NeoBux Review – Is NeoBux A Legit Company?

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Are you looking to see if NeoBux is a scam? Or if it still pays to its users? This review is for all these beginners in the online business who are not well informed about the legit ways by which they can make money online. This will help you make a wise decision.

If you already see yourself paying your bills overnight from the earnings of this website, we say stop you from reading so you do not waste your time.

Although this site pays, has resisted over time (have made payment more than a year) NeoBux is not a Company that we recommend. You will not make enough money that will compensate for your time or pay your electricity bill.

Read this post and see why we don`t suggest any other PTC website.

 What is NeoBux?

Neobux supposedly is a paid-to-click website where you can make money without effort by only clicking and viewing ads. Advertisers pay them to show their advertisements, so they can make known their products, in order to promote and increase their business. So, whenever you click on one of these ads, Neobux instantly pays you a part of their profit.

NeoBux is the first PTC website, which introduced the instant payment system and the rental system for referrals. Thereby has a well-known history, have been online since March 25, 2008, owned by NeoDev.Lda., a company located in Portugal. Although NeoBux website appears to be based in Canada, the country`s owner (address, phone no.) is in Portugal, and you should review this information carefully and decide if it is a high risk for you.

When you enter their website page you will see they offer you a way from which you can receive easy money only by looking advertisements from your comfort zone.  What they do not tell you is that you will earn only a few pennies for all day of looking those ads, and if you are pleased with that then go for it.

How does NeoBux work?

To sign in to NeoBux is free and for every click, you will get paid between $0.001 and $0.1 as a standard member for 10-12 seconds of viewing an ad. To get $5, you must click on 5000 ads. If you do a little math you will see that for:

  • 5 clicks per minute = $0.005 per minute
  • 300 ads / hour = $0.3 / hour

To take home your earnings from this program, you need a payment processor. You can choose Payza and Liberty Reserve. When you gather $2, you can request the payment.

They have other option to upgrade your NeoBux account, for example, to get a Gold Membership, you have to pay $90, so in order to gain a little bit more money, you need to pay them. Sound fair to you? And $90 is the minimum you have to pay for upgrade:


That’s why all the companies that you have to pay them to do a job are just SCAM.

Because you earn so little of click on ads, Neobux offers a referrals program to increase your earnings and gain from your work. If you choose to hire a referral you have to pay 30 cents and you can rent a minimum number of 3 referrals. Referrals came in form of packages of 3, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 70 and 100.

What this means is that you can automatically rent affiliates or you can convince other people to join their program. These referrals are under your name so you can earn more from their earnings as well.  Their system is tricky, like a Ponzi scheme, design to trick you, so you cannot have money to cash-out. If you invest in rented referrals you are on your own.

There are rumors on Google that admins can control the referrals so you are not going to get a profit from renting them. There are many who complains that their referrals activity dropped after one month or that referrals become inactive after a few days.

If a referral does not give a good efficacy you can replace it with another, what Neobux is calling “recycle”. When you recycle a rental referral, you have to pay $0.07 or 92 Neopoints. Renewal is the option that allows you to extend the period for which a rented referral works for you. And also, for this option, you need to pay.

If you leave comments about inactive referrals or payment issues in their forum, they can ban you or even suspend your account. So be careful before writing something in the Neobux forum because they are sensitive and they mentioned that on their website page. If they think you are a hacker or “ugly”, they can block you and you will lose all the money on your account.

Although NeoBux pays you, you will never be able to raise a sum of money that will be worth it.

Think about how much time you will spend on their site to earn $10, precisely 36 hours of advertisements.

If you really want to obtain money online you will have to work hard, because an amount of considerable money is achieved through hard work. If you are looking for something more, like a steady income, there are alternative ways of obtaining it. You can read our review about Wealthy Affiliate, will help you achieve real earnings online. See for yourself if is what you need to change your life.

Have you been scammed by NeoBux? Feel free to comment and share your experience with others.


2 thoughts on “NeoBux Review – Is NeoBux A Legit Company?”

  1. Neobux is waste of time and money. Do not get tricked! The referal averages are so low you can never earn real money. Absolute scam! I believed this is a good way to earn money and invested from my own pocket.

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