Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Is Too Good To Be True?

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Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? Does Wealthy Affiliate actually work? Or is just a program who takes your money? Are all the reviews written by members who gain affiliate commissions?

These are all legitim questions and in this article, you will find the answers you are searching for. Also, we will reveal the pros and the cons of Wealthy Affiliate and why it is the best training program you will find online.

To answer an important question Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a Scam. In its 11 years of experience, Wealthy Affiliate has evolved into a highly rated platform for those interested in starting an online business. Ask yourself if a company that lasts for so long on the market is a scam?

So, what makes Wealthy Affiliate different from other work-from-home programs?


First, they don`t promise you to get rich overnight, it`s NOT a scheme of quick money. It`s not a training program that promises you to make money fast and sell you a low-cost program for $10 then tries to sell you something else for $100, and so on, and finally, you find out that doesn`t work like they say. These scammers trick people to invest money in something that is just a pipe dream.

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a:
  • Work-home job
  • MLM
  • Pyramid Scheme

Wealthy Affiliate is better structured and has several embedded solutions than other marketing programs available online. And the information from the free courses is enough to get you an idea of what you earn. On this platform, you will learn step by step how to make money online and the lessons are made for everyone.
In addition to the structured lessons, you have also unconditional help and support from active members. Wealthy Affiliates also offer you the opportunity to create websites, to benefit from free premium themes, and even get into their affiliate program.

Wealthy Affiliate does not guarantee your success or promises you to get rich. For succeed, you need to work hard and create a solid foundation for your online business. It teaches you how can you make money before paying them first. How many programs online do you know who do that for free?

It may seem a scam for those who are not willing to work.

Those are lazy or anxious people who tried and gave up because was to hard work for them or just tried the Free Membership and thought that it’s only what they get, didn`t understand that Free Member is something that they offer before you buy it.

If you want to find more about their fee and earnings feel free to read our articleWealthy AffiliateCan Help You Live a Better Live and see all the potential earnings you can get.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training site community that`s been online for years where you will find all the information and resources you need for building your online business and monetize your website.

In the end, it`s all about the money, no?  What`s the purpose of an online business if it can`t make you a lot of money?

What Wealthy Affiliate promise?

They promise to teach their members everything about affiliate marketing and to help them turn their passion into a successful business. Their members also learn how to earn a passive income by working with companies like Amazon, E-bay, Google AdSense.

What will you get by sign up?

You will get training, support and questions answered quickly, tools that you need. To make an idea, you will get help in finding a niche market, how to perform keyword research, how to build a website, where to get free pictures for your blog. More, you will get two free websites to start your business in affiliate marketing.

The  Wealthy Affiliate fee is not big for all the benefits you get by joining, for one price you will have up-to-date training and the tools required for success. Furthermore, you get domains, hosting, affiliate program and the possibility to make money by creating training inside the community.


Is Wealthy Affiliate a legit company?

Wealthy Affiliate a scam

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a legit company that pays his members they don`t use bold promises or any flash sales techniques to make you sign up. They are offering you help and you can take it or leave it.

Wealthy Affiliate put at your disposal their platform to earn money from its Affiliate Bootcamp section and also teaches you everything you need to know about this business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a risk-free program

The things you can learn from Wealthy Affiliate are without doubt workable and you can really make money through their program. In its 11 years of experience, Wealthy Affiliate has evolved into a highly rated platform for those interested in starting an online business.

Not every review will give you a thorough and honest list of the cons but here you will find listed both positive and negative aspects of Wealthy Affiliate. Although the pros aspects exceed the cons by far.

  • An easy way to start- it’s very easy to understand where to start and know what to do next, you won`t be pressured by time. The training courses are self- paced, with no limited time to do a task, and no skill levels experience required
  • Training courses, video tutorials & step-by-step walkthroughs – training for all levels that cover all the key aspects of a successful online business; information is provided in all kind of formats with action task to help you make progress.
  • Weekly Live Video Classes – if you prefer to watch and listen you’ll choose video training
  • Interactive Community- it easy to get help and advice from an optimistic and entrepreneurial community
  • Has a free Starter membership –  you get a few “Premium” features during your first 7 days to show you why you would want to upgrade
  • Spam- free environment – advertising and selling within Wealthy Affiliate isn’t allowed
  • Website Support (24/7/365)- Live Support from the community, owners and tech support
  • Advanced hosting- you are able to build and host unlimited WordPress websites and to MOVE websites from one domain to another. There is no other hosting company out there that will teach you how to run a business and provide at the same time the storage space for your website files.
  • Free tools & resources for Premium Members – RubixSite and Jaaxy


  • Information overload- Too much information can be a pain. Wealthy Affiliate`s Platform can be very confusing and it takes a while to get used to.

For start stick to the Certification Course, complete your tasks and watch the weekly video training.

  • Other business models are not part of the training: Creating a business with YouTube is not part of the certification course. However, if you look for it. You will find training about it from other members.

We recommend you to try to free their program and see if it is what you want. You do not have to believe in our word, read this Wealthy Affiliate review and see how can you get the help and start a full-time money-making affiliate marketing business.

If you decide to sign up, we recommend that you take a coach, mentor who already has a successful business. This is how you will learn to focus and aim you during your entrepreneurial journey. If you are tired of pennies from surveys and want to learn how other people gain wages, try this platform.

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  1. Great article! I like that you spent a lot of time focusing on the fact that it isn’t some “get rich quick” thing, but really the meat of it is that you will get out what you put in. Overall very easy to follow and lots of good information!

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