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Many of you have heard how Twitch, video games and making money online are related, and if you have not heard, this is your chance to discover. There are already streamers that do with a full-time income, without having a second job. But offers Twitch for all a way to make money online? If you are interested more in this “business” read on. If you are not interested in gaming at the end of the post you will find another suggestion that can help you earn money doing what you like.

When streaming becomes a full-time job with high incomes

Twitch is a platform launched in 2011 and has since grown in popularity and number of guests. It’s basically an electronic gaming channel on the internet, a kind of online television, where free games from different championships are released: League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counterstrike, Warcraft, and so on.

On Twitch you can see LIVE how a gameplay takes place, watching all the movements and strategy of a favorite streamer.

The Twitch streaming platform was acquired in 2014 by Amazon for the “modest” amount of $ 970 million. Lots of gamers make full-time streams to maintain and even earn important amounts.
On Twitch you can subscribe to a specific player’s channel and be up to date with his activity. What`s these players interest to broadcast LIVE from home on the internet? Simple. They can earn money from this because viewers donate certain amounts of cash if they really like the player.

Are you a passionate and dedicated gamer – how can you sign up on Twitch?

Before you begin your “career” on Twitch, you need a decent gaming computer, gaming accessories (mouse, webcam, keyboard, etc.), a good Internet connection, a dedicated platform and a lot of time to dedicate it.
You could also stream your PlayStation or Xbox One via an external device to connect to your TV and computer.

Once you’ve solved the logistics side, creating an account is pretty simple, you can sign-up with your Facebook account or create an account with your personal data.

Now how do you make money?

Most of the money comes from donations. Those who follow a streamer make a donation by either by subscribing to their channel or by donating. Everyone has a link to their PayPal account, and Twitch asks for money on the channel` subscription, some of this money (and ads revenue) reaches the streamer.

Best tips

First of all, you have to be a regular Present. If you’re never online and you’re not playing, you don`t bring an audience to your channel. Without viewers, you lose the opportunity to have a name. That reputation will get people to press on that “Subscription” button that can bring you a monthly income. Those who subscribe to your channel pay $5 fee, money that is shared between you and Twitch $2/$3.

Another way to earn money is to join for their affiliate program. There is basically not a request program, Twitch is the one who sends invitations to users who meet the conditions. In order to receive an invitation, you must have at least 7 days of activity in the last 30 days, 500 minutes of online streaming, 3 viewers at the same time and 50 followers.

How much do you earn from the affiliate program?

Twitch gives you some of the profit obtained by selling emoticons. More precisely every time a viewer uses Bits (an emoticon name) in chat to interact with you on your channel, Twitch pays you 1 cent.
Bits are emoticons bought by supporters for encouraging their favorite. What Bits look like:


What you win if you become a Twitch partner?

When your channel has gained enough audience, you can apply for a Twitch partnership that will give you the ability to add ads to your channel and increase your profits. You choose how many ads you want to broadcast and how long you want to last.

There are many more benefits if you apply for a partnership with them.

You also get money from the sponsors. Companies are already there with sponsorships equipment, chairs, advertisements and so on. Some have contracts that offer discounts on the purchase of mouse and video games, others use affiliation through Amazon.


How much do you gain from advertising?

You earn a monthly CPM revenue, that is you get a certain percentage for every 1000 views. Twitch pays somewhere between $0.70 and $2.50 per 1000 views.

Increasing your audience is easy if you like what you do just be present at work – playing constantly and interacting with your followers regularly.

Playing daily and organizing giveaways, you will be able to build an important community that will then support you.

Even if the earning average is about $10, there are lots of other streamers manage to raise $4,000 just by playing live.

 How can you withdraw money?

Directly into a bank account if you are an American citizen within 4 days. PayPal or eCheck is universal and lasts for 2 days. Money can be sent even by check, depending on geographic location, this takes longer

You can withdraw your cash when you get $100.

What does Twitch work implies, besides gaming itself?

The Streamer takes care of welcoming new subscribers, responding often to chat comments, gossiping other games, giving advice on strategies games, asking for pizza money. Twitch plans to expand the system by providing various tools for streaming to increase interaction with the established community. The ability to easily create wish-lists or product recommendations from Amazon, a clear-cut option for revenue growth.

If you’re gaming lover, Twitch is a legitimate platform where you can monetize your passion. More than half of Twitch users spend an average 3 hours a day on the site. The money you earn depends on the time you spend streaming. You as a “host” can be rewarded by viewers through monthly subscriptions or donations. So, due to this fact and the great popularity of the service, many users have chosen to turn this hobby into a full-time job.

If you are passionate about games but not so good streaming, you can monetize your passion by creating an online business. You just need the passion for gaming (anything else is also fine), a website and knowledge about affiliate marketing. When you sign up as an affiliate you generate links from online store sites. And when people buy from the link you promote, you earn a certain commission. So if you recommend a product on Amazon, let’s say a $100 video game, 10% will reach you. Not need to have a degree, there are enough programs to help you get started. What we recommend is Wealthy Affiliate, it’s the best place for beginners. You can build 2 websites and 10 free lessons. Read our review on this pageWealthy Affiliate- The Guarantee of Your Success.





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