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Writing is an art, even when you write for money – Part 2

Are you wonder if you can sit comfortably on the couch or the beach? Or anywhere you find inspiration and write what you love. And get paid for it? Or  you want to take a sabbatical from work and travel around the world? No idea how to sustain yourself? Write! Being paid for what you write, have your creativity recognized is the dream of many, especially bloggers. If you want to write a blog and you have no clue where or with who to start, Wealthy Affiliate may help you do it. You benefit from free training and have the chance to build 2 free blogs.

Whatever you want to do, these 10 magazines pay you money to write articles.

1. One Story

If you like creative writing, then the One Story literary magazine pays you to write short stories. The material should not be published elsewhere, and they expect submissions between January-May and September-November. Fiction is searched and if you have written a good story, you`ll make up to $500 for a 3000 and 8000 words story.

2. Chicago Parent Magazine

The parenting magazines have gained more and more space in the online world so no wonder that many of them pay nice money for written articles. One of the parenting magazines they pay is Chicago Parent Magazine and the topics you can address are diverse: education, training, job, family etc. For an article of about 400 words, you gain nearly $25- $50/article, essays worth $50- $100. http://www.chicagoparent.com/write-for-us)

3. GoNoma

And those who get used to writing travel articles have options. For example, GoNomad pays for write article for them, on the assumption that they are relevant. Your articles should be between 800 and 2000 words, with both quality content and photos about different travel destinations. They don`t say no to mini travel guides or stories to the first person from trips. GoNomad pay $25 for each article published via PayPal or check. The magazine provides a very detailed guide for those who want to write articles for money.

4. EatingWell

Health and fitness magazines have gained a considerable popularity, so if you are passionate about this field, don`t hesitate to write for money. EatingWell provides financial rewards for healthy culinary recipes and all that involves adopting a healthy lifestyle, health and/or food reporting. Take a look at their site to see the kind of items they want before contacting them for paid articles. They pay $1/word, and the articles are between 150 and 350 words.

5. Early American Life

This magazine pays $500 for each article they accept. The articles should be written in the form of a story about America’s history, about aspect related to furniture, cooking recipes, interior decor, and culture. They do not request entire exclusivity on the article. Merely 6 months, after 6 months you gain your rights to sell the story in another place. They demand an article have 750-2500 words in order to accept. And although you must have good knowledge on American history, they aren`t looking for an academic writing style. Sooner, Early American Life, accept writers with easy to read and understand articles, who use little bit humour in their text.

6. Catholic Digest: Faith & Family Living

Although they no longer receive submissions from writers with zero experience, they accept writers who have also published in other magazines. Send an email with drafts or a list where you published your articles. And if they are excited about your work they will respond to collaborate with you. They are interested in articles related to religion and spirituality, marriages, parenting, relationships, work all from a Catholic view. For 1500 words, they pay $500.

7. The Sun

Why not write for The Sun. (https://www.thesunmagazine.org/submit). Payments are great, they accept fiction, non-fiction, essay, poetry, black-white photos, and interviews. They do not have a standard related to the length of the article. They publish all that stand out, no more than 7,000 words for articles. Interview articles should have between 6,000 and 15,000 words. The Sun is interested in black-white photographs who capture human connections.

Now the catchy side:

  • $300 and $2000 for fiction and non-fiction,
  • $100 and $200 for poetry
  • $1000 and $2000 for interviews
  • $100- $200 indoor photos
  •  $500 cover photos
  • $500 and $1000 essay photos



It is a parenting magazine related to creative activities and tips especially for children aged 3 and 12. If you are a freelancer who has experience in parenting, you are inventive and playful you can earn nice money from writing articles for this magazine. The articles posted in the journal aim to address a direct and engaging writing style. More emphasis is placed on its content and uniqueness.

For feature articles with a length of 800 – 3000 words they pay $1.25/word. For an article (included in Idea of the Month) on 600 words that describe an innovative solution to a common problem, they pay $700. It can be for example games where children learn to do small household chores. For clever ideas to solve problems that are common among families pay up to $100 for 50-200 words. Also, they accept photography with a short description, 50-200/words, on which they pay $100. More schedule payments and category you may find in their guide here.


9. Blasting News

If you have good writing, you`ll earn up to $150 on this international social news platform. You choose the issues and the content must be original and unique. Your earnings are consistent with the visits received on your article, from nothing to $150. There is also a blaster guide that needs to be read before you submit a work. Also, a Facebook page where you can chat with other users. To make an idea about the payments, 1000 visits worth $1-1.5. This platform is a serious one and those who write already confirm the transparency of payments and visitors. The Blasting News is open to discussion and is in touch with blasters. Although there is no certainty that you will be earning money, it will be a strength in your CV the fact that you wrote for an international magazine.

10. Glimmer Train

Glimmer Train is a magazine who publishes short stories. All that include original stories, not poetry or children’s tales. If you are a writer and looking for a starting place, Glimmer Train is where you earn money and notoriety. The lowest payout is $700 for shorts of less than 12,000 in the standard category. And it reaches up to $3,000 for winners of first-class contests.

The magazine charges $2 fee for submitting a story, with the opportunity to cancel it if you don`t afford it.

The open period for submission varies from each contest, as you can see in the picture below. Glimmer Train also owns publishing rights for each print story.



These magazines are a possibility for making money online and offer also a way to become known online as writers. You may check also these 10 websites where you get paid to write. So, good luck and if you know other magazines that pay for articles, leave them in the comments section.

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