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The tutoring sessions also moved on the Internet. Homeworks or hard math problems can be now solved by an online tutor.
If you are a teacher or a specialist in a particular field, you can offer online tutoring. Whereas parents have a program too busy to take care of children’s education these tutoring platform come in their help. So more and more are using this kind of tutors to help students understand certain topics or problems they face at school.

Whether you have extraordinary knowledge of mathematics, art, science, foreign languages or any other subject, there are many websites where it is possible to earn some extra money working from home.

On these best online tutoring companies to work for, parents find meditators for their children and close thousands of online transactions a week.

Working from home as an online tutor may what you`ve looked for.

If you have the skills to help others improve their grades or elevate their education, you`re skilled at a certain discipline, online tutor job gives you the freedom to make money from home.

Help learners learn while setting their own hours and rates, giving you the freedom to do what you enjoy and be your own boss.

With many advantages like setting your own hours, freedom to do what you like, these websites in some cases do not require a bachelor degree. Also the audience you have access to and the customer base is much bigger for these online tutoring platforms.

Who is this online tutor job for?

If you are still a teacher and want to increase your income or are a retired teacher and just wish to continue what you like working from home you have the aptitude to do it now.

Tutor online for money is also suitable for college students looking for a way to pay for their tuition fees or to earn money during college. As long as you are a student who has excelled in high school on certain subjects, you can apply for some of these dedicated tutoring platforms.

Are you a stay home parent, who needs to earn some money? You’ve probably got the experience of doing homework with your own children and you have got skilled at some subjects, it’s a possibility to make money from the comfort of your home.

How to do online tutoring?

Most virtual classroom sessions help students communicate online via Skype or webcam. These sessions take place in one to one session, so the student can get all the attention from the teacher.

Although there are dozens of areas where tutors are needed, Math, English, Social Studies and science are among the most request.

Every online tutoring company has its own standards and requirements when it comes to hiring tutors. They may require experience when you apply, or a certificate awarded by an educational establishment, or just request tutors passing a test.


There is no point in exemplifying that any experience in teaching or relevant qualification will bring extra benefits for you as an online tutor.

Tutor online for …how much money?

The money you earn depends on many factors, like experience, degrees, the specialty, the company where you apply, and the students you tutoring. A tutoring session with a college student costs more than a junior high school student. Domains like physics and chemistry will bring you more money into your account.

The average work hour for an online tutor is somewhere between $20 and $25/hour, minus the fees that companies take off.

Without too many add-ons, these are the top 5 tutoring websites where you could make money working from home.


TutorVista hire tutors who can manage tutoring children from Kindergarten to the undergraduate level. Tutors need to have a high speed Internet access, a good processor, microphone and speakers and a digital Pen and Pad.


Credentials: Master’s degree plus experience

Session length: 45minutes

Average pay: $8-$32/hour

Online tutors are paid to work with students one by one in an online class. You can apply here  with a CV and a cover letter. While TutorVista currently is looking for online tutors for positions like English, Statistics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, it accepts other areas as well. With the mention that they will contact you when a position is available.

They are also interested in tutors who do not have teaching experience but have exceptional academic results. In addition, all tutors need to work at least 4 hours a day on a set schedule and 9 hours for a full-time program.

2.      Chegg

Chegg is an online tutoring website that put together students from Middle and High School, College and Professionals with tutors. You can apply here.


The way a tutor works is that when he connects becames available to tutor someone, Chegg will send students who need help in his area. Chegg have a flexible schedule, you do not have to work a certain number of hours, but you need to have a minimal college experience.

Chegg pay each week via PayPal and the hourly rate is $20.


3. are looking for online tutors who are professors, teachers, Ph.D. students, industry professionals and adjuncts. Also, the tutors have the responsibility to work 5 hour each week.

After you submit your application you`ll need to pass an exam and only after that, you`ll get your payment rate.


4.      Eduboard

Eduboard  is a brand-new tutoring websites that offers services on homework help and test preparation to students of all ages.  They are interested in hiring online tutors who are in their senior year of college or have already a degree accredited in USA or Canada. Online tutors who work on this platform set their own pay rate but Eduboard takes 20% commission.

5.     Aim-for-A Tutoring

Aim-for-A Tutoring is a company that offers online tutoring to students all around the world. The company accepts worldwide applications. And tutors who wish to apply for need teaching experience and a college degree in the chosen subject. Although the schedule has flexible hours it still needs to match with students from Australia, North America, and Europe.

Level: Elementary school to college.

Online Tutoring Subjects: Among others there are science, Math, TOEFL, English, AP classes, test prep (GED, PSAT, SAT, GRE, GMAT), and more

The average pay: $10-15 per hour.

6.      Create your own online business tutoring

If you have communication skills, patience, and passion to teach why not start your own online business and build your own website?

You can offer online services without agency fees, no boss or fixed hours. If you have enough experience, accreditations and work a time in a tutoring company then it is possible.

You do not have to choose what is already on the online market – BE CREATIVE. Try a niche where you prepare students for college, or tutor English as the second language for kindergarten children.  The options are unlimited and depend only on your skills.

Plus that with a site you can win from many parts, not just from the services you offer. Wages from blog ads, from affiliates products. With motivation and persistence, you can earn a $ 10,000 monthly income with the niche online tutors. This Wealthy Affiliate review will help you. Even if you`re a newbie who wants to start an online business it can help you.


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