Marketagent – A Legit Survey Website?

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Are you looking for ways to make an extra income in front of your computer? One of the methods would be, involves participating in different paid online surveys. In this review will show if it is a scam or a legit program. Also, it is an opportunity to find out how much money they pay per survey.

Do not expect to be enriched by this, own a mansion with a pool or attract the attention of the government officials! The winnings are pocket-money.

If you do not want to waste your little time online, answer questions in return for a small payment is a good idea.

What is Marketagent? is a web company that rewards involvement in polls/surveys with bonus points. The reward for the effort varies depending on the type and length of the survey.

This company has been online for nearly 5 years and is known as a legitimate one. gave it 4.4 out of 5, has 209 positive reviews.

Marketagent Brief:

Sign In: FREE; receive 150 points (€1.5) for creating an account.
Reward: From 10 to 250 points/Survey
Referral Program: Yes
Minimum Payout: 200 points (€2 ~ $2.4)
Legit: YES
Available: Canada, Australia, USA and selected European countries, 14+ age


 Making money with Marketagent

After completing the personal data form, you will receive a mail with the confirmation link. To activate your account, click on that link.

On this platform, you can earn money only by participating surveys or by referring to others.

What makes Marketagent different from others similar website is the payment. To be more precise all the workers, receive the same payments. So, there are no criteria related to preferred countries.

Pay attention when complete your personal data, be free-handed. Owing to the fact that each company chooses a certain profile. For example, if you are not a smoker, you will not get a smoker study.

Marketagent offers 150 bonus points as a sign in bonus.

Each study is worth between 10 and 250 points. You receive the bonus points to your account soon after the end of the study. The conversion into money can be made only after reaching a minimum of 200 bonus points.

The most practical payment system – PayPal

Points can be converted into money. When you have at least 2 euro, you can withdraw to your bank account. However, the easiest and fastest way is through PayPal. What you need to know is that nowadays it’s important to have a PayPal account. More and more homework online platforms use this payment method.

Money enters in your PayPal account, and the commission is just 2%. If the wages are bigger than 15 euros, this commission also fades away.

Marketagent also has the opportunity to donate the money, at no charge, to a nonprofit organization. You can do charity during your loose time and donate the earnings obtained from the studies.

The negative side is that they don`t send more often invitations to the surveys. This is typical for all the online surveys platforms.  You get surveys if you fit into the target group of research. You have to be aware that this is not a way to earn money constantly, but rather it’s like a bonus in your spare time. You may receive 1 survey per year or 10 in a month.

The positive side, the sum of the points allocated for a study is adequate. When you exit a poll, you will receive 10 points for your effort. Each time you accumulate 200 points in your account, you are able to cash out $2.35. The con is that you need to accumulate 1500 points to receive the money free of charge.

Referral Program

You increase your earnings by recruiting third parties. The recommended person should mention you as a reference and participate actively in at least one survey at The Marketagent account also comes with banners and affiliate links that you can promote. It gives you the chance not to limit yourself to friends but to have a larger online exposure. You can promote them on social media if you do not own a blog.

Once the referral is registered and finished a survey you will earn 200 points (2 euro). This bonus is unique, only one time per person. For each person recommended you will receive 200 points (2 euro). Let`s say 100 friends will sign and complete the job, then in your account will have 200 euro.


In conclusion, we will advise you to be careful with your time. If you find it worthwhile to spend a few minutes of the day for the surveys, then you can do that.

It depends on you and your time. If you think you are not winning enough, then these studies are not for you. What we suggest is a program, Wealthy Affiliate, that will teach to conquer the money online industry. You invest in your knowledge to start gaining a really good passive income. Also, you get training, aid, tutorials, tools all you need to start your business in one place. If you want more information here is our review, Wealthy Affiliate- The Guarantee of Your Succes.

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