Qmee Review – Make Money Online Using A Browser Extension

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Everyone is looking for ways to make money online and those who give you the opportunity to earn while doing regular things are appreciated by many. Qmee is a web extension that promises to pay you for searching on your browser. Let’s find out the truth about this web company and if it`s worth in your browser!

Surely, we’re all looking for something on Google every day. But there is a way where you earn money by clicking on the ads displayed for your results.

Qmee is a company that pays you for every search click link since 2012. It is actually an extension that you install in your browser, it goes with Google, Yahoo and Bing. They also remunerate you every purchase on their recommended sites. And as well as taking part in their companies’ quiz. Like similar “jobs” this money is just small change, some cents nothing great, so not to sustain your life.
For a steady income, there are other ways, if you’re interested look at this platform review, Wealthy Affiliate. To make a passive income online you need to create a blog and a way to monetize it. Not only they let you build one for free but you`ll get tuition for free. Is worth check it out.

Name: Qmee
Website: www.qmee.com
Type: Searching Online
Price: FREE
Potential income: $0.5 ~$0.20/search
Countries: UK, Canada, USA, Australia
Recommended: ???

How to be rewarded for something you already do

Create an account and install the extension from their official website.Qmee-log-in

Then, whenever you search for something on Google, Bing, Yahoo, eBay, and Amazon, Qmee will bring forth a list of ads websites. Qmee will display in a column on the left side of the page the ads connected with your search. Also, every list search has attached a cash payment. They pay you for every click on those ad links. What’s different from other sites is that you transfer coins to your PayPal account or donate to social causes.
What you need to know is that these paid searches won’t come out always. This thing depends on companies that collaborate with Qmee. If you search something about flip-flop for example and no one has a contract with Qmee, you won`t get clicks to gain.

And there is no list of companies that pay Qmee to advertise them. You cannot cheat.

Qmee works with companies whose goal is to reach as many as consumers. Companies like Amazon, Netflix or just want a large exposure.
But that’s the trick!

Not just click on the ad link, because Qmee also tracks the time spent watching that product. If you just click the link and then close in seconds, you will not see ads s often.

If you think about it this is a possibility, maybe won`t get a passive income but some passive cents. And with time cents becomes dollar

Taking Surveys on Qmee

Increasing your earnings with this option isn`t a great feature because:

  1. Polls are paid pretty badly, usually around ~ $ 0.50 for 15-25 minutes of work.
  2. The chance to qualify for each survey is quite small. You may be disqualified if you are not part of the company group`s target. If the surveys targets women up to 30 years who go to movies at least once a week and you are a man, you will be disqualified.

How much money will it be in your Piggy Bank?

If you click on those links, your Piggy Bank will have somewhere between $0.5 and $0.20. Although they say they pay up to $1 per link, this is very uncommon.

You have no limit to withdrawals, so if you`re ok with $0,50 you can do it. Just connect your PayPal account with Qmee piggy bank and you are set. If you do not want cash, you have the alternative to opt for gift cards at Amazon, iTunes or Starbucks. For this method, you must have $5 in the piggy bank. And a plus for Qmee is that you may also donate the money for a social cause.

After using this extension in search couple of times, you will have access to Qmee’s referral program. You will get your own link from company to invite other people on social media. For each person, you will gain $1 commission on their first withdrawal.
Be aware that you might not make a dollar for a person simply because not everyone from your referrals will cash out.

Qmee is good to know the opportunity

The conclusion is that Qmee is a legit company, offering a service to companies interested in advertising. A part of the money is used to pay users who install the extension. It’s not a way to make money for bills and you cannot cheat to get more searches. Link ads will pop up naturally for people genuinely interested in it. So, it, not a good way to make money online, more to profit from something you do naturally.


There are many opportunities out there that promises you will make money online. If you want to find out more about those that are a waste of time or legitimate and worth to try read our section Legitimate Business Idea and Scam Alert.




What do you think about Qmee? Have you tried it?

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