ClixSense Review – Scam Or Legit?

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Are you interested in making money online? If you are looking to find out if ClixSense is a scam or actually pays for taking surveys on their website, in this review you can find your response.


Price: Free Membership
Level: Everyone
Verdict: Legit, but with the possibility to earn a petty online income


What is ClixSense?

ClixSense is an online company that has recently transformed (on July 17, 2017) from a mostly PTC (pay to click) website, where you could earn money by viewing an ad, on a survey website.

Anyone can sign up for free for this online work, although you will not be wealthy overnight, you can make a few dollars a month.

ClixSense started operating in February 2007, since then new earnings methods have been added.
At the moment, you can get paid for taking surveys, complete different tasks or gain money online with their referrals system.

How does ClixSense work?

To earn money online with Clixsense you need to sign up for an account and apply for surveys.

Clixsense pays for a survey from $0.13 to $4 per each.

To receive the higher number of them, it is very important to complete your profile in the right way. It is recommended to be sincere with your answers while doing the research.
Because most survey companies use QA questions and they scan your answers for uniformity.
If a survey company finds out that you opt for random answers, they will recoup your earnings or you can get banned for other surveys.

There are several factors that determine if you can participate in a survey. Most surveys or even tasks are targeting a certain audience, so they will apply geographical and demographical criteria.
In addition, there may be various criteria among other, your qualification, the number of people in your family, the devices you use to connect to the internet.
Depending on these standards, you may not be suitable for certain surveys/tasks, so making online money with Clixsense can be difficult.

Payments made on a survey are different, preferred countries can earn between $0.8 and $5 per survey/activity.

If you are not from those countries, and you are from Philippines or India you will earn less than $0.3 to $2.5 per survey/task.

Preferred category includes countries like Portugal, Singapore, Austria, Brazil, Sweden, Malaysia, Chile, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan,  Mexico, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Belgium, South Korea, Denmark, Israel, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, United Kingdom, China, United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Italy, South Africa.

Even though most companies are paying promptly for research, it could happen to get the reward after 30 days. Those who pay like this have a red flag next to a name, so you’ll be informed before the investigation begins.

ClixSense Tasks

Tasks at ClixSense are hand over by a third party company, CrowdFlower. This task consists in doing different activities, and you may need to qualify for such activities to prove that you are answering precisely. The higher evaluation score you get, the more tasks to complete you will get. Occasionally, you can earn between $1 and $1.5/hour with completed the tasks.




ClixSense Offers

You can earn online money also by completing offers from different partner sites such as, TrialPay.
An offer could mean installing apps or games on the phone, watching videos, shopping. For example, you get 163 clixcents if you install on your smartphone the Lords Mobile game. You get this reward of you manage to get to the 7 level.
If you are shopping on AliExpress through their partner, TrialPay, you can receive 75 clixcents.

1 ClixCent is corresponding to $0,1. So if you make 163 clixcents you will have $1,63 for installing and playing a game.

You can receive a bonus of up to 12% on a daily basis. So, if your total wages are $5, you can collect up to $0.6 as a bonus.

To get the daily bonus you need to accomplish 2 surveys/offers or just 10 tasks or perform 1 offer/survey and 5 tasks.
You can collect another 2% bonus by installing ClixAddon and let it function for an hour.

They offer 2% activity extra bonus for finalizing your everyday record if you completed in 3 days in a row. Miss one day and the bonus is gone.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $10. The accepted payment methods are Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card and Payza. Below you have the fees charged for each payment processor and the money transfer duration.

Earning from ClixSense referral system?

ClixSense offers a commission of up to 30% of referral earnings. For each survey, task or offers completed by a referral, you earn a 20% commission of that they earn.
Supposing that you convince one person from the Preferred Countries to be your referral, you can get $0.30 as a sign up for an account and $0.10 when the referral is not from that list with preferred countries.
You receive as well a unique $2 commission once your recommendations earn $5 through Clixsense.

Although it is a legitimate paying company, there is a much better option to invest your time and profit.
If you are interested in earning more money online, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate, it is an online platform where you can join for a free Starter Member and access some of the resources offered.

ClixSense has no mobile app; so if you find apps and want to install it on your phone, they are imitation designed to promote someone referral system.

ClixSense is not a scam, it pays his members. We do not recommend it because the money earnings are very few. There are far better options than being paid with $1 per hour. Wealthy Affiliate is a perfect option, it allows you to be your own boss, to work and earn money for yourself.
You will learn how to make money from blogging and the way you need to take in order to achieve an online passive income.
You can choose what suits you best for your needs.

  • To earn $20 a month, you should use the referral system and get 200 people to sign up through the affiliate link and completing surveys and task. It’s much harder to get by yourself the $20 just by tasks and surveys.

Rather than convincing people to earn cash for taking free paid surveys you can try the affiliate marketing, the commissions are much higher, there are people who have made millions of it. If you do not know what affiliate marketing is, here`s an article to help you Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

  • While Clixsense is a legitimate company, it cannot guarantee that all companies pay for surveys, and you should also pay attention to those companies want your credit card details.
  • If you do not satisfy certain criteria you cannot qualify for surveys, you may be disqualified at any time in the middle of the investigation if they feel you are not ready for that research.
  • Although, if you are from countries like Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Cuba, Albania, Vietnam, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Niger, and Antarctica you cannot sign up for a Clixsense account.


Have you tried Clixsense? Or other survey websites? Share your experience with us

2 thoughts on “ClixSense Review – Scam Or Legit?”

  1. i just join one of this ptc site and i was thinking of going on to clicsense, although at the back of my mind i have been wondering if the money to be made by clicking is worthy of the time, effort and cost of connection thanks for the review ,it has gone a long way in helping me to make a decision.

  2. I made 93 cents in more than 20 days. This is shameful. Clixsense is just a fraud to waste your time. Another thing in line to befool you is NeoBux.

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