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Italki-review Why not make money helping others learning your local lingo? Everyone who has language skills is able to make some extra income on Italki teaching their language to foreign people. From English to Yoruba, native speakers can become teachers on Italki and work from home.

Italki is an online learning platform where those interested in learning a foreign language find tutors all over the world at a reasonable cost. So to respond to their needs there are tutors almost of any language, who gain money for this lessons.

These tutors can log in whether as teachers (in this case require qualifications) or as an informal tutor (anyone can create an account).  And all the lessons are made online via Skype.

Italki was launch in 2007, China and has by now 3 million language learners and more than 5000 teachers.

This online learning marketplace, unlike Cambly, offers a chance to tutor your native language, not just English. So if you`re a Danish speaker or you know very well Hindi, it’s totally possible to sign up and earn an income. And if you`re a polyglot even better your wages will increase.

So, let`s find out in this review the opportunities related to the work from home and the money someone can gain.

Name: Italki
Price: Free
Potential income: set your own price – 15% Italki commission
Available: Worldwide, 18+
Legitimate: Yes

How does Italki work for a teacher/tutor?

Before sign-up on their website make sure you have the needed tools: internet connection, Skype account (or other VoIP software), a webcam and microphone. To create an account as a teacher is really simple, click the button “Become a Teacher” and you just need to fill out a form with name, email, and password.

Select your native language and the level of a second language. Then you have to choose what you wanna be: a teacher or a tutor.
As an 18+ tutor, tuition involves informal discussions about general topics, involving listen and correct mistakes. It suits those who are native speakers who may not have certificates or experience in teaching.

A teacher is someone who has training or experience in language teaching and education; a teacher must show his credentials in scanned documents. It can be a language Teaching Certification (Degree in Linguistics or other relevant studies), or experience in a classroom, training as an educator.

Once you select what kind of teacher you are, you need to make a short video presentation of 1-3 minutes. This presentation will show on your Italki profile and also on the Internet.

The advantages of joining as a teacher on Italki mainly include choosing your own schedule, setting your price and working from home. No obligatory working hours, although students may request a different program from yours.

Instant Tutoring

Italki has an Instant Tutoring feature, where doesn`t exist a schedule of tuition. This is for students who want a straightaway session. It`s a good opportunity for novice teachers because they find work easily and increase their reputation.

At the end of each lesson, students and teachers can evaluate each other. Positive feedback and a good rating brings more students and therefore more money.

A full income or pocket money?

Italki let the teachers set their own price rate and retain 15% commissions from a class price. How much money depends on you, the hours you spend tutoring, the price and the students you have.

They pay through PayPal, Payoneer (Payoneer Bank Transfer), AliPay, Skrill / Moneybookers when you reach the minimum withdraw $30 in Italki dollars (1 Italki credit=$1).


Students will book a teacher for a lesson, once he accepts, Italki will withdraw from the student account the money. If the lesson is taken place Italki will deposit the money in teacher account once is finished and both teacher and student give feedback.

If you want to make a full income than you need to treat it like a full work from home job. As a tutor, you may start your rate at $6 per hour, and as a teacher up to $80. The better you are professionally trained, the more you’ll make.

Other things about Italki:

  • Teachers/tutors set their own price (depends on qualification, demands, experience, and how popular is a language) that usually starts from a low price rate.
  • Teachers gain more than informal tutors
  • The hourly rate is between $3-$80;
  • Italki has a referral system: if someone sign-up and make a purchase through your affiliate link you and that person will receive $10
  • A large range of dialects available

Is it Legit?

It`s definitely, Italki is a great way to make some money from your language skills. All it takes is a computer with a webcam, internet connection, and headset, and you`re good to start your work from home. Although the competition for teachers is high Italki has millions of students wanting to learn, day or night.  No matter where you live or what you`re working Italki is free to apply and no need to have relevant studies or to speak only English.
It`s an opportunity for native speakers to earn an extra income within their spare time. But not a constant one because it could be months before a student book you for a session.

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Have you tried making a living this way?


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