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Have you ever think of becoming an online moderator? Make money working from home, deleting blog comments, managing comments in live chats or share and pins things online? Then these 5 websites pay you to work remote as an online moderator.

Due to this massive increase in social networking, companies have oriented their marketing strategy. Thus, classical advertising channels have been dropped, and promotion is now mostly on the Internet.

There have been 8 years in which new platforms (Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google Plus) and new concepts in interactive marketing (Programming buying, Marketing automation, Real-time bidding, Conversion rate optimization etc) have come out.

Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, and Youtube are now the main sources of information. That is why the supply of jobs in this field has increased in the recent years.

First, let`s see what an online moderator is?

The person who applies for a social online moderator’s job needs to have a good understanding of how social networks work: Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram and other popular platforms. You need to have multitasking and computer skills, a sociable personality along with patience and good writing skills.

He generally works for a client’s social media accounts, whether it’s a forum, an Instagram page, or a blog.  So will moderating social account, will answer or delete questions, will manage blog` pages to ensure that everyone follows the rules. May be responsible for increasing the number of followers on a social media page.

The job involves moderating the relationship between a client and his customers online.

Online moderators are also responsible for removing spam or approving messages sent to your social media account. Online moderators are those who notify users who break the site rules and delete improper content.

There are a few social media management companies that offer full-time or part-time jobs for professional online moderators. If you do not want a part-time job, many of them have work from home jobs with a few hours schedule.


1.      Mod Squad


Online moderators are hired as independent contractors with flexible schedules. Modsquad is a widely known company with a large number of clients. Applications are open all the time, even if there are no projects available once you submit it remains in their system.

They notify via email when jobs show up. Those who want to be online moderators will see project requirements and payments before accepting it. All online moderators within ModSquad sign a confidentiality agreement. However, for online moderator work, the rate is $ 8- $ 9 through PayPal.


2.      Live World

LiveWorld offers also benefits including flexible hours, health insurance (medical, dental and vision), and free time. To apply for a project you may need to have a bachelor degree, experience in social media engagement and other requirement depending on the project.

live world online moderators

There are also starting out jobs, for online moderator without experience. The application is not always open. It also engages non-US online moderators who are 18 or older. A social media moderator will earn approximately $8-$10 per hour.


3.      The Social Element

The Social Element is a social media agency with community and social media management services founded in London, England. They hire worldwide people as freelancers, part time, full time or temporary position.


Their clients are one of the worlds’ biggest brands including, Toyota, The Oprah Winfrey Network, Oreo, Gatwick Airport. They accept resume all the time, so even you can find a job right way, you can submit your resume and covering letter. The average hourly pay is $13-$16.


4.      Crisp Thinking

They have an open application for an online moderator freelancer position with the job to protect the social media account reputation. Crisp Thinking is responsible for monitoring 24/7 customer social media accounts, focusing on brand protection and data protection, with experts in linguistics, regulation, and law, and moderation.

crisp thinking

They don’t require previous experience but they require an excellent background in online culture, knowledge in acronyms and popular slang over the Internet. Online moderators expect to win somewhere from $13 – $16 per hour. They also hire Social Media Risk Analysts from all over the world to work from home. Here`s where you can apply.


ICUC looks for online moderators (content specialists) with experience who can manage to work from home social media accounts for companies. They have clients like Disney, Starbucks. Moderators must speak fluent English and one of the following languages: Dutch, Polish, German, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and French.

icu social

ICUC hires internationally and is open to any other language. Your salary will depend on the position you apply and the work and hours you have to do. Payment methods and hourly rate are set during the interview.


Online Moderators – To be or not to be

If you spend most of your time on social networks accounts and you feel you can handle diplomatic delicate situations, then choosing to be an online moderator might be right for you. You have the advantage of working from home, as a freelancer or part-time.  Meanwhile gaining experience can help you have a full-time remote job with only one client without intermediary agents.

If you are not interested in Instagram or Facebook there are others ways to work from home and make money, so don`t forget to check Legitimate Online Business and this Wealthy Affiliate review.  You`ll learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing on a blog, Pinterest, Facebook or on others channels.





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