Is A Scam?

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Are Empowr earnings real? Is Empowr a legit business? Or is a scam? Can You Really Get Paid To Like Posts?



Here you will find your answer about Empowr and hopefully, you will understand what Empowr really is.

  • Name:; used to be known as Fanbox and Project Uplift
  • Website:
  • Price: Free but they need your account details for additional fee
  • Owners: No Name in WHOIS
  • Needed: An e-mail and a PayPal account.
  • Minim cash out: 1$
  • Recommended: NO

Things you should consider :

  • is free to join but if you want to cash out your Empowr earnings you need to pay
  • their owners appear only on site, not on WHOIS
  • third-party connect to your PayPal account
  • connection not fully secure, although their domain has https there is no green lock pad

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What Is Empowr?

Empowr’s claim goal: To help half the world’s population earn an average of $25/day by the year 2025. What should you ask yourself?

If they genuinely want to help people why they want you to pay the fee before making money online? And why you have to wait 90 days to cash out your money?

Empowr claims to be a socializing platform that pays for your daily posts just like Facebook. How many times does Facebook withdraw your money from your account??

Can You Really Make Money Sharing What’s On Your Mind?empowr-scam

In point of fact, Empowr is more an advertising platform than a social media. You earn money by completing simple tasks like commenting on posts, sharing posts, liking posts, selling in a marketplace, being a Support Coach or recruiting new members.
Once registered, you receive $1000 ads credits that can be used to promote your profile page.

Before they can be transferred to your PayPal account, earned coins must remain in your account 90 days from the month you earned them.
The trick is, the more Empowr you are using, the more ad spends on ad credits, and these are credits that need to be paid back before you make cash out of any winnings. So to increase your earnings you need to pay a monthly fee.

They promise that if you pay the “ad platform fee” monthly of approximately 2.9%, you get back 50% of the money through the “early cash out”.


Every month, you pay for “Ad platform fee” a higher fee than the previous month. Therefore, taxes will cost more and will not deserve the investment.

They will not show you any proof of the investments you make on their website. So you will continue to spend your credits without knowing how because Empowr doesn`t say how much you can gain or how much profit you can make. Neither they explain how much your expenses will be. Members of the Empowr community rarely earn real money, unless they receive money to promote it.
So this should be a red flag for you if an online company can`t tell you for sure how much you will invest in order to gain something.

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How Empowr claims to remunerate

The system is made to have debts to Empowr so members are unable to collect something of their earnings.” A member can upgrade to the Success Coaches in 2 years, without seeing any trace of their “mature earnings”.

Especially relevant is to know that Empowr clearly states that there are fees for using the site and that if you choose PayPal or credit card for receiving the money you will also allow them to charge these accounts for the fees. For example, if you have provided your payment details and have accepted their terms, you will automatically be charged to your PayPal account if you use more than $2 worth of advertising fee. You will pay for this advertising fee each time you perform an activity on Empowr and more, you will be charged a 2.9% ad platform fee monthly. There have also been many complaints on the internet from members that they were charged up to $100 without their approval.

Empowr is scamming people. They just give you the impression that you will be making money. Many of those who sign up with Empowr had the impression that will make over $25/day just clicking on posts.

Their compensation plan is malicious, packed only them to earn. It takes 90 days to mature your earnings but it takes only seconds for you to pay their fee. Convenient, right? Why you can’t cash out straight away if you have paid their fees?

Have you experienced Empowr?
Or do you have earnings from them?


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