Pact Review- The App That Motivates You To Work-Out On Real Money!

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Did you eat too much lately and don`t know how to get rid of extra pounds? A mobile app gives you the best motivation to do sports: earn money.  What is Pact? Is a free app that helps you monitor physical activity, eat more vegetables, live a healthy life.  Practically, you make a pact with yourself for an amount of money to reach certain goals. The interesting part is that you can make money with the app while you’re doing your missions. Let`s see how things work and how much money can you make.

The Pact monitors your habit of going to the gym and asks you to put up a bid to make sure you’re exercising. If you fulfill your program you get rewards. If you “jump” over the scheduled sports hour, your money will go to those who are able to keep up with the sport. And vice-versa is also valid.

The GymPact application has changed its name to Pact and has a simple concept: you do sports – you get real money and laziness costs.

Pact relies on competitiveness, through the application, the user can “bet”, for example, that he will go to the gym a certain number of times. Later, the Pact checks by GPS if he actually went to the gym and spent there as long as he bet. If the target is reached, the user receives money.

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The idea is simple: work out and eat healthily, you earn money. You are lazy, you pay in cash!

It’s an application that, in addition to helping you lose weight, rewards you with money! Every time you reach your goal, the app transfers a certain amount of money to your account. As you already suspect, if you cannot keep up with it, the application takes money from your account. So, you have every reason to give your strength! For those lacking motivation, this app can be a good choice.pact-goals-bid

If you want to quit the Pact, the rules are pretty clear and you can choose whether the exit is temporary or permanent. To make an idea Pact has rules even if you need a medical break. Just register for a time off and you won’t be penalized.

How Pact Works

Pact app is free to download; however, you have to provide a credit card or PayPal account in order to bid and gain money.

What is an agreement? For example, you promise to train n times a week, walk every day or eat five portions of vegetables and record calories every day using MyFitnessPal. The app offers the option to participate in more than one pact. The pacts last a week, and a gym session lasts at least 30 minutes. Only a 30 minutes workout per day is counted.

How Pacts checks you? The application uses the GPS of your phone to verify the gym location. When you registered the pact, you provide the location of the gym or the place where you do the exercises. If you work out home Pact enters the motion tracking device on your phone to see if you move your body for at least 30 minutes. For example, if your training is swimming, is not worth it if you do not have a compatible water-resistant tracker that can record that activity for your phone, allowing you to track your movements while you’re in the pool.

Veggie Challenge
The same application can help you eat healthier. The same concept applies to a diet. What you have to do is to impose a target (to become vegetarian, or to take 3 healthy meals a day), and snap a photo of what you are eating. To keep up with your diet, you have to propose a small amount of money. If you succeed, you will multiply them at the end of the week, otherwise, you will be left without a part of them. Other users evaluate whether the picture is relevant or not. You’ll see plenty of apple pictures with one bite on Pact.

The list of compatible applications that you can measure your activity includes Runkeeper, Fitbit, Moves, Map My Fitness and UP by Jawbone.

Bet and Earnings

When you confirm your pact, you set a bet amount in case you fail. The amount is at least $5 a day if you don`t respect it. If you bet $5 and you miss 2 days, you will be charged $10. So, you will lose $10. When you reach $10  you can withdraw your money, although it may take a few weeks to get in possession of it.

How much you earn depends on the number of failures in that week. For example, if you maximize your exercise, you can get $2 a week (end up more pacts). Even if you realize your target, the earnings depend on the failure of others. Of course, the amount is not enormous, somewhere between $0.30 and $2 a week. It’s available for both iOS and Android.

How is money divided?

The Pact holds 40% of the failure, money and the remaining 60% is shared between those who have been able to perform the exercises.Pact-pros-cons

The app is a bit strange, it has the freedom to penalize you and reward you based on your motivation behavior. Why is she so used? Because the rules are open and concise, you know exactly for what you have been charged or paid.

App Pact is not appropriate for everyone, you can’t use it as a way to make money online. Because you will lose more than you earn. You lose $5 per pact but you earn a few cents.

It’s an application that fits more to those who work-out daily or are gym addict.

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Also, have you tried any Pact app? Or other money maker app?

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