Foap Review – Paid Only To Take Photos With Your Phone?

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Up to now, everyone is making no-limit, with a purpose or pointless pictures, because everyone just has a smartphone in their pocket.
If you are passionate about photography, you can earn money quite easily, if you have little talent and of course, a mobile phone with which to take pictures.
It doesn’t really matter whether you’re an amateur or a professional one, what counts is the pictures’ quality, his authentic and creativities.

Foap is an application where you upload pictures that you think have the potential to be published in editorials or to be used for commercial purposes. Magazines, companies, and bloggers around the world come and buy a photo from there. The reason why is so visit is that they find within this app unique pictures. And it cost them less than a professional one.


Name: Foap
Type: Stock Photo App
Price: Free
Recommended: Legit

As a standard, every photo sold costs $10, the seller receives $5 and the app $5.  It is possible to publish an unlimited number of photos that can be uploaded directly from your phone. Foap is an application of stock photos without copyright because they are purchased for a fee.

A mandatory requirement is that the photos must have high quality and zero photoshop effects. So, upload photos without Instagram filters and hard-edged pictures (filters are ok, but only if they make the picture clearer, so no vintage-style).


What do you need for using the app, besides patience?make-money-foap

First and foremost, you need a mobile device or a tablet, with Android or iOS. Download the app from Google Play or App Store and create an account. Is really simple to create using your Facebook account or a mailing address. Then upload your photos to your stock store. For each $10 license, you will receive $5.

The photos can be uploaded only from your smartphone or tablet.

After uploading a picture, it will be published as soon as it receives more than 5 votes from the other users and will have an average rating higher than 2.6 points.

The number of photos that can be uploaded is unlimited. One important thing to note is that each photo can be sold several times.

Because the site doesn`t have the snapshots displayed by category, and only after by the last added and the most voted, we recommend putting as many tags as possible. In this way, your chances for them to be shown between the first are higher.
After publishing an image, you need to give notes for 5 pictures uploaded by other users. Just like other social networks, you can follow users and be followed.

How much money can you gain with Foap?

It depends … You cannot earn a full take-home wage or money to sustain your lifestyle. Even if you are a professional photographer and the pictures are great, you still need to promote to someone willing to buy them.

If we have to estimate, selling 10 pictures per month, you could earn $50 per month. There is, however, a small commission that you have to pay when you make a withdrawal. A popular photo is sold on an average 10 times.

An advantage is the thematic contests where you will be able to win bigger prizes: for example, the $300 prize.

The minimum withdrawal is $5 and the payment is made at the end of each month. To withdraw your money, you need a PayPal account.

There is a possibility to earn a passive income from the photos you manage to take. A little one, because the Foap market is big, there are umpteen photos and little money.

Although being a free application you have nothing to lose, try it and see where it can take you. The Foap app is great for $5 earnings but is not meant to ensure full-time earnings.


To make money, you have to promote your pictures

As we mentioned earlier. If you’re just starting out, you’ll need to promote your photos in order to make money. You can do this on any social media, but more likely is successful promoting within Foap community.

Foap is also a community site. Members not only sell photos but can share it, add followers, get ratings from other members, and so forth.

Obviously, being at the start, you will not have any ratings or followers. What you`re going to do is to look good and famous within the community.

Using the Foap community to promote your photos is essential.

If taking photos is your second life and think you’re making some cool quality pictures, then give Foap a try. And even if you do not make natural art prints you can make money.

The demands are mixed and photos of any nature are put on sale on Foap.


How to increase your chances of selling photos:

There are plenty of photos stored on Foap and buyers are constantly browsing the app to find the perfect image that suits their needs. Therefore, the image must be of high quality, clear, and different from what exists on the online market.

The idea is that the photos have to be as original and authentic as possible.

Snapshots from your vacation or from the weekend party, snap that surprise human emotions, increase the chances. And someone finds your photo and buys it.

Add as many tags as relevant to your photo. For example, let’s say you take a picture of an autumn landscape, the relevant tags would be: “tree”, “yellow”,  ”leaves.” Everything in the photo must be tag so it describes it in a relevant way and easier to find.

Be inspired and explore what is being sought. You can do this by checking the last pictures sold. See what companies pay for.


App Foap is not just an app. It’s also a great community, a social media platform that can help you promote your photos. Engage in the community and attract you, followers. It will help you in sales.

What we like about the Foap app

  • It’s free to download and gives you the opportunity to earn recurring money.
  • A photo can be sold several times.
  • It’s easy to use and anyone with a smartphone and a PayPal account can make some cash online

What we do not like

  • Publishing photos are subject to community membership, so if you do not receive approval you cannot sell it
  • Winnings are limited, there are chances that you will not win anything, although you’re loading 20 photos

The Foap app is legitimate

It offers a way to make money online from photos. You love to try new creative ways to take photos then Foap is the place where you have fun and make some cash.

If you want to transform your passion for photography or win a full income this application will disappoint you. Because it’s not built for that.

However, you can build an online business based on your passion for photos or any other passion and make money from it unconditioned by anyone. You just need another program, called Wealthy Affiliate.
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