How To Make Money With Amazon

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Whether you are looking to make some extra money or to replace your full-time job learn how to earn money with Amazon. There is more than one way to make money working with Amazon.
If you do not know much about, which is hard to believe,  is the world’s largest online retailer by its total sales exceeding from 2015 sales of over $ 110 billion a year in America.

Amazon is a game-changer – and on its platform, you have to play by its rules

Amazon started out as an online bookseller that has grown into a general retailer becoming world famous through its low prices and massive discounts at certain times of the year.

What Amazon offers is the chance to invest in a 100% legal and 100% independent business that offers you the opportunity to work from home.
Selling on their platform products from China, that will make you a good profit, is just one of the possibilities that Amazon has.
As we continue you will see how others made millions working with Amazon.

Use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)and make money with AmazonAmazon-Publishing allows anyone to publish and sell books through them without any initial cost. Any author who can make a good-to-read e-book on Kindle, iPad, etc., can have the book listed online and ready for sale in 24 hours.
The author sets the price he wants to sell, how big the book is, how the cover looks, all about the creation of the book.
Amazon deals with the rest of the process, he has the payment system, delivers the books to the buyers, makes the billing part and returns the writer some of the profit.

It takes a proper mindset and the right skills to make money with this method, so if you write like Paulo Coehlo you will make yourself a great income online.

To be precise Amazon offers 35% from profit to the writer for prices below $ 1 and nearly 70% for higher prices.


Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)Amazon-make-money

You can sell on Amazon from your own store. Amazon is dominated by entrepreneurs,  Third-Party Sellers, who use the Amazon FBA service.
There are over 372 million products on the Amazon. For this reason, Amazon has annual sales of over $ 136 billion, which are steadily increasing. More specifically, 83% of sales on this site are made by Third-Party Sellers.
On paper may seem simple: take products at low price from a third country, upload them on Amazon, you use their brand name, adding to price, pay the taxes, and then you can see, from an exotic beach how your money get in your account.
In reality, things are a little more complicated, open a store on Amazon and selling your products involves a lot of work, a lot of studies, and an investment. Your profit depends on your sells. It’s a whole business system to set up, but the perspective is huge.

Questions that searches for the answer:
  • Is it available to anyone? NO.
  • Can you learn? YES.

What someone first needs to know before starting a business on Amazon is that the American giant offers all the product marketing infrastructure from product reception, warehousing, site display, customer delivery, customer support and bureaucracy accounting, billing, warranties). Amazon also promotes professional sellers who have qualitative and competitive products that help him have happy customers and make a profit.

Basically selling products on Amazon require:
  • identifying a product that already has Amazon search
  • identifying a supplier to produce that product
  • delivering products to Amazon (FBA)
  • inventory management delivered to Amazon (without delivery/return)
  • developing marketing campaigns so people who want to find your product and buy it
  • managing customer relationships

Using their affiliate program called Amazon AssociatesMake-money-with-Amazon-Wealthy-Affiliate

This method involves creating websites that attract Google searches for specific types of products. These websites will present products with affiliate links attached.
When visitors use the link on the affiliate’s website to Amazon and buy a product, the associate receives a commission for each sale. In order to do that you need to apply for their affiliate program.

It’s easy to gain from affiliation, even if you are a newbie, all the information you need to know is provided by Wealthy Affiliate from how to create a website to SEO techniques, all the training that you lead you from a beginner to a wealthy person are in one place.
For $49/month or training and $14/year for a website domain, you can start your career as an affiliate money maker. Sign in as a Free Member(no credit card needed) and you will learn to create a blog, to make money with it and you can build 2 websites.

Do you know others programs that do that?

Knowledge means success.

Why not invest in your training so that, thanks to what you learn, you can build a successful business.

Good to know:
  • You can not use your affiliate link to buy or your friends
  • You need to have a website or a blog so you can promote the product; if you do not know how to make a website read our article Build Free Website in 1 minute
  • Your website should be marked as an affiliate site
  • Profit depends on the number of visitors to your site. The more traffic you can get the more money you can make

So if you are looking make money online and you also have a website go to Amazon and register for free. It is one of the best ways to earn money from selling products without investing.
Supposing you do not have a blog yet join Wealthy Affiliate. You will learn to take advantages all the resources Amazon has.

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  1. I had no clue you could earn income in so different ways with Amazon! The affiliate program sounds like something I’d like to work towards. Thanks!

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