Does Viggle Reward Watching TV? Or Is Just A Scam?

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There are more and more apps who are trying to get us to do sport as much as possible and to keep our lifestyle as less sedentary as possible, and therefore a healthy life.

However, there are even applications that reward us for our sedentarism. The Viggle app allows users to gain points as they watch TV, points which can later be turned into vouchers for Burger King, Starbucks or iTunes.

The Tv lovers just need to open the app while sitting in front of their TV show.
The app is simple to install and uses Facebook to authenticate. The application is currently available only on the US market.

How Viggle works

This app offers gift cards, coupons, electronic products, in return for watching TV and/or click ads on apps. Just download the app and your device’s microphone will automatically detect the show. To check the program you’re watching, just tap “listen” on your smartphone. Then the application recognizes the program you are watching and offers the points, it rewards two points per minute. As a condition, when using the application, you must do it in a quiet environment.

Most points are for live shows from the large TV networks.

TV shows are worth 200-300 points at check-in, and rewards start at 7,500 points. You can also get points by other methods, fewer, by viewing ads on your phone, listening to music, features games, and events.

One point is $0.001 this means that conversion to $1 is 1000 points.

The app only works if you let it check the show while you watch it. Every song you’re listening to is worth 100 points, with a maximum of 20 songs a day.

A plus that Viggle has it is that its payments are fast and sure.

If the show you watch is a live one for Viggle Live, you can earn points by participating in the surveys and to answer questions about the shows you are watching.

One of the best features of Viggle is that it grants credits for viewing recorded content or content recorded one day after the show to earn the bonus points and 1pt /minute.

Although Viggle is a legitimate application, it is not a good solution to make money online. It’s not something you can rely on, it’s not realistic to think you’re getting money for your personal needs just because you’re watching TV.

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