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Making money on the internet without investment is not impossible or too difficult, just inquire knowing the correct methods.
If you do not know where to start and what to do you can use this blog. You will find ideas, websites that pay you, places where you can find tutorials and training. And even websites where you can build free blogs.
Except for websites where you make some bucks completing online surveys, captcha, or clicks on ads, there are three legal ways to make money on the internet without investing much in the beginning.


1.    Make money with Marketing affiliate

It’s the easiest and legitimate way to make an income on the internet, and you can start with low costs. You do not necessarily need a Facebook, blog/ website/ or social media account although I can help.

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In short, affiliate marketing involves recommending products from various online stores that offer commissions when someone buys from your link. Monitoring is based on special links, which usually last for 2-3 days, though they are online stores offering 30 days or a lifetime cookie.

If the advertiser, allows you to post affiliate links directly to social media and Google AdSense, you can earn money from affiliate marketing.

However, if you want to grow, you need a niche website so you’ll still have to create the content. We`ve written about affiliate marketing and how to get started with Wealthy Affiliate in other posts.


2.     Build up a blog or a YouTube/Instagram /Facebook channel

If you’re not familiar with social media environment, you probably wonder what an influencer is?  Is the person who has solid expertise in his activity and who promotes his knowledge among online communities. Upgraded among young people, does not mean an influencer need to be a person with advanced studies.

Among young people, influencers and vloggers are in trend for various reasons. Some because they create usefully, fun content, entertainment movies, others because they educate the audience in different areas, others, beauty vloggers or because they just look good on camera.

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The idea is that these influencers have collected large fan communities around them, and many brands want to collaborate with them to include products or services in their content. We`ve also written about the opportunities on YouTube and Facebook.


3. Freelancing – providing services in various fields

Working at home or in a coffee shop with a hot drink and earning $50 per hour is no longer just a dream. Over the last few years, the freelance job industry has exploded and more and more people choosing this easy and profitable way to work.
There are always available jobs on the internet, you just have to find them. Have a look at Legitime Online Business, and see that is possible to create an income online or to create some bucks a week. The world’s largest job base is Upwork, which counts millions of accounts. While on Upwork you`ll find jobs in all categories, there are other platforms specialized for certain activities. Designers will find jobs on sites like Coroflot, Folyo, 99design. If you’re passionate about photography, film, production or writing, look for employers on the Demand Media site. Programmers should check on Hible, GetACoder, platforms.

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If you want to make freelancing as a full job and you have knowledge of IT, social media, copywriter then you can create an account on or Although for start you will work for less money, until you get recommendations, satisfied customers and, implicitly, more people willing to work with you.

Making money on the internet is just as making in offline, with lots of work and investment over time. Don`t forget, no one has ever got rich by doing nothing.


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