EasyShift – Is It An Epic Scam Or A Legit Shift?

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EasyShift promises to reward the ability to complete basic “tasks” in exchange for some extra cash.  All you have to do is assignments like visit stores or restaurants and somehow become a kind of undercover agent, taking pictures, check-in prices in exchange for a small remuneration. But is that so? Let`s see!

EasyShift is a free mobile application owned by Quri.Inc available for those who are at least 18 years of age, although for some shifts you need to be 21 years old (eg tasks involving information about alcohol products). A certain company uses EasyShift for obtaining information about their selling products/competition products and EasyShift provides “shifters” to do the job. The companies that want information pay, not the app itself.

 How does EasyShift work?

All you have to do is download for free the iOS or Android app, create your account and choose the right “shift” for you. The app has access to your location, your next shifts will appear match up with it.

The not very good part of this application is “jobs” system availability; they are more often in the urban neighborhoods and less in suburbs or rural areas. Not a good app for small towns.

Look for the convenient “shifts” in the app, select the “Change” option and you will find a “shift” map available in your area. Everything available is marked with the green dot, those reserved with gray points, and everything you book on the map it appeared as blue.

What does a shift mean?

It usually involves checking prices and promotions, making surveys, shoot products. Or gather information about their employees’ help response. These “micro-jobs” usually takes somewhere between 10-30 minutes to complete.

To see what a shift means, just click on it. The details of a “shift” are quite explicit, the date line, payment, location and address, job description, even the distance between your location and a “shift” are described.

Choose “Reserve Shift” and within 24 hours (for most tasks), you must finish the job before it expires.
All “shifts” are controlled by companies and not by the EasyShift app. There is the possibility that your work is not accepted; if you do not follow the instructions, the data or photos are incorrect.

How much money can you make with EasyShift?

Most tasks pay anywhere from $2 to $10 but all depends on the company, the shift, and the area where you live.

Note that you do not receive compensation for the ride you take to the “shift” location. Only if you are asked to buy something from that place you will receive repayment. Or if you are job is collecting information about a restaurant- then you will get paid to eat.

There are several levels of reputation within EasyShift, you start work on a basic level “Rookie” – you get to reserve one job per day. As you reach the last level “General Manager ” you will be able to reserve 10 “shifts” per day. So, more shift, more earnings.

The payment

You receive your wages through PayPal. Best part, no minimum to withdraw your money, and money are usually available 48 hours.

Is it Legit

EasyShift and the opportunity to earn money easily is quite legit. If you also live in a big city you may try this app for free. You will not earn a full-time wage with this app, not even as a part-time bonus. EasyShift is nothing but a way to make a few extra bucks. And this way is more for those living in big cities. Regarding ratings and reviews from their official app store, EasyShift has scored 2,9 out of 5 stars. Many complaints concerning low payment ($6 for 50 pictures), fewer shifts, reject work and no-payments.

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Are you a “shifter” or have you ever trying to be one?

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