How To Make Money with Udemy

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In this article, you will not find a quick solution to make money from online courses but you will find an exciting platform that for many different experts is a substantial source of money. If you want to learn more about how to make money creating online courses and to make yourself a great passive income from work, creation, ideas, and patience, then Udemy is the place where you can make money. is the largest platform for training courses that exists and is probably the most profitable for trainers. There are over 65,000 courses so the courses you will find on the site are various: from music and literature courses to yoga, programming, and photography courses.

How to create your Udemy courses

The first thing you need to do is to create an Udemy account. It’s free and you can also access thousands of free and paid courses from different domains.

Once you have signed up, you can click the “Become an instructor” button and then “Create a course”. They offer constant support throughout the process including free resources. If you gain more money with them, they will gain too. It is a marketplace where both trainers and Udemy can make money.

It is a legit way to make money, Udemy pays his members

To ensure your success you will have support from Udemy, Teach Hub is a resource for the instructor as well as the Join Studio U community. After your course is online you need to promote it. One of the benefits of Udemy is the free resources you will earn money from the course created without ‘fighting,’ alone to promote it.

Create a quality course that will provide you with a passive income online

To succeed on Udemy you need to know your field very well. You can not create a webinar on a domain that you do not know well or not practiced enough to know its secrets. The price of a course is established by the authenticity of information and his accuracy

To succeed with your course is essential to have a high-quality video recording and to be good at editing programs.

The money you will earn depends on how much you involve and the area you choose. Is a large e-learning market where you can find useful information from various fields.

The bestselling courses are those in IT and those who teach students the skills they need to make money, like ‘how to make money with…’.

It’s best to start with some free courses to promote you and help you get followers. Free courses will attract students who will later be the audience for your premium courses. So you will gain the confidence of the students and they will pay for your courses.

How much money will you make

To create and sell your course on the  Udemy does not charge you any fees. It’s free. But when you sell it, there are different proceeds plans offered by the platform. The money earned by trainers may be many or few depending on how the buyer reaches the platform, from whose marketing, eg. ads, affiliates, offers.

The money you will receive from Udemy varies, depending on who invests in marketing to attract buyers. The trainer earns 97% of the course if the student brought the course through the instructor’s coupon code or reputation.

If the buyer reaches Udemy through organic traffic, the earnings will be shared, 50% will get the author of the course and 50% the Udemy platform.

The trainer earns only 25% of the earnings if an Udemy affiliate attracts a buyer to the site and buy the course.

If you choose not to create courses you can earn money through their affiliate program, you can promote their courses and receive a 50% commission.

You need to sign up for their affiliate program, which will take you about 3-4 days to get approval. You can only promote the courses available through their affiliate program. The cookie is valid for one day. If you sell 3 courses a day at $ 50, you will make a profit of $ 75 a day.

If you want to know more information about affiliate marketing, you can read our article on this topic and learn about a company that offers you all the support you need to change your life and helps to generate an online passive income. That company is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can read more about in our Wealthy Affiliate detail review.


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  1. Great article! I’ve previously signed up for Udemy. In fact, I still get ads from them on a regular basis. But I’ve never done anything with them.

  2. It seems that the ways to make a living online are absolutely infinite. I have never heard of Udemy before but I am now aware of another potential earning opportunity

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