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ModSquad work from home


ModSquad is a digital company that deals with buzzing in social media, moderating forums, managing communities and chatting with customers for other business.

Social Media is one of the areas of activity that lately has grown massively. That is why more and more companies and multinationals are looking for specialized people to promote their products on social networks .

This is where ModSquad steps into the game. They need people around the world who can work remotely in their projects. Depending on the projects, they hire people to work from home full time, part-time, as a freelancer or even for micro-tasks.

ModSquad is a customer support, moderation and social media management company founded in 2007, USA with over 10,000 moderators who work for clients like Warner Bros, Harper Collins and A&E.

Name: ModSquad
Price: Free
Available: Worldwide, +18 years old
Potential money: $8- $11/hour
Legit: they pay

To earn money working from home as an online moderator for this company, you have to love the social networking world and spend a lot of time buzzing and chatting on forum sites.
Also, communication skills, high internet connection and the ability to support clients online and by phone are essential.

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What a Mod have to do? Share, Pin, Post, Tweet, and Snap

More or less working for ModSquad involves working on client`s forum, blog, or social media accounts. For instance, you can be responsible for answering customer questions, approving or deleting questions or comments. As well as assuring that the members respect the rules of the client` site enter in an online moderator job.

Depending on the qualifications and the program you choose, part-time or full-time, your work involves:

  • Chatting live via social media, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, or company website helpdesk
  • Moderate customer forum
  • Sends emails on client` behalf
  • Work on their social media accounts, post on Facebook, interact with followers, share, like and create content.

To work from home as an online moderator, you need a computer and a good internet connection.

ModSquad offers the chance to work as an independent contractor. Freelancers can choose their own projects and schedule. If the work from home life does not suit you, on “Careers ” page they post jobs for different companies.

Not all projects include calls, chatting and customer support; an online moderator job may be to grow their clients’ online community or to advertise their company on different social networks.

What are pros for social moderators is that once ModSquad accepts the demand, they select in what projects to work and when to work.

How can you become Mods?

On their home page  fill out the personal data form and upload your resume. ModSquad will review it and will send the confirmation within 72 hours. And that’s all.
When a new project appears and matches your skills, ModSquad will send you a job offer.

If there is no available project, it may take months to get something to work from ModSquad.

Even if it’s not a constant remote job, MoSquad keeps the application of every freelancer. When projects pop out they will contact you.

Each project is different, both as requirements and as payment. So before accepting a project, ModSquad sends the requirements, the necessary equipment, and the payment rate.

ModSquad pays different

As we mentioned before, ModSquad pays according to the project. The online moderator who works for ModSquad signs a confidentiality agreement, including details of the amount he gains. However on the Internet, there are many online reports that show an average hourly base salary between $8 and $11. They pay via PayPal every month on the 15th.

Does ModSquad worth?

ModSquad is a legitimate company that pays in time and is a way to supplement your income. Although it is not a stable source of income and the payment is not so great, it is a work from home job with a flexible schedule set by everyone.

So if you have social and communication skills ModSquad is an alternative for some extra money. This company has job applications as a moderator online open all the time.

Before applying, you must know that projects can be ended for any reason at any stage of the project.



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