If You Want To Make Money Online, Then Build A Niche Blog!

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Does it worth to design your own niche blog? Can you make money online from blogging? How can you make money online from marketing? Is niche blogging a solution for obtaining a passive income?

If you are looking for the answer to these questions, here you can find it. And yes, it’s worthwhile doing a blog for achieving an online income. And you can earn money with him if you really want. There are other people who do and manage to generate consistent online revenue.

In this article, you will see the most relevant ways to make a profit on a niche blog.

The idea of becoming a blogger is brilliant. Who would not want to work wherever he wants, whenever he wants and be able to sustain himself like that?

Building a blog is not hard. It does not cost you much money, but it costs your time.

And if you want to create a brand blog will be worthing the investment.

Yes, blogging is a handy solution for anyone who is willing to learn and work.

You can consider the blog/website as a business where you have to invest first in order to win later. A blog gives you the opportunity to start an online business that will work even over 5 years, as opposed to shady methods of making money online that are popular nowadays, such as pay per click or surveys.

Let`s see how you can make a killing from a niche blog

1.      Affiliate marketing on your blog (selling other products)

You, as a blogger, will associate with someone who has products for sale and you get a commission for each sale. Your concern is to bring traffic and convert that traffic into profit, which then transforms into commissions. You place your affiliate links in the articles you write about some of the products you promote.
When a reader clicks on the affiliate link, he will be redirected to the store referred to the link, and if he purchases something, you will receive the commission.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing and want to find out more about how to get passive income from a blog, we encourage you to join the largest community of affiliated markers. You will learn from scratch everything you need to do to earn serious money online. The community is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can read more information in our review Wealthy Affiliate Review – The Guarantee Of Your Success Or Just A Scam?

According to the niche you are in, you need to see what kind of products you can sell and who you can promote it. You can promote products from the websites as ClickBank.com, JVZoo.com or Amazon, where you will find thousands of physical and digital products.

2.      Make Money From AdSense

Adsense is a PPC-based advertising system. You are paid for every time someone clicks on the ad placed on your site. Thus, the system relies first and foremost on the content. You need to communicate constantly with your public so your blog can generate more traffic.

The service provided by Google AdSense can be your best friend if you respect a few conditions. If you want to make money from AdSense and get into their program, you must conform to some conditions, one would it be that your blog needs to have 6 months history online, to reassure Google that you have viewers, content, a low bounce rate, basically, you need to have action on your blog.

The key to earn more money from Adsense, is providing ads relevant to readers in a way that makes them click.

3.  Selling ad space on your blog

You can contact the brands you think would be interested in advertising and give them a place on your blog.

You can use the Project Wonderful platform to find people willing to bid on the advertising space from your blog. As a plus, you are the one who has the final word on who and how much pays for the ad space. You will not earn great winnings, especially if you are not an authority in the field but you can earn more than pay per click.

4. Sponsored reviews

Being paid to write sponsored analyzes of a product or website is another great way to make money from the blog. Some people can find this way a little difficult because the reviews must come from the honest use of the product. Is mandatory that you mention from the very beginning that is a sponsored review so your readers can make an inform decision.You can sign up on specialized platforms such as getreviewed.org, socialix.com, or crowdtap.com. You are paid for each sponsored review you publish. Obviously, if you do not believe in that product, it’s better not to do any reviews, because no one will pay you to make a negative advertisement

5. Selling your own products

Selling own products related to your niche blog is the most cost-effective approach to making a profit. Blogging is an excellent form of promotion so, through the articles you write on your blog, you can promote easily and find many customers.
The resources are boundless: ebooks, webinars, online courses, membership sites, etc. Once a product has been created, it can still be promoted at minimal cost, if you have a valuable blog and a significant audience around it. And the costs of creating a product only online are relatively small.

The handiest product is an eBook (PDF file – most of the time – downloadable from the blog).
You can write an e-book relatively easily and does not require large investments. Of course, the subject knowledge, and ability to provide value are essential. The promotion can be extremely effective through the blog with an excellent conversion rate.

Also, if you are a professional consultant and clients come through your blog, are still money from blogging called. If you are a freelancer that offer services, and customers come through the blog, are still money made from blogging.

6. Selling your blog

At some point, yes, you can enjoy making blogging money by simply selling it. But it is a radical way that brings you winnings in one and only tranche. Not to mention that to get to that point, it takes a lot of work.
A blog is valuable by its notoriety among the public, by the number of loyal readers and its perception of his audience.
You can use a broker site like Flippa.com, a place where people sell and buy domains names, websites.


These are just a few ways to monetize your blog. On a quick search on Google, you can spot articles with 70 ideas of making money from a blog. But the goal is not to try as many methods as possible, but to see what suits you best and from which you can make the most profit.

The beauty of a blog convert into an online business is that you can manage 100% online. Even if you sell physical products, you can control the shipment by hiring someone to do the actual dispatch, without having to stay there all the time.
The biggest difficulty is rising a great audience around the blog. Not because they do not sell, but because no one reads it, except for friends and relatives.

Furthermore, success depends only on you and how long you will work on your blog.

If you’re doing everything about something that your passion you’re more likely to be happy. You just need to pin down those features of passion you need to write about, which can become a financial online source for you. You can find help from Wealthy Affiliate community, learn how to make affiliate marketing as a professional and how to develop your blog as an online business from scratch.

Are you interested to start blogging?

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  1. Thank you for the top articles. I am Blog-Beginner and such for articles that can give me good tips. For your Blog i need much time to read all that me interested.

  2. Its not easy to make money blogging , but if you follow the foot steps of other you can, something worth doing will never be easy. thanks

  3. Great information all in one place. I am new to blogging and having a blast. Deciding on a niche was a bitch. I am interested in so many things that I had to follow all of them until I found my groove. It’s a big problem not settling in one niche. At the moment I am in two niches and celebrating the focus.

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