MTurk – A Place Of Making Real Money Or Just A Scam?

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Everyone knows Amazon and you probably know it’s the world’s largest online retailer. But Amazon also has a money-making program, MTurk, that doesn`t involve drop shipping and affiliate marketing. All you need to do is small tasks.

There is a new trend in the online market to earn extra cash – micro jobs. These are projects that do not take much time and which guarantee you a secure income. This means someone needs to provide paid services by someone else, which is not necessarily a company. Micro jobs are also attractive because you can provide services to multiple customers at the same time without quitting your workplace.

Skills needed for micro jobs online

To get yourself a micro-job, just need to have access to the Internet and to work well with a computer.

MTurk tasks include among others, to copy/paste a document, check or translate a text, find a city in a document. Some tasks involve passing a test, like when you translate a text from Italian to English.

How does Amazon MTurk work?

The business is as follows: The hiring company/person is a Requester and needs work, like audio content transcription, surveys, and Worker is the one who can do that work in return for money online.

In this case, we are Workers and, in this article, we will be talking from this perspective.


Once accepted you must have activity in the first 10 days and avoid making mistakes. Tasks are called Hit (Human Intelligent Task) and you have to do a task a day. The higher the score, the more money online you earn more on the hits available to you.

To work for Amazon Mturk, you must create a worker account and configure it with real data. Otherwise, you will encounter problems with payments. Once created, you must expect the confirmation that you can start working on the platform as a worker. Usually, it can be up to a week before receiving their e-mail.

As a beginner, you’ll be qualified only for a job paid with cents. You may also find $4 paid survey, which you will be able to finish in five minutes.

The money you earn can be withdrawn whether to your bank account or Amazon account. If you choose Amazon account you may use it for shopping on their platform. You have also the option of receiving home as a voucher. The voucher is eligible 30 days.

If you choose by bank transfer then funds must be directed through Amazon payment to your bank.

To transfer money to your personal bank account, you must provide a social security number.

Only workers from America can receive money in a bank account.

A non-US worker can only transfer them to the Amazon account. $1 is enough to withdraw from MTURK account.

The advantage of this platform is that you can choose your own schedule of work and the flexibility of time, available 24/24. The tasks can be done by anyone in 10 minutes, during lunch, can be made by students in a break. Most tasks are easy and not involve much knowledge.

How much money can you make MTurk?

It depends on tasks you choose to do. If you choose slight tasks, like typing a text from the images, you will earn $0.01. Choosing Amazon hits as transcribe audio will put in your account up to $63.27.

Realistic speaking, we would say working from home on Amazon, expect $5-10 per hour for most HITs.

All tasks come with a deadline. You will not be paid if you do not finish within the requested interval.  Also, you cannot pause on tasks.

Amazon Mturk will not pay you a full-time income, but he pays for your Amazon purchases. And as Amazon is a huge platform you will definitely find something to buy. If you’re a recent parent, this platform can fit you tight, there’s a lot of stuff to buy diapers, baby bottles, etc. Actually, the platform suits everyone, we all need things. With Amazon MTURk you can do small jobs to acquisition them.

Mturk has an add-on button, Turk Alert, which alerts you when new HITs are posted.

Amazon is not responsible for the requester’s integrity, so to protect yourself from scam you have to read the ROI properly. You can end a hit and not get paid.

Avoid micro-jobs involving: providing bank details, those that require you to download something, those that ask for your postal code. Just like Internet scammers that promise big wages overnight, do not accept deals that pay for 2 minutes work $10.

It can be a homey way to earn money in your spare time, working on a variety of results. Although sometimes you may only earn a few cents. These cents can turn into a considerable amount at a certain point. Those who are good in transcriptions earn good money shortly.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is legitimate, you will be able to earn money working from home, although you will not earn a full-time income. If you are looking for the flexibility of working from home with a full-time income, Wealthy Affiliate may help. With their based training program and community always helpful, you can achieve recurring revenue. In our Wealthy Affiliate review, you have all the details about this program and the benefits you receive.

What are the Mturk pros?

  • Work from home in the desired time with a flexible schedule
  • Extensions available to stay tuned with new hit available
  • Fast earnings online that you use for personal shopping
  • Most tasks do not include a high level of knowledge and can be done by anyone with an Internet connection

The Flaws

  • The request for admittance may take up to 1 week, and after that, exist the possibility not be accepted
  • Small payment for beginners
  • Limited hits – often workers are hurrying to accept jobs. the requester doesn`t need many workers to conduct surveys, so you have to take quickly the job before someone else
  • Mturk does not guarantee for all requesters enrolled in the platform.
  • Only American citizens are suitable for obtaining online earnings in cash.

The MTurk program is worth it because there are hundreds of HITs available to choose and you work on your own program. It is legitimate, it pays every time whatever the way you choose. Many people have made a fairly decent amount of work on the Mturk platform. You certainly have nothing to lose trying.

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  1. Its okay if you need a few extra dollars for groceries but few people make enough to even make min wage at this job. I would not recommend anyone to work here unless you are good at transcriptions.

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