Is Megatypers A Scam?

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Megatypers A Scam?

Are you wondering what MegaTypers is? If it’s worth your time or is it being considered a viable option to make money online? Then this MegaTypers review is the answer to your questions. So, what is MegaTypers? It’s a captcha website that pays you for each correct captcha code you type. They claimed you can make $200 a month just by typing word images. Let’s dig into this review and see what is if it is a scam or an opportunity to make money from home.

About captcha codes and how to make money online from home we have also written on this 2Captcha review. Feel free to check the other companies from our Legitimate Online Business as well.

MegaTypers is a company founded in 2012 which offers services like image recognition in a text, voice-to-text transcription and helping visually impaired individuals with the Internet challenges. They hire people who are at least 18 years old and from all around the world.

MegaTypers company`s name can lead many to mislead. Because when you hear first time about MegaTypers you are tempted to believe that it’s a website where you earn money by writing articles for customers. But it’s not anything like that. It’s a website where you can solve captured images.

Name: Megatypers
Price: Free
Availability: Worldwide
Pay: “a piffling amount
Recommended: No

What you need to know before we start with our MegaTypers review:

  • It`s not a job, more a game or something you could do when you are bored. It’s not easy to gain some cash; the average is $0.45 TyperCredits = 1000 captcha correct
  • The minimum amount to withdraw through PayPal is $3. The money is automatically assigned to your PayPal account every month when you have the minimum amount of $3. You also have the option to transfer your funds to Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Web Money, Western Union, LiteCoins.
  • For each image, you have a 15 second limit time. Try to fit into it. And try to make as few mistakes as they count and give you the precision rate. If it drops below a certain threshold, you are no longer eligible to resolve images.
  • On the statistics page, you will find a time schedule with the time when MegaTypers pays more
  • You will receive 10% of the winnings of those you refer. You will earn this money once you have convinced a minimum of 5 friends to sign up and they will receive their first payout!

How or why to sign up for MegaTypers?

The problem is not if the “job” is simple or not, but the money that comes with it. You can apply on their main page “”, fill up the form and all you have to do is to write what you see on an image.

They require a computer, an internet connection and the capacity to typewrite 10 words per minute.

Once you receive an image you need to type what you see in 15 seconds. Then just click submit or enter. And that the work. You have the option to submit and pause if you want to call off the day. What is a usual thing among Captcha websites is that MegaTypers can ban your account for good. This only if you fail to type correctly the images in those 15 seconds too many times.

Although they offer the possibility to click the “Don’t know” button in case an image is hard to read. MegaTypers can ban your account even if you click that button frequently.

Lots of work for a tiny pay

On the MegaTypers` main page it said that their top typers earn somewhere $100-$200 a month. Not a chance! And we`ll discuss that!

First, keep in mind that MegaTypers have a strict line and could ban your account definitively for no reason or you do often mistake like 15 seconds on a captcha, too many clicks on the “Don`t know” button, constantly errors and close typing more than 10 times a day

You need to type 1000 text images for almost $0, 45 -$1

To get 1 dollar you need a couple of hours a day spending on typing captchas

It may seem simple but it’s the case here. Work is very exhausting! Spending a few hours a day (somewhere between 4 hours and 6 hours) just to win $1 is not worth it. There are other ways to make money at a better rate.

MegaTypers referrals program

Their sign up system is based on invitations. To sign up you need an invitation code from a member. That code also contains the “affiliate track” or “referral code”. The code owner gets 10% of your earnings when you withdraw. So if you withdraw $10 he will make $1. That applies to you if you choose to go for their referral system.

We do not recommend this way of making money for the reasons outlined above. But if you want, with a single search on Google, you’ll find hundreds of codes.

MegaTypers Red Flags:

  • They don`t have Terms and Conditions nor Privacy Policy
  • MegaTypers doesn`t have an SSL certificate to their site
  • There is not a single detail on the company, regarding on what they do, who they are and where is the line with too many errors, no nothing.
  • On some payment type, they have a huge threshold for what they pay $100 in case of Western Union

Bottom Line on MegaTypers

Is it a scam or a legit job offer? It’s like we said about the name earlier, the answer is quite deceitful. Because MegaTypers pays so little that it will take you forever to withdraw. And that’s when MegaTypers does not give you definitely ban or you don`t get bored or tired.

Let’s say it’s better not to sign up and lose your time with MegaTypers.

There are other platforms where you can make the minimum wage. Invest your time in what you like and what makes you the money you need for your comfort. You can sell personalized shirts, write articles, or teach a foreigner your language. There are so many ideas and opportunities and all you have to do is discover the legitimate ones that fit you. It is even possible to make a living only from the commissions earned from marketing affiliate. You just need to know how to do it and where to start from. Feel free to read Wealthy Affiliate review to find out more. You do not need extra training or marketing knowledge.

Hopefully the above is useful to you and if you have further questions we`ll be happy to answer it.




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