, Shooter, Advanced, Expert, Elite, and Pro. Each level has extra benefits. For example, if you are in Explorer, you can submit 2 pictures for a challenge. While as a Pro-level you have no-limit.

You get 70% of a winning request and 50% from direct sell. So, if a photo worth $75 you earn $52.5.

Every time a sent picture is bought or nominated by the buyer you get points. You also receive points every time the photos are targeted, like when it is set for the Premium collection.

From the moment the pictures are offered, at the price the buyer set, they will be analyzed and only one will be paid. The concept that Snapwire proposes to clients is to stop buying stock photos from services like iStock or Shutterstock and choose something new, unique. For photographers, whether are or not professional, is the chance to earn some money online by taking advantage of their photographic vision.

Snapwire pays through PayPal when you have earned at least $25 on the first of each month.

Snapwire also has some famous photographers which exposed them to a panel. Therefore, they show that it’s not just a network of amateurs. In addition, there is a rating system based on nominations and sales. The amount is not impressive, but the potential is quite high.



When it comes to a request loaded on the platform, the client asks for a certain type of photo, tells how long it needs and how much it offers. The client put a price on photos and varies between hundreds of dollars or just a few dozens.

Besides the cash you earn from sales (portfolio), in which case you get 50% of the price, you even make money from the challenges or direct requests that you are attending to. In this case, you get 70% of the price. For the last-mentioned, you need to prove your photographer skills and raise your profile to a higher level. More submitted photos increase the chance of being known and eventually you can be invited to participate in requests or a buyer can order a photo directly from you.snapwire-challenger


The main difference between Snapwire and others is that it relies heavily on the quality of the photos, and it is rather planned for those who tend to professionalism.

Photos acquired on Snapwire are displayed in Marketplace – Purchased. Take a look at the snap stock and make an opinion about what is purchasing.

It is quite difficult to sell a photo if you are not a professional shutterbug. From buyer’s view, there are some remarkable pictures and picking only one, can take much longer than we could expect.

The best option if you are an amateur is to participate in requests. You get a more direct chance for your photo to be seen by a buyer. This doesn`t exclude the quality and ingenuity of the snapshot. Of course, the photo must meet the requirements.

Snapwire is a legit website that offers to those interested to sell their photos a platform. They pay every time, fill a request and the money is in your account.

Is it worth it?

If you are a photo addict Snapwire is a good place to experience while trying to make some money online. If not there are better ways to earn incomes. Build a business online, gain from affiliate commission, create a store online, share your passions with others and make money from it. These are better long-term opportunities. And nowadays it doesn`t really need to go to university to learn about all this. Being self-committed and motive you can succeed. And a good place to start is within Wealthy Affiliate platform. Read our detail review and see what you get for free.


Have you made money with Snapwire? Or with others programs online? Share with us your experience or questions

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