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free website builderWant to build a free website and do not know how? Or you are looking for a free website builder and don`t know what to choose?  Read this first and see why SiteRubix is the easiest way is to build a free website without programming knowledge or web design. This free website builder is ideal for creating a free blog and earn money on your own and can be put into practice by anyone, important is to start!

We think you’ve already made up an idea of what a blog means today, you read one. The idea of a blog started from “online personal journal” and expand into blogs that have helpful information, for example, teaches you to do something – from starting a business online to tutorials in CSS. There are many apps on the net that allow you to generate free web pages without knowing a web of web technologies. You just have to write on Google “free website builder” and you will find lots of results.

If you want to make a blog you have multiple choices, you can first sign up for sites that give you the opportunity to create a blog in just a few minutes without a big headache or you need to buy a domain and install on the WordPress platform. We will talk about the first, which fits more for those who are in the beginning.

Often blogs are made on the WordPress platform. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform because it’s free, very user-friendly, and perfect for people who’ve never built a blog before.

If you want to set-up your first website or want to start a new business and want all your affiliate websites in one place, you’ve definitely need SiteRubix.

So why to choose SiteRubix – free website builder?

Because SiteRubix is provided by Wealthy Affiliate, an online business platform where you have access to training, web tutorial, tools, live training and you get the chance to be in touch with other online marketers. And because is on their platform you get support, tools and training something that WordPress doesn’t offer so it makes perfect for rookies.

You can read our full review on Wealthy Affiliate and see all the great stuff they offer.

SiteRubix was designed to simplify the way website builds and to help make money easy and is the easiest “site builder” when it comes to WordPress.

You’ll own your SiteRubix website until you decide to delete it will also remain totally free so you can use it to set up your blog. In order to create your free website, you will have to set up a free account. It`s perfect for a newbie, you don’t need to be a technical master or to have a degree in computer programming. It’s easy, quick and 100% free.

You can watch our video and see how simple it is


With your login details, you can access your new site either through your Wealthy Affiliate account or through the WordPress platform. Regardless of your choice, it is advisable to write down your login details.

How to Start with SiteRubix

In the widget below you can enter the name you want for website click the button Build It Now and in about 1 minute your website is ready to use. Once you are in there you not only create your website but you are also teaching how to write quality content, how to get readers and make money from your site.

What you get if you choose the Free version of SiteRubix :

  • You have 12 Themes and pre-installed plugins
  • Free Hosting
  • No ads displayed on your website
  • Ability to rank on Google so you can monetize your website
  • Suitable for personal blogging and online business purposes, like affiliate marketing
  • As a free member of Wealthy Affiliate, you get 10 Training lessons

What`s great with a free website is that you can earn money before paying out anything. However, not owning your own domain has some stumbling block.  As though you do not own your website entirely and it may look unprofessional being a subdomain as for example,

So, if you are serious about building your own brand and a name for yourself as well you should invest in buying a domain of yours. It helps you gain more traffic to your website. More traffic means more money. Within Wealthy Affiliate, you can do it for $49/month as a Premium Membership.  The domain will cost $13.99 and the hosting is fee-free.

If you need help with SiteRubix place your questions in the comment section



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