Poshmark- A Legit Place For Making Money?

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Sometimes we are exaggerating with shopping, and we certainly buy things we do not necessarily need. But Poshmark promises to help us make money out of this: selling online old clothes that you do not need by using a phone, an app, and a social network. What’s the deal with this app and how can you make money with it? Let`s see!

What is Poshmark? Sell your old clothes online!

It’s an app, with similar functionality like Instagram, but allows the sale and purchase of clothes like eBay. With this app, you can add pictures of items you want to sell, and other users can share or comment, which can help in the sale process.

App Poshmark was created in 2011 and surprisingly not by a woman. Manish Chandra is the founder of this application with over 2 million sellers and several million buyers.

Poshmark charges a commission of nearly 20% of a sale, managing to attract mainly women who sell clothes and accessories to their friends on the app’ network social.

How to use Poshmark platform for earnings?

Poshmark is rather an online marketplace where users sell and buy clothing, using both app and website.
The process of selling a product is relatively simple. With a phone, download the app from either Google Play or Apple Store, create an account and start selling.

Take pictures with your phone, add descriptions, tags, and categories then put everything online. Other users may repost or comment. So, this will increase your sales chances. The friendly and social environment differentiates Poshmark from other apps.

In the sales process, products can then be tagged as pre-paid, ordered or delivered. in order not to create confusion. Basically, your account is like an “online” store, the pictures are represented by the clothes and the customers are your followers.

To sell quickly and a lot of stuff you need to have a large number of followers to your app profile.
When setting the price, the commission of 20% of the sales price charged for sales made via Poshmark must also be taken into account.

Things to Know:

  • You can add 4 photographers for an item
  • If you recommend a friend to sign up with your code, he gets $ 5 and you earn $ 5 on his first purchase.
  • Poshmark does not take responsibility for each buyer/seller

Fees charged by Poshmark

Any article sold at a price of less than $ 15 has a $ 2.95 fee. Anything that goes over $ 15 is subject to a 20% tax.
Delivery is simple, you do not need a shipping scale. Poshmark offers a USPS Priority (2 to 3 day) fixed-rate delivery label for $ 6.49.
As long as the total weight of the package does not exceed 5 lbs, multiple orders from a seller can be grouped for the same $ 6.49 fee.

 How do you get the money?

Once the item is sent and received, the buyer has 4 days to decide if is satisfied with the product. On the fourth day after delivery date, Poshmark will transfer the money to your account (the seller).
Withdrawal of money from the application account is pretty easy and fast. You have the option to either transfer it to your bank deposit (2-3 days) or by check (2 weeks).

Is Poshmark Legit?

The answer to this question is yes. It’s not a scam, everything is legal and transparent. He is quite well seen, appearing in publications such as The New York Times, Yahoo Style, Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America.
Besides having a lightweight interface, it is transparent and secure and the customer service is pretty good.

The transaction can be canceled by both buyers and sellers, and delivery can take 2-3. The delivery is paid by the buyer and if not received within 7 days it is canceled by the application.


Poshmark has become for many a way of earning money, even searching for products through second-hand stores, and selling them profitably through the app.
Plus, if you own a huge wardrobe, it’s not convenient to sell on Poshmark because of the 20% commission

But if you’re a fan of fashion and vintage clothes, why not make your own business? There are good internet stories that have created their own website to sell vintage clothes. It is easier than you think with the help of Shopify or Wealthy Affiliate platform. You don`t need technical knowledge, both platforms help you with building the website. If you read our post on  How to Build A Website In 1 Minute you know how easy it is. Shopify is suited when you already have your own products and just want an online store. Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for those who don`t have physical items but promotes certain things in exchange for commissions.

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