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A way to earn an income online is writing articles for money on different websites. There are sites that give you the opportunity to show your writing skills and earn extra cash along with a flexible schedule.

This remote job can give you a much larger exposure as well as a steady income. The advantage (as in the case of a freelancer work) is that you work from home when you want, from where you want, at your own pace.
Although when you are a content writer it is essential to create a portfolio of your work, these websites require only a draft before they pay you.

Most writers gain about 50 cents a word. So if you are passionate about writing and are interested in different areas, you can try these websites. Do not forget to create an online resume. LinkedIn is a right and serious place that can help you in this.

Here are 10 sites where you can get paid to write

1. SitePoint

SitePoint (  is a web development website and require advanced and technical knowledge to submit your articles; articles need to have at least 1500 words and will worth approximately $100 per item. This may differ, and an editor will evaluate your work and decide how much you`ll earn.
What is great about this website is that if your article generates 100,000 page views, you will earn still another $250 bonus. Usually, they pay within 10 working days via PayPal, bank transfer (Australia) and SWIFT transfer ($25 fee).

2. Listsverse

 Listsverse ( pays $100 for each article they accept. The article should be a list, like “10 Stories ….”, have at least 1800 words and include at least 10 things. Apart from that, it depends only on your creativity. For writing an article, you will earn $100 by PayPal if it is accepted. What can you write about? Whatever topic you want, as long as it’s original and respects their terms. “10 Things Bog Mummies Have Taught Us About Iron Age People” this is an example of a top article from their site.

3. A List Apart

A List Apart pays $200 for each item approval. The same rules as above between 600-2,500 words. They publish articles about information architects, designers, content strategists, developers or others in form of a thesis. Before you work for them you must send them a draft of the article. We advise you to read the style guide here (

4.  International Living

International Living( pays $75 for an accepted article that usually contains 840 or 1,400 words. They are basically interested in the experiences of living and retiring abroad.  What you have to say about the countries you visited/or live. “Finding Opportunity Is Easy in Tranquil San Juan Del Sur” is an example of an article they accept. They don`t expect to get articles from a new Fitzgerald. International Living is interested in what you have to say, your story about investing, living, real estate and retiring from a particular place. Therefore, your writer’s talent comes second. You are more likely to make money with your article if you offer advice.

5. FundsforWriters

FundsforWriters ( pays $50 for each article they accept. This is a site dedicated to writers, especially regarding the gains that can be gained from writing. Articles for them must have 500-600 words. Unlike the site mentioned earlier, they emphasize your abilities as a writer. Accept also republished articles for which they pay $15. If you have a unique article, about the passion of writing, how to get a regular income from words or any other idea that could help a writer make a dollar, you`ll earn $50 through PayPal.

6. Ux Booth

Ux Booth ( pays $100 for an article of 1200-1800 words. At them, the admission and setting forth of an article take quite a lot, between 4 and 8 weeks, because they are only interested in high-quality materials. They publish articles about web design, so they are interested in UX writers with experience in the field. Be prepared to trait your article as a thesis and support it with research and your point of view should be limited.

7. iWriter

iWriter normally pays up to $10 for each post (usually less, it`s possible to make $1.5 for 150 words). This depends on the rating you have on site and the article length. At first glance, it may seem a little bit, but the good part is that they are not as strict as the above. More you get to choose the topic and how many are you willing to write every day. If you get into their “elite” you get could earn $50 for 500 words. It is a suitable website especially for beginners and freelancers who want to increase out their incomes. They pay by PayPal quickly.

8. Textbroker

Textbroker (accepts only US citizens) pays from 0.7 cents per word to 5 cents if you are a 5-star author. In order to evaluate yourself, at first you will send a small article. Then you can increase, depending on the quality of the articles you are writing. Offers team projects for which they pay 1.56 cents/word. And you can list content writer services for 1.78 cents/word. You get it through PayPal when you earn $ 10 in your account.

9. Matador Network

Matador Network can pay up to $60 per article, but the usual is between $20 and $25. This is a site specializing in travel and lifestyle information. It can be harder to publish articles on their site because there are quite a few writers writing for them. It`s perfect if you`re a travel journalist or passion about abroad trips.

10. MetroParent

This parenting magazine will pay between $ 35 and $ 50 for a short article and around $ 350 for a long article. Accept informative and accurate articles but interactive at the same time. The articles are published not only on their website but also in their magazine. Their payment system is the following:


Interested in local writers from Wayne County Oakland, Washtenaw, Macomb – ie Detroit and Ann Arbor subway.


Bonus: Write for blogs

You whether creating your own blog, write about a passion that you have or create a blog where you offer your content writing or advertorial services. Let`s others came to you and hire you. There also companies who pay you for write about them. So, you have options.  If you already have a blog and want to make money writing articles, you can do it by promoting other products or services. There are plenty of companies who pay for this because they know that an ad is one of the best ways to advertise.

Blogging is not just a hobby, it’s also a source of income. If you are writing well and constantly, if you manage to attract a great audience, if you are friends with agencies and brands, you can make money from this. Sure, all of these take time and effort. You have to make sure the blog brings something extra to the market. Wealthy Affiliate provides tutorials, tools, and training on how to create a blog and to monetize it. With them, you build a blog within few minutes. See how easy it is in this video.


No matter what method you choose, treat each activity seriously. Be persistent and you will never have to go to the office. You’ll do the whole work from home.

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