How To Use Google Alerts Like A Pro

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What has affiliate marketing and Google Alerts in common? Money and commissions! Used properly can generate substantial commissions without investing a penny to earn it. This method is one of the simplest and most effective methods, generating great passive income for beginners. The best thing is that you can start today without previous experience and without a website! So, follow the steps in this article and see where you will get! Start earning your first affiliate commissions and bring some extra cash in your bank account.

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It`s your chance to start!

This article does not suggest that affiliates need to spam traffic sources, but that affiliate links can be generated without abuse so they can be useful to everyone.

Google Alerts service

The idea is simple: enter a keyword and Google Alerts will send email alerts whenever someone writes an article or news related to that term. Useful if you want to keep an eye on certain keywords to see who writes about them. Or if someone talks about you, your website or your business.

But did you know you can make money with Google Alerts?

Promoting affiliate products on relevant blogs without having a website.

The idea behind Google Alerts is that you will be the first to answer on forum, blog, or where the alert will appear, and so you will have more conversion. And more conversions mean more money.

It is easy, don’t cost a cent, and if you already make recommendations to your friends, why not make hundreds of dollars, just by placing some affiliate links through websites?

Commissions through direct linking

The most experienced in affiliate marketing know about this method, it offers a different way of promotion and, in general, a little more effort. The results are line-up with your effort and the fact that you do not have to write articles, but just responding to needs may be a comfortable way for some affiliates.

If the affiliate link has a good offer and is addressed to interested people, spam is just a wicked way to label a thing less common.

Step 1. Join an affiliate network

You start by finding an affiliate program that accepts promoting products without having a website. Clickbank is the oldest and most famous; you can earn up to 70% commissions; it`s easy to create an account, you do not need to appeal for a request nor to own a website. Find a product you know, easy to promote, something you have a clue about it; you have unlimited options from e-books to physical products. Choose a couple of products with the highest gravity and create a short relevant content for them. Make sure you’ve found a short but illustrative description of your product, in a way that is connected with the blogs` post. You will see later why.

A small secret, we always turn around on money, health, and relationships. If you have no ideas, you can always use one of these niches. You may use also Google Trends to see what are the newest interest.

Step 2. Generate an affiliate link

Creating an affiliate account gives your special links to help track the commissions you generate. This is an easy step, next you need to copy the link and short it.

Step 3. Short your affiliate link

Why is it recommended? First of all, for design, you prefer a normal link like “” or this “”? On which do you click?
Second, because you can hide the real address and trigger the curiosity.

Step 4.Use a Google to find blogs related to your product

Not having a website leave you with the job to search for niche website relate to your product. Just type on Google “keywords of your products+blog”. The first ones that appear normally are the one most relevant to high traffic.

Step 5. Create a Google alert for your products

Google Alerts is easy to use and very useful for prospects of sales. Sets whatever you need. You`ll get an alert every time someone mentions your keyword.

  • Visit
  • Enter ‘search query’ – what you want to look for
  • Enter the frequency to receive alerts – we recommend it to be daily
  • In the ‘How Many’ box tick ‘All Results’ – why limit?  you may choose any from blogs to news
  • Enter the email address you want to receive the alerts

The more search terms are more specific, the better and more eloquent the search results will be.
In a few minutes, you’ll get a notification about the keywords you’ve entered in the Google alert. Open that link, read the head-tail article carefully. Leave a relevant comment (not spam) that includes the Clickbank link. Piece of cake!

Do the same with the next links. Make 50 post comments a day and after a few days, you’ll get enough traffic to sell the product.

It’s an easy and legitimate way to make money online without too much investment. The only investment you have to do is work.

 Step 6. Leave feedback and get your first passive income

That affiliate link can be posted on blogs, groups, forums, websites as a direct link to the advertiser’s page and not to a page of an affiliate site. Depending on the context in which the link was suggested, conversions can be made much easier. The secret is to be relevant and don`t abuse with your post on a single blog. You suggest products and offers not compel someone to buy from you.

If you do not provide relevant feedback, this method is not profitable.

Look what’s the trick!

Your comment needs to benefit the blog owner, use statements as “great post”, “I like how you write about ….”, “this is valuable information you provide” and so on.

We recommend this affiliate marketing method to those who are not used to writing articles on blogs or those who don`t like the idea of dropshipping.
To be clear that affiliate marketing without websites, although you approached by more strategies, can only bring extra income online. An online business that can bring long-term money can only be done with an affiliate website or a marketing blog.

How do you use Google Alerts?

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