How To Earn An Income On Patreon

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Patreon is a crowdfunding web service, created in 2013, for projects without an ending date. Content creators are financially supported by those who follow them. Those who donate money are called patrons.
Why are we talking about this crowdfunding platform? Through Patreon, content` creators have earned $305 million by now. Quite impressive, right? So is Patreon a trustworthy company?

Unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo the goal is not to help the content creator produce and finalize his work, but to support him while doing it. It`s more about helping the creator with recurrent payments.
It’s a convenient way to provide financial support to someone who offers content without asking for compensation for what he does. Vloggers, tutors, musicians, writers, animators, webcomics artists and others use this website as a way to monetize their work. Almost every work is accepted on Patreon, from videos and comics to education and Crafts & DIY.

How long does it take to configure a Patreon page?

To create your own Patreon page, go to, Sign up or Start my page. And it will lead you to a very simple form to fill in. Then you have to settle some things, some information about you, where are you from, your social media account. Here you will choose the way you want to receive money, PayPal or bank transfer. You also need to fill a tax form in the event you`ll make $600 a year.

After setting your personal details, you will have to edit your creator page. The page that will connect you with those who like you and support you with money.  It is also advisable to make a short video to explain what your Patreon page is about, and why patrons should make pledges to you (video creators make up 70% more than creators without it).

What are the costs?

Patreon is a worldwide free platform but has 5% fee on every donation you receive. You need to be 13 years old to create an account and to have a parent permission or 18 years old to receive/donate money.

Why is Patreon a way to make constant money on YouTube?

YouTube money is not constant and can change from one month to another. In other words, we are not talking about monthly wages that you can rely on. But Patreon is a solution where fans or people who appreciate you give their support directly.
It’s very simple and free to get an account on Patreon and you get a link to share your account on social media.  Here vloggers find direct support from their fans by receiving a monthly sum to help continue with their channel or simply as a symbol of appreciation. It helps a lot if you already create content on YouTube, and come on Patreon with a lot of people interested in what you do.

Creators receive money, for their work, directly from their fans. Patrons contribute with whether a small amount every month or with money for creations. A few videos per month on YouTube only posted on Patreon will bring you much more money if you’re generating quality content. You`ll see that even people who are streaming on Twitch have an account here.

Backing me with money so I can keep creating the content I want to make!

Are you good at Photoshop? You have the chance to expose your work on Patreon for money support. Do you write engaging, fictional, comic text? Also, you have your place on Patreon.

You would be surprised at how many people are willing to subscribe and help with a few money each month. Donations start from $1, so if you have 100 patrons there will be $100 for you.

Be a creator who stands out from the crowd.

To stimulate donation, you need 2 things: quality content and special content for a certain amount of money.

Whether it’s monthly recurrent money or just for creation, your patrons give you the consistent support you need. So you can spend more time creating.

Patreon` platform is not just a place of commitment. It’s also a platform for you to interact with fans who sponsor you. Just take a look at his picture, and see how much money is in this system:



Even though all of your content is free, you can still make money on Patreon. Many Patreon creators share their free work and receive money because their patrons simply want to support what they do.

What types of rewards do the creators offer

You have the possibility as a creator to offer some rewards to your patrons as a way to thank them for the money.  You are not indebted to them. Keep in mind, however, that Patreon creators offering rewards tend to have more patrons. Think of rewards as a sign of gratitude for those who want to support you.

Exclusive content, accessing content, accessing Google Hangouts, or favoring the creative contribution of their patrons. It`s a common thing among Patreon creators to build a   reward system. For example, patrons who donate $1   could receive exclusive content, while patrons that offer $10 could get a special content.

There is no limit, create as many rewards as you want. Start with $1 for your basic work/content and go up to $100. The idea is that once you set the $100 threshold to offer something valuable or unique. They can appear in your animation as a character, write something for them, give them premium information that no one else has access to. You can put a video on YouTube which is hidden from others, make a live moment, add an audio file, and add links.

Is Patreon a legitimate site?

It`s definitely a trustworthy platform, there are also online journalists with a page on Patreon. Is it for everyone? If you are looking sponsors for a particular project or for a social cause or want to sell your knowledge, Patreon is an acceptable website where you can make money online. Keep in mind, however, how much you earn depends on your work and how relevant and attractive the patrons find it.
You cannot have a monthly income just by signing up on this site. Basically, you have to work hard for your passion and to promote yourself. With patience and constant work, you get to people who are interested in what you create. It helps if you already have a lot of followers on YouTube or Twitch. You may also want to check our Legitimate Online Business category or if you are interested in creating a niche blog start with this Wealthy Affiliate review.


Are you a Creator or a Patron?

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