How To Detect Online Scams

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A scam is a dishonest scheme designed to cheat and leave you of your money. Statistics show that most people get scammed online at some point. There are ways to check a website legitimacy. Here you will find the warning signs that will help you check if a site is a scam, so you do not get caught in a scam situation.

When you’re looking for online work-at-home opportunities you will discover there is lots of information, websites, and job leads that all claim to be your next best thing. You should always make sure you understand exactly in what you`re getting so you can avoid losing money or time.

You can use our tips to identify and avoid the scams or fraudulent websites. Here are the things you should know in order to spot an online scam.

Check the Https:// Details

A website that has an “https” tag is usually more secure, and by default trustworthy, than a site using the more common “HTTP” naming. Normally illegitimate companies don’t waste their time with the process of security certification. If a website asks you for personal information or login details without an https:// connection, leave immediately.

Customer Support

If a company is legit will provide support for their customers. You can send them an e-mail on anything related to their company. If they don’t reply within 7 days, you should avoid that program.

Too Good to Be True — You Won’t Get Rich Quick

We all know the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”. Online scammers rely on the fact that people would love to get rich fast by learning how to make money with minimal effort or finding some secret about making money that no one else knows about.

Online scams usually present benefits that are too good to be true, like a large income for minimal work, or a scheme that make you rich overnight, sites which say to pay you $1 to $7 just by viewing 1 ad for some seconds or promises to make you $1000 a day from home are 100% scams. If you think rationally the chances of you earning big profits from a work that requires minimal effort are not high, maybe just for scammers. None of the legit companies can afford to pay you a large sum of money or make you rich overnight for doing simple tasks.

Sharing Information with Limited Offer

A scam company will typically “inspire” you to move fast in acquiring the opportunity. Scammers are well known for creating a false feeling of urgency and trying to cause panic in order to trick your rational thought processes.

Expressions like, “Call today”, “Urgent!” “ACT NOW!” “Don’t Wait!”  it must make you think because are warning sign. Scammers want you to apply fast so that you don`t have enough time to doubt about their limited offer.

It should be a red flag if when you visit a company’s website suddenly appears a pop-up offer with a special limited discount for you if you join “right now”, or ‘’your last chance”. If you search after a 1 month their website you will still find the same offer which is going to “expire soon”.

A Company that requires you to move faster than you are comfortable with cannot be trusted. So think twice before you click on anything that sounds too good to be true. Type in searching engines like Google the company name with the word ‘scam’ after and see what comes up.

Public Visibility

You will need to double check if the details of the owner and address of the company aren`t visible. Most likely you`re dealing with an illegitimate company.

Remember that people who do scams do not want to be found! If there are no names, histories and you have no way to contact the company you better avoid them. There is the possibility that scammers will trick you by providing fake contact information. You need to investigate more their contact information.For example, if the website has shown their authority name you can check it on Google or better look at it on LinkedIn. You can check who has registered the company by entering the domain name online on websites like It`s free to look.

“30-Day Money Back Guarantee!”

They are implemented as a psychological tool of marketing strategy with the purpose to provide a level of comfort and safety so the customers can invest knowing that is the possibility of a refund. If a company`s website continually accentuates the fact that there is a guarantee, are chances to be a scam.

The most successful companies in the world expose their products and lets you test it out and even offers you training on how to use it for free. For example, if you want to buy a new smartphone, let`s say Samsung or Apple, you can test their product in stores, free before buying it.check-website-legitimacy

As far as we know there is only one company that does that online, so if you have not heard of Wealthy Affiliate you should read our candid review. It provides online business training and support before paying for your membership.

Upsell Funnels

You should know that a legit company never hide their fee you should pay in order to use their services. There are companies that say their product cost $5 so after you join they ask you to pay another $10, and so one. The scam is you are getting only a part of a product, not the entire thing, and in order to build the entire puzzle, you need to keep spending more and more money.

If you pay for a product and the first thing they want you to do is to pay again, you should quit. Recommended are the products that you can “try before you buy” like Wealthy Affiliate.

Fake or Scam Pictures

If you visit a company website that shows pictures of a big mansion, a fancy Lamborghini most likely their product is a scam. They show you only the expensive things you can buy if you join to earn money with their company without telling a word about how that program works. Also, screenshots and payment proofs can be a way to identify a scam. If you see companies that feel the need to show you their payment proofs and right below you`ll see on a banner “Hey! want to earn like me? I will give you the trick to earn this figure only in $50. Pay now and start earning this figure from today!”  you should run away from it. If their product were good and helpful then they wouldn`t feel the need to put screenshots with payments and expensive things.

If you researched a company by this previous step and seems to check out but for some reason, it doesn`t feel right for you. You should always trust you’re your gut instinct. Intuition is a natural ability that makes it possible to know something is wrong without having any evidence. Knowing this red flags about scams, along with your natural instinct can help you to defend yourself against work online scams.

Have you lost money to a scam? Share your experience and let others know what should expect

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