Receipt Hog – How Much Is Truth And How Much Is Scam?

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The idea of spending money on shopping has got a new dimension with this Receipt Hog app. With this app, you scan your receipts and earn money back. Simply as that, under 1 minute you get money for another shopping session. Let`s buckle down on this app review.

Receipt Hog-Get paid by doing grocery shopping

Receipt Hog, created by ScoutIt, Inc, is a free app design to collect research information for companies interested in what customers buy. For this information about customer spending behavior and preferences are rewards.

Using this app, every time you buy something from a grocery shop keep the receipt scan it and you will receive money back. Normally only the grocery store receipts are required. But, lately, they also receive receipts from pharmacies, beauty supplies, pet & toy supplies, corner stores, bargain (dollar/pound shops), supercenters and discounts.

What makes this app popular, besides the money part, is the fun games – Hog Slots. You get spins every time you upload a bill.

Why is your receipt that important? The app sells the dates you send them to retails companies. These retailers use it to create their marketing strategies, like their sales promotion, discounted prices of products.

How can you make money with this app?

Receipt Hog app is free to download from Google Play or Apple Store in USA and United Kingdom. All the users with 18 old are permitted, however, there is an exception for teenagers who are at least 13 old. Their legal tutor must agree to Receipt Hog agreement on their behalf.

Using your smartphone download the app from the app store and create an account. After that, every time you do your groceries, take a picture of that receipt, uploaded and earn coins. The coins will convert to Amazon gift card or real cash depending on your wishes.

The uploaded receipts are kept in your account, and you may send either short or long. Every time you upload a receipt you get to play on the slot machine. You get to win coins or $100 in cash.

Besides gaining points from receipts and spins, you also receive short surveys, barcodes scans, and entries in the month’s receipt lottery, where the prize is 5000 coins.

How much do you need to buy if you want some money?

Normally, for every receipt, the app offers somewhere between 10 and 20 coins. It all depends on your sales’ receipt value. So, if you buy more, you get more coins, if you buy less then you are you’re down on your luck. If you refer a friend to Receipt Hog you get 10 spins and your friend 5. It`s like a referral system.

You may withdraw your money by PayPal when you reach $5 or buy vouchers with your coins. They pay in 7 days since you made a request.

Coin conversion rate is this:










Things you need to know:

  • If you are not active for 3 months, your account will be closed
  • The value of coins increases with their number; you will earn more cash if you convert a large number of coins
  • You may send a number of 20 receipts per week
  • Upload the receipt within 14 days and no more than 3 from the same store at the same date
  • Don’t think you will make money for living, you will not get rich using this app.

For a receipt worth less than $10 you get 5 coins, for $10 to $50 you receive 10 coins. And the rest as shown in the picture below.








Receipt Hog is definitely a legit app, it pays every time and in short time. People make some money buying something that ordinally does. Nonetheless is not a way to make steady money working from home.

Why is not this app for everyone?

Receipt Hog is an application design especially for those who already afford themselves to buy certain things quite often. It is not for those who want to round out their incomes, for those who want to pay their bills or who want to work from home.

Now, if you are looking to make a real income, supplementing your current wages or replacing it altogether, then we encourage you to look at our Wealthy Affiliate review. Basically, you will learn how to sell others stuff using Amazon or other programs and start making your own money online. So, you might want to take a look at it, especially because it is free to start and you have nothing to lose.

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