How To Make Money On ThemeForest

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You can start lots of businesses with little money and great potential online. But the same as in every other area of real life, the results don`t appear overnight. Sometimes they materialize over “months” or over “year (s)”.

A very good source of passive income is creating and selling WordPress themes on the platform. But how difficult is it to sell on ThemeForest and who succeed with it?

What is ThemeForest?

For those who never hear of ThemeForest, is a site where web designers publish and sell their own creations, as site templates and themes for a price they choose. Themeforest is part of a larger company, Envato, a platform visited by tens of thousands of people and where creative people can sell their digital assets. Anything from themes, video footage, plugins(CodeCyaon), Photoshop creation, logos. All that`s has to do with digital and creativity is in this digital marketplace.

There are over 9 million digital products in the network, and in 2015 they have had sales of over 300 million dollars, their user base being about 6 million.

And no, we don`t suggest that everyone can make 10 million with a WordPress theme. But to point an idea, if there are companies on ThemeForest that make 10 million in 3 years with a WordPress theme, is it so hard for a person to make hundreds of dollars a month with any product or service in this category?

Are you good at something? Sell it

Are you good at designing logos? You can sell them for $25. Here you get close to$ 250 per month if you have 10 sales.

Do you know how to make Photoshop video templates? Also, something to sell, Photoshop is a trend, always on top. A simple intro has a selling price between $10 and $30.  You need 10 sales per month and you have a profit of about $100 or $300.

Don`t understand any of that? It’s ok, the Internet is full of tutorials, so start learning. You may begin from here 2 Learning Platforms That Can Help Educate You. You will find all kind of courses, from $0 to couple hundreds dollar.

How ThemeForest Works

You create a WordPress theme and you send a demo to ThemeForest team. If they think your theme is worthy of their site, they approve it and put it on sale at the price you want. What does a theme is supposed to be:

  • Unique – create a product that doesn`t exist on ThemeForest
  • Useful – build something practical for people, this is always a success
  • Great Design – A major condition to be accepted is the design, they have high standards. Perfect clear pictures great-looking typography, letter spacing, line heights, font size, all have to be flawless.
  • A clean code
  • A detailed theme documentation

No one said it was easy, it’s hard enough, you need to have imagination, knowledge in Photoshop, PHP and also in CSS. Learn and play through WordPress to edit a theme you have and create something beautiful.

If you spend a couple of months building something good and succeed to sell it on ThemeForest, you’ll generate a good passive income.

Certainly, you will have buyers because WordPress is one of the most used CMSs and many people want a unique and safe theme. Many who start blogs or website are investing $10 in theme, it`s not a huge price. But for you, if 10 people buy your theme you get $100.

Let’s talk about money and fees

To sell a digital product on Envato, you have to pay some fees, which vary depending on:

  • If you sell elsewhere and Envato doesn’t have exclusivity on the product, 55% of sales go to the them
  • If you sell only on their marketplace, their fee starts from 37.5% to 12.5% of sales; percentages decrease as sales increase; so, if your asset generates profits of over $75,000, they will only charge 12.5%.

If building and designing themes it`s not for you, there is another way to make money on ThemeForest.

Join their affiliate program, you receive 30% commissions from sales + commission if your referrals deposit money on their Envato account. Cookie has a 3-month period and accepts promoting through social media as well. Sign up, share a product on your Facebook page, and every person who buys through your link gets 30%.

Why you should start selling on ThemeForest and not on your website

  • Perhaps their fees seem pretty big to you, but Envato remains a digital market with millions of visitors
  • ThemeForest leaves the price on the seller`s choice; you set the price according to the strategy you want to follow; put a small price, accessible to common categories, to sell in thousands of pieces, generating a nice income. Or, you set a high price that only targets some people, bringing you an income from just a dozen sales.

If you want to read more about promoting affiliate marketing on Facebook and how easy it is to earn here an article FACE

  • When you launch your Envato theme, they will put the news on their main page, so you’ll have a large exposure in the early days. Also, when you reach the $75,000 threshold you will enter into their “elite author program” program with a great exposure. When you hit certain performances, you will be mentioned on their blog, you will be exposed in interviews. All this will make you well known in their community, and sales will grow.
  • When you sell your theme on ThemeForest, also offer 6 months free support. Those who want additional support pay for another 6 months $18.
  • A large and open community where everyone shares creative ideas, tips, complaints

    Why you should have a second thoughts

  • Won`t be easy to sell on their platform. If your theme does not fit into their quality standard, it will be rejected. It does not matter just to write clear, clean code, the theme design must be PRO. It matters the typography, the spacing of words.
  • You need to invest in marketing, the product will not sell itself. Envato only helps you with extra exposure at first and with a place in a large digital marketplace.
  • Competition is high, you compete with 41,696 themes and templates at this moment, with $2 starting price


Do we recommend it as a way to make money? Yes and no. Fees are a bit high, you work for a few months to share half with ThemeForest. But selling on a website with severe traffic has a price. So, if you are not good working in HTML or PhotoShop choose ThemeForest affiliate program. You`ll gain commissions. Affiliate marketing earnings are not insignificant. Are easy to obtain, you do not need to have a degree in marketing. You may begin this program training, you will learn everything you need to know to live from passive income. Whatever you choose to do, ThemeForest helps you not only to earn money but to obtain a passive income.

Are you going to be a designer or an affiliate marketer?

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