JustAnswer Review – Earning Money Answering Questions

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Work from home answering people questions, how that sounds? Make an income just by answering questions online. JustAnswer is a platform where offers a remote job for different experts. So, if you`re good in a certain field you may take a look at this JustAnswer review.

JustAnswer is an online platform who connects people with different issues or problems with experts ready to answer it in minutes. The working at home job is to be the expert and answer questions. Create an account, go online, and select a question you want to answer. You will be able to see the question, how many people have already answered and the amount allocated to that answer.

Let’s look at JustAnswer’s income opportunities and how this platform works so you have enough information to clarify whether it is a scam or a legitimate platform that pays.

Name: JustAnswer
Website: www.justanswer.com
Price: Free
Potential income: 20% -50%
Available: Worldwide, 18+
Legitimate: Yes

How to apply for an expert job at JustAnswer?

There are over 175 categories: Appliance Repair, Legal, Auto Repair, Veterinary, Medical, and much more.
To apply for a job click on “Become an expert”, choose the areas of expertise you want to use to online question answer.
Depending on the category you choose, JustAnswer requires certain criteria. These criteria will validate your knowledge. It can be a bachelor’s degree, a certain number of experience years, licensure, and additional qualifications all in the area you choose. Also, a short test composed of four or five easy questions. This is if you know something more about the subject.

The next step is to add your resume with all your personal data and professional experience. Add a profile picture and that’s all the process.

Just to know they use third-party to validate the information you provide to them. So, you can`t lie. They have resources to check your background.










Their service is available in USA, UK, Japan, Germany, and Spain. IF you know one of this language it a plus for your income.

The client has the option to:

  • refuse the answer if is not satisfied with it
  • to click the button “accept” if the answer is accurate, then the expert receive his commission
  •  add follow up question without paying for it
  • to give feedback about the experience

How you`ll make an income?

There are people who enter every day on this platform looking for answers to their problems. JustAnswer provides experts who can answer their inquiries quickly and accurately.

When a customer posts a question is displayed to all online experts. The idea is to press the answer button as quickly as possible.

The client is the one who sets the price for the question.

If the client is not satisfied with an answer has the option to request a refund. So no guarantee for an income.

JustAnswer pays you 20% of the customer price. This percent will increase once you get a good rating, to up to 50%.  Usually, on JustAnswer a question worth between $15 and $90. If you’re a beginner expert and the answer has a $20 value, then you’ll earn $4 for the question. Then if you answer a $90 question you`ll make $18.

They pay through PayPal when there are $20 in an account.

If the answers are accurate and helpful, the clients will evaluate the expert better. That increases the rating and the chance to be selected again.

How much takes to make a full income online?

It`s up to every expert, depends on the time you spend online, the answer, the rating, the area of your expertise. A doctor or a mechanical will earn more than a teacher who offers help with homework. Don`t expect to quit your job, for working at home answering questions online. But is extra money with a flexible schedule.

JustAnswer Affiliate Program

Not an expert? You can still gain something from this website. Refer a friend expert to JustAnswer and you`ll receive a $50 Amazon voucher.
Or if you have a blog they provide you with an answer gadget to embed to your site. You`ll earn 40% commission of the question price. More than a novice-expert. Not owning a blog? It`s simple and free with SiteRubix. Take a look at how to create a website under a minute.

Is it JustAnswer a scam?

JustAnswer is a legit platform for an extra income for doctors, teachers, lawyers, and veterinarians. Mostly those who are very good in their professional area and who also have the skills to provide a good customer service. It doesn`t just matter to be an expert and to be very good at something.

It`s irrelevant if you aren`t wonderful at working with people. You need to know how to explain things event to those with zero experience. Because if they understand and get help from you, then your earnings will grow.  There are plenty of situations when answers are offered on the phone, so an expert must be patient if the client is a beginner.

Payment is not guaranteed so the platform can only be used as an additional method of generating an income online. If you`re interested in working full time on an online job check this review Wealthy Affiliate. For Panda was life-changing, so it may change to you. You`ll also find in Legitimate Business Online other reviews on work from home websites.

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