Field Agent – An App That Puts Money In Your Pocket While You Are Shopping

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Field Agent is not a fun app but even pays you. You don`t have to send spam or alerts to your friends but just complete a few tasks while shopping. Is it legit, is it a scam, is it money maker opportunity? Let`s find out if it is for you.

This app has missions for you. “Field Agent” means quiz a few questions that “agents” need to answer from the store, some from home, and take pictures of certain products.

The Field Agent app is the first company to introduce the concept of crowdsourcing and has changed the way companies gather information from the market in real time, even from buyers. Field Agent has operations in seven countries.


How to become a Field Agent?

Basically, the app installs for FREE on Google Play or Apple Store and sign up for an account with your email address. You need to provide personal information as name, age, civil status, studies, postal code, average earnings; and you need to be 18 years old. Then you personalize your area of interest and select the stores where you usually shop. Then you choose your proximity between 3 km and 90 km and wait for missions. Initially, you go with a score of 85 (a kind of relevancy Klout) that may drop if you reject missions or send feedback much later when you receive missions.

For this information, the amounts that Field Agent pays to “agents” who accept their “missions” may range from $1 to $12. Depending on the number of challenges each user decides to accept or not.

A PayPal or Dwolla is required to withdraw the money; there is no limit to cash out and in a few days you`ll cash your money.

What a “job” at Field Agents implies?

Using the app means that when a user goes to the shop to do the usual shopping, he will take two or three pictures of the products in the store and the app will pay for that effort. Farther, the information is used by traders and producers, who can see the fairness of the shelf product prices, available stock and other information needed to improve quality.

Practically the field agents are the eyes and ears of the company. They have to check if the items are placed properly on shelves if they are in stock or are in a mess. The report is based on pictures or videos taken at the store. Some companies may just want to check the price for their items.
When a job is available, it works on the first-come, first-served rule. When you accept a task, you have 2 hours to finish it, otherwise, it will expire and it will be available to someone else. There is also the possibility for more agents to reserve a job at the same time. The one who finishes first gets the cash.

What we don’t like about Field Agent

The biggest problem is the location; if you don`t live in a densely populated area, you have no chance of getting jobs. The application is designed for large cities.

If you don`t have shopping to do in-store selected or you are not in the neighborhood, the rewards are not worthy; for $3 it is possible to travel greatly.

Pocket cash, there are tasks that can take up to 45 minutes including traveling to the store, the money you spend to get it there doesn`t compensate for the money you earn.

Various companies pay petty cash for what they ask for; for example, for taking 15 photos and answering 50 questions you`ll get only $3.

There is a possibility that after you complete your task, your submissions will be rejected and you will not receive any payment. Maybe the photo is taken too close the reasons are confused, and there is no one handling the dispute. Pay attention to instructions!

Is it Legit?

Yes, Field Agent is a legit app, they pay for quickly and sure. It is easy to install and technical speaking is friendly beginner app. Essentially, it is more an opportunity app, so if you are in that store the earnings are worthy. Is not a full time, not even a part-time income, you gain just a few dollars occasionally.

You can get financial freedom, to ensure your daily living without having to work actively for it. You just need to know what you have to do and have the motivation and tenacity to act properly. There are many online opportunities even for beginners. A platform that teaches you how to get passive income that helps you build your own homework business is called Wealthy Affiliate. You can read our review Wealthy Affiliate- The Guarantee of Your Success. And the most interesting thing is that you can start for free without paying the fee.

Have you tried Field Agent app? Or what money-maker app have you tried?

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