Clickworker Review – A Good Place For Making Money Working From Home?

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Clickworker seems to be the ideal solution for those looking to earn an extra income online or those who are work-at-home parents. But is it legit? Is it a scam? Is it a great source of income online? Let’s find out what this platform has to offer!

Clickworker is a platform similar to Mturk, created in 2005 which pays freelancers for taking online micro jobs. Employers post on the platform jobs for a particular project. The micro job involves tasks as writing articles, translations, copy editing, web design, web search, proofreading. It is a crowdsourcing marketplace where the pay it`s set by the employer, the required works are different, also the income is not standard. The wages depend on the company, length of time and the project scale of difficulty.

Name: Clickworker
Available: Worldwide
Potential income: 5$ ~ $9/hour
Legit: Yes

How this work for a “clickworker” person?

You`ll create an account pretty easy, free of charge but to update all the information on your profile may take some time. In this step need to complete your hobbies, skills, foreign language & native language, highest degree. The site interface is easy to navigate – it does not take time to find information about FAQs and Payments, for example.

What qualify you for jobs? A computer with good speed internet, good typing speed, grammar and spelling skills.
If you want to qualify for well-paid jobs on Clickworker, you have to pass some tests. All the initial assessments are required to test the qualifications specified in your profile. They cannot be repeated, and for tests as a content writer, if they think it is plagiarized, they`ll ban your account

Because you are a beginner most of the tasks will have a blue link for Test/Qualification. Before you start the project, you must complete the tests. After you get the qualification, you will not have to repeat these tests.
All job projects have the job title, instructions, and payments. So, they are easy to understand and complete.
These tests split into Basic Assessments and Project Assessments. Basic Assessments is testing the skills, such as foreign-language understanding, grammar, spelling. Project Assessments provide instructions with the requirements you need to meet for certain projects.

What does it mean to work remote?

Depending on what you are interested in, you`ll have to create text, entry data and work with spreadsheets, tagging video/audio or images, taking surveys, SEO.

Once you have sign-in, you will need to apply for available jobs, called HitApps, and once you have qualified for them, you can start earning.

On average, you earn $9.00 per hour, but keep in mind it’s just an estimate. Do not expect to earn this amount because you will be doing tasks that can take a few minutes to 30 minutes or more. The jobs and the payments depend on what the client wants.

Clickworker – Companies

After finishing your work, you`ll get the money in 7~21 days. You can withdraw your money through PayPal when you get $5 or directly into your bank account at $10.
All hits from UHRS are the most profitable. It is managed by Microsoft and is all about search engine evaluation tasks. Usually, each hit with a short time demand (a few minutes) is paid around $ 0.02 – $ 0.04. Assuming they are available constantly, you can make it from $5 to $10 per hour.

If you’re looking for another way to make some money, take a look at our websites reviews Legitimate Online Business.


Clickworker is a legitimate platform that gives you the opportunity to earn extra cash but doesn`t compensate a prime source of income. There are thousands of people competing for a limited number of projects. Sometimes there is no well-paid job available, and there are more workers on the platform than projects. The problem is not whether it pays or not but how much it pays and how often jobs are posted. In this case small payment and not so often. It seems that in Canada and USA are available more hits than the rest of the world. Full-time income – not feasible working on this website.  You`ll make extra cash for a movie or for other personal things that aren’t so expensive.

Clickworker is just an example of a company where you can find a remote job. But there are other ways to make money online like blogging, affiliate marketing, vlogging. We suggest you take a look at this review Wealthy Affiliate- The Guarantee of Your Success, you never know where you will work in a few months or how your life will change.



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