Slice The Pie – Can You Get Paid?

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Slice the Pie is a website that offers the possibility to listen to music and expressing your opinion about what you have listened to. New music bands receive feedback from music lovers for a small amount of money.

The better your review is the more money you will earn and the vote will be higher for the band. So, the more complete your reviews are, the more money you can make.
Although you can not make enough money to support your expenses, it can be a pocket money idea for those who enjoy music and want to be paid for it.

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Name: Slice The Pieslice the pie
Price: Free to sign up
Field: Listen to Music to Earn
Verdict: Legitimate website

What is Slice the Pie?

Is a website founded in 2007 by Stephen Cox, that connects unknown artists with music fans, and pays people to review their new songs. Slice the Pie is not a scam.  Is good for artists because they will have exposure and a critical opinion related to their work and the reviewers will get paid while listening to new songs.
There are people who do that because they want to help the unknown artist by giving valuable feedback to their songs. The best-ranking artist from the reviewers can get financing and be promoted in mass media.
The feedback on tracks, clothing and lots more goes directly to help artists, record labels, and brands to improve their services and to make decisions.

It’s a legitimate site because it will pay you for your service, but usually, do not pay too much. So unless you do as a hobby you should not waste your time.

How to earn money with Slice the Pie?

First, you sign up and create a profile, then you chose from a list the clothing, the music genre you like to listen and more things they offer in order to review them. For example, they will give to review the song from the genres you choose. You can choose all the genres if you looking to increase your income.
The song will play for 90 seconds and after that, you will have to write your opinion in at least 60 words. After the review, they will ask you to rank the song on a 1 to 10 scale, Love or Hate.
You have to be serious and diverse with your reviews – they won’t let you write the same thing again. If you have a similar review they will warn you by telling “that review looks familiar! try writing something original!”.
You can write about the vocals, the beat, the lyrical, what you like or hate, the more details your reviews have, the higher ranking you’ll get.

You can earn somewhere between $0.03 and $0.20 per review.

So if you have rating 1 you will earn $0,03 per review so higher rankings bring more earnings per review.

Payment is made via PayPal when the earnings reach $ 10. When you request to cash out, you will need to wait around 5 days to get the money in your PayPal account because Slice The Pie will revise your review to make sure you`re not writing something inappropriate.

You can also earn 10% for all earnings of your referrals. So if your referrals have earned $200 you will receive $20.

What’s important to know is that it`s a time consuming so if you don`t like the task and you are not a music lover you shouldn`t try only for the money. Unless your time worth $1.50 / hour.

However, if you decide to earn money with Slice the Pie, here are some tips to help you earn more money online.
  1. Do not miss a song offered by Slice the Pie for listening and reviewing, even if you like or not the genre.
  2. Write your opinions about songs with responsibility.  Write around 100 words on a review. You will earn more if your reviews are relevant and written well. Your reviews must be constructive, polite and grammatically correct. Make sure your opinions are original and not repeating.
  3. Don`t accelerate the process of listening, let the song run for at least 60 seconds, then you can start writing your review.
  4. In Slice the Pie, you can even give advice to artists, it’s a way to win a higher rank, which opens up new gains.
  5. Be active and try to write reviews constantly it will help with your ranking.

It’s not a scam because they really pay if you write enough reviews. So sign-up and working in Slice The Pie doesn`t cost you anything. It gives you the opportunity to listen to new songs express your opinion about what you have listened. Additional you earn some cents online from song reviews.

Slice the Pie may not the best opportunity if you are looking for ways to make a full-time income online.

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Have you ever use Slice The Pie? Does Slice The Pie help you put more money in your pocket? Or you have any questions please leave it below. We will be more than happy to hear from you.

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  1. slice the pie banned me right before I was going to withdraw my earnings with no explanation. I listened and rated over 50 songs

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