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Anyone who owns a camera and a computer can make money on YouTube. Apparently, all you have to do is sign up and upload your videos. As you know probably, there are lots of vloggers and many of them manage to earn decent money every month. But if you want to learn how to make money on YouTube, you`ll be amazed by the complexity of the whole process.

It’s not enough just to make some fun or informative videos. In 2018 you have to be world-wide developing and treat everything as a constantly expanding business. If you are still interested in the idea of making money on YouTube, there are a few steps to follow.

How many views do you need on YouTube to earn the minimum wage

YouTube sets the rules of the game

Creating a YouTube account is easy, you must have a Gmail address with which you will sign in to the future channel. The YouTube channel account looks like in the bottom picture; you have also Analytics that will monitor your channel

In 2018, YouTube has changed the rules and any channel who wants to generate money must respect them.
To receive ads in your videos you must sign up for YouTube Partner:

  • you must have at least 1000 subscribers to your channel
  • at least 4,000 hours tracked in the last year, goals that are not that easy to achieve.

What does this mean?

You will not be able to show ads until you pass 1000 subscribers and have a minimum of 240,000 minutes watched on videos in the past year. Are they under these limits? You`ll kick out the program and come back when you reach them. The first 1000 subscribers are the most difficult to achieve, and when you struggle to gather them, you can be tempted to give up to the whole project. Also if you dropped below the 4,000 hours viewed or less than 1,000 subscribers within one year, you automatically exit their monetization program.

Once you become a YouTube partner, you need to link a Google AdSense account to your YouTube account. Since this is the way you will be paid. The money will reach your AdSense account, and then in your hand.

The rules are available on Google blog.

How do you make money on YouTube and how much money is it?

Even children know that you can make money from YouTube. But not many people know how much money they earn from this job. The reason is that Google does not publish an exact number that you should consider when you get started.

But it’s important to know that it’s almost impossible to get rich from YouTube. In the long run, you will make more money from partnerships with different companies and brands.

If a Facebook post becomes viral, you`ll not make money from it. Instead, on YouTube, you`ll do. The social network owned by Alphabet is the only one who has decided to share their advertising money with the persons behind posts. As a reference, YouTube gives 55% of all the money generated from the ads displayed during a video.

Money from YouTube ads are split like this:

  • 45% YouTube
  • 55% owner of the video

There is no fixed income conversion rate

The exact amount of cash varies depending on many parameters, starting with the subject of your video, the age average, and the gender of those watching you. In addition, it could vary from one period to another depending on the demand of those who sell the ads on your clips.

If we are talking about exact numbers, on average, a video with 1,000 views generates approximately $2.5. Of this, about $1.12 goes to YouTube. That means you can expect $1.37 from a video that was watched by 1,000 people.

Do you remember that video with “Charlie bit my finger”? Sure you do, it has 861.732.533 viewers. In 2011 boys` dad has declared that this video has made the family richer with £100,000.

Or work out to constantly produce interesting videos. YouTube is always looking for channels that will increase its revenue. What are these channels? Those who have many exciting, high-quality videos with a meaningful and stable audience. That will not bring them to court for copyright issues or others violations of terms and conditions.

In this case, the rule is like creating a blog, choose your niche appropriate to your passion or something you`re good at. And create your content and a solid audience accordingly to that.

Why does YouTube pay so little?

First of all, let’s remember that this is YouTube platform and it has no responsibility to pay its video makers.
You also have to keep in mind that the money passes through many hands before they reach you. Start with the consumers who pay the advertiser, who then pays YouTube, which finally pays it the video’s owner. After all, there is not much money left. So what can vloggers do quickly on YouTube to generate a sustainable income?

How to make money from YouTube without YouTube

Affiliate Marketing

You must see YouTube as a start-up. If you are good at something or outgoing personality, it helps you become popular. It also offers you some money, but few.

This is one of the most popular ways to make money on YouTube – Affiliate to the marketing products where you promote other people’s products and make a small commission for each item or service. These products you sell through a special URL that is linked to your account. One of the simplest and most popular programs is Amazon’s Associates. All you have to do is join an affiliate program, make a video that highlights a product you love, then tell the audience to click on the link in the description if they are interested.

If you become popular, it is likely that you are approached by a company that believes that your work is fitting for promoting their products. Let`s say you’ve got to do unboxing and phone reviews, you might be approached by a mobile device producer. If you are ambitious, you can do the opposite. No one stops you from trying to contact the sales representative of a brand.

The point is that you rather earn a big income from affiliated with a company than a small portion of the YouTube` ads budget.

Simply put an affiliate link in the description of your YouTube video. You’ll have a commission for the products sale if the person who accessed it buys it. The commissions change from one platform to another.

There are online stores in any field that facilitate this monetization method. You do not have to have just videos about tech, fashion or cooking to make money. The possibilities are endless.

A list of affiliate programs you may find it here 5 Best Affiliate Programs Perfect To Start. Or you can get a full training on affiliate marketing within Wealthy Affiliate.

From YouTuber to A Brand Name

No one said it was simple, and if they say they lie. To make money on Youtube requires a bit of luck, inspiration and hard work. Nothing comes by itself. It doesn`t mean, however, that it is impossible. You can shoot with any smartphone, but the editing, effects, and soundtrack require knowledge in programs such as Apple Final Cut Pro, or something more friendly. Don`t neglect these things.


Are you a YouTuber? Or do you try to become one? We`ll love to hear your story

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