HitPredictor Review- Is HitPredictor A Scam?

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In this review, you will find out if you can earn money from listening to music and if Hit Predictor is a scam or a legit website that paid his members.
Hit Predictor claims that by giving your opinion on music industry they will pay you with rewards. you will be among the first in the world to hear the new songs before they were released, you will help record labels choose the next hits.
Hit Predictor will not pay your bills but if you enjoy the music you may take a look at their site, is free to sign up.

Name: HitPredictor
Website: http://www.radioloyalty.com
Price: Free to sign up
Field: Rate songs for rewards
Verdict: Legitimate website

What is HitPredictor?is-HitPredictor-a -scam

Hit Predictor is a website registered in 2002 owned by an American Company iHeartMedia Inc. The website data and WHOIS data are the same.
They will give you rewards for reviewing music. Hit predictor is not a scam, they have giving rewards since day one. However, their rewards aren’t great.

How does it work?

Once you join Hit Predictor you will get 3 points for every song you rated. If you rate 15 songs in a 7-day period you will get 15 points for free. Reviewing 10 songs will get you a $5 Amazon e-card, you will receive within a week by email.
For each song, you listen you will earn 3 to 5 “points”. You can trade the points for things in their “prize store” (the lowest item was 1200 points).

You will have a song to listen to 1-2 minute. After you are done listening you will give your feedback by rating the song, choosing how much you liked it or hate it, and write your review in the comment section. You don`t necessarily need to write quality comments like on the others website where you must provide feedback on vocals, performance, instrumentals. Also on Hit Predictor, you will find the popular artist like Drake, Pink, Red Adele, Lady Gaga.
You can exchange points for prize draws, CDs and DVDs.
You can participate in the raffle with the gaining points, you need 500 points to participate where you can win Kindles and Amazon vouchers. Participating in a prize draws doesn`t guarantee to get a reward. Rewards are not sent outside the US.

You can earn 5 points if you answer polls and 25 points if you refer HitPredictor to a friend that gives his feedback on at least five songs in the first 30 days of joining.
If getting paid to listen to music is not fit for you, Wealthy Affiliate is another great way to start earning money online.

Why don`t we recommended?

Because your small earnings are not great at all. Investing your time just so you can get reward with CDs, DVDs other media is something we don`t advice. You can spend that time and effort investing in other ways that will make you earn good money online. You can set up your own business online easily. If you don`t have the skills and the knowledge to build your own online business we recommend a training program well-known as Wealthy Affiliate. You will learn to make more money online by building niches sites.


Have you tried  HitPredictor? Have proof it’s a scam?
Let us hear your thoughts on this review in the comments below!

One thought on “HitPredictor Review- Is HitPredictor A Scam?”

  1. Super easy to win Amazon Gift Cards. All you have to do is get their emails that say ‘First 50 people to rate the next 10 (or 15) songs get a 5$ Amazon Card.’ It’s that simple.

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