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If you search on Google how you can make money on the Internet, you’ll discover, most of it, are pure fantasies. This article is not about promises that you will get rich overnight. We will not even tell you it’s easy to make money online because it would mean lying to you.
We just want you to know that you can earn money from various activities on the internet. That means anyone with a computer with internet access, a little spare time and a boss can make money from home. What are the activities on which you can earn money online?

The websites we present are legit, all pay you for various things, such as shopping, surveys, or product testing. No, these sites will not make you a millionaire, but it’s a great way to make extra money.

Make Money with a Blog

Creating a blog is free, you have 100% control over your blog, and the only thing you really need is an interesting subject to cover it.  The secret behind a successful blog consists of three things: quality content, lots of traffic, and good marketing. Making these three things is not easy and probably will not happen overnight.

So, what do you have to do to make your blog succeed? The answer you will find within Wealthy Affiliate. You will learn step by step what to do.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an extremely important source of online income. The commissions obtained from the sales you generate can be pretty good. The platforms where you can join: Wealthy Affiliate, and, Amazon

Online Surveys

There are a lot of websites that pay for filling out online surveys. For your online opinions, you’re rewarded with points that can be converted into cash or vouchers.

Swagbucks($5 bonus), Field Agent, Clixsense, Vindale Research($2 bonus), Inbox Dollars($5 bonus).

Among worldwide survey websites that pay their members are included:

Vindale Research pays between $1 and $5/survey, Pinecone Research pays members $3 per survey; on Global-test-market you can earn from $1.5 to $1.75 per survey, Ipoll pay $0.50 to about $3.00/survey; Survey Savvy $1 to $2/survey; Marketagent(€1.5  bonus for sign-up) for each completed survey you will receive between 10 and 250 points, the points can redeem for money, 100 points worth 1 euro.

Online Tutoring Jobs

You can make money by teaching others from the comfort of your home. If you are good in a certain field you can keep private lessons from which you can earn between $15- $85 / per hour. You can join on, Aim 4 a tutor, Cambly and Go Fluent.

Make Money with your Smartphone

It’s possible to make money using just your smartphone, so you can generate an extra source of income online. Gig Walk (some cities in the USA), the application that will ask you to check out locations such as points of interest, street signs, taking pictures of menus, etc. You can earn amid $3.00 to $90 per gig. The Ibotta application gives you money to take a photo of your receipts. The app offers 50 cents if you upload a picture showing a receipt.

If you have countless social media followers, you can try the CoSign app. What you need to do is upload a photo and tag products. You receive 35% of the sale if someone buys through your tag. If you love shopping, you can try Field Agent. The app involves completing small questionnaires about store products. You will obtain between $2 and $12.



You can start working as a freelancer, there are lots of jobs, so most likely you will find jobs relevant to your training. On you can find a variety of online and offline services. The earnings start from $5, and you have to choose from a variety of mini-tasks. For 10 minutes of audio transcription, you can earn $5. Other platforms that you can apply for free are:,,, the payments are different. Depending on the type of work you can earn from $3 to several hundred dollars.


Earn Money as Social Media Moderator

Are you a social media addict? You may manage social media accounts of small businesses. Not all small businesses have time/money to manage their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and you could do that for a pay. You can sign up for,, For buzzing in social media, you can earn from $15/hour to $30/hour depending on your skill and results.


Website Testing Reward

Another way you can earn money online in your spare time involves testing websites. You do not need special skills, you need a computer, a microphone and an internet connection. Registration is free of charge and may require a test. If you are interested in this method, you can enroll on websites like,, Testing It usually pays from $10 per 20 minutes. To remember, your face and voice will be recorded.


Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

Many companies are looking for people to support their clients both by phone and in writing (email, live chat, Facebook chat). The activity varies and includes among others customer service, paying bills, booking. If you already possess a mobile phone, a computer with the Internet network, and a printer with a scanner you are good to go.

You can sign up for sites like Worldwide 101, Virtual Office Temps, Depending on the tasks, you can earn from $4 to $20 per hour at a minimum of 20 hours a week.


Income from Tutorials

If you are good in a certain field, you can start recording lessons and uploading them to dedicated platforms. You can sell your courses on websites as Registration is free and earnings depend on how you create content and how many students buy your lecture. You can earn a passive income of $1,000 per month.



Make Money from Photography

If you are a shutterbug and you have a pretty good camera you can start taking photos and put on sale it on websites like,, These websites charge zero fees for sign in within the platform. Payments depend on several factors, so make sure you read the terms of the websites. Obvious the commissions you can earn differ slightly, for example in Fotolia, you gain somewhere between 20% to 46%. That’s between $1 and $30 per photo.

Earn Money as a Microworker

On Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk, you can earn money by completing a survey, searching for the number of a product in an image, posting comments on blogs, translating an article from one language into another. You cannot withdraw money, but you can transfer them to your Amazon account, using them for shopping.

Clickworker, the money you earn depends on the task, most likely starts from $9/hour. The tasks include classification data, copy editing, write informative articles/description of a product, proofreading.

Other websites where you can join are Guru, Crowdsource, Appen, CrowdFlower.


All these websites are free to join.

These are just some of the possibilities the World-Wide World has to offers. More legit opportunities and ideas can be found by reading our blog.