Make Use Of Google Opinion Rewards- A Dollar For Your Thoughts

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Google Opinion Rewards is an application with which you earn credit to buy games, books, music, movies. the credit you may use it in all the google app stores.
The phone is part of the three things you never forget: keys, wallet, and phone. For some, it is like an extension of their hand. And yet a smartphone would be nothing without apps.
If you have a smartphone with android you have most likely already installed apps on it.  There are over 3 million apps available for you ready to be installed on your phone to increase productivity and efficiency. In this article, you will learn how to earn free Google Play credit that will allow you to buy your most-wanted apps.

What does Google Play offer?

A wide area of apps from games, travel news, photography, education, music, books, weather, entertainment, and magazine. So, when you select a category you will find more apps in that category. While some are free to download there are plenty to purchase. However, you can earn credits and use it to buy items from Google Play. How do you earn this Google Play credit? With Google Opinion Rewards.

What makes Google Opinion Rewards so great?

Google Opinion Rewards is an app developed by Google with more the 10 million downloads. With it, you answer questions and earn credit which later is used to buy paid apps from Google Play Store.

Information: both the ones that we offer as consumers but also the ones it takes from us. It is an urban legend that says Google knows exactly if the online ad posted to a person has taken that person to a store to buy the product. How it does that?

Google knows everything about us and our behavior. All information is gathered according to what we do on the internet and smartphone.
And that’s what Google Opinion Rewards is all about. Collect data from users to find out more about their commercial behavior. Google app does not collect data just for himself, but also for companies that pay for studies.

How to earn credit for App Stores using this app?

The app cost zero money and is available to download from Google Play or Apple App Store. To create an account, you must have at least 18 years old. Google app reward is available for download in 22 countries, and you may see it on Google Reward Support clicking this link.

After you install this app, it will ask you to provide your personal data, including your location. You will get on average weekly questions that will take you to earn free Google Play money. For each completed study will earn between $0.10 and $1. These questions are very easy. There are questions like “when you hear this company name, the first thing you think of” or “you own a dog.” The app will notify you when there is a study available to you to complete.
These questionnaires are not sent to you very often, but you can maximize your chances by activating your location. Also responding to questions as soon as possible from the moment you receive them in a sincere manner helps.

Because yes, somehow Google knows when you lie!!

The survey itself does not take much time, 1-2 minutes at most, and the questions are always 10 or less. You may have to answer even to 1 question You may be asked about almost anything, from the purchases that you make to your favorite TV shows or apps you use.
Using Google Opinion Reward will put in your account  10 cents per question and up to $1 for 2-10 questions.Google-Rewards-Opinion

And if you’re worried about sharing personal information about yourself, stay calm, Google already knows more than you think about everything you do.

Does it suit you?

This app definitely is a legit one, we speak about Google. You`ll not be making money with it nor you get to buy physical items. But if you get the chance to answer just 30 seconds for a small reward, why not doing it? And if you`re ok with sharing data to companies Google Opinion Reward it`s an option. Let’s you purchase apps, games and more from Google Play. Without spending “real money” on it.

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Stay safe and download apps only from Authorized Store (Google Play or Apple App Store).


Have you ever take online surveys for money? Or use Google Opinion Rewards app?

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